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10 Dec 2009
Life / What should I name my female child? [44]

For the longest time I though my name was God-Dammit. My brother on the other hand was Jesus Christ. My parents usually came in the house and said to my brother:

"Jesus Christ, you left a mess in the bathroom again."

At which point I would chuckle, and they would look at me and say:

"God-Dammit, what are you laughing at."
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

Hi Luke, please check out the following: Polish Girls

The Search Button Is Your Friend

Happy reading.
14 Aug 2009
Love / Why are more Polish girls marrying Americans? [77]

I'm really shocked and very much disappointed to know that Polish girls are marrying Americans

I agree. Americans are the scum of the earth. I would rather see them marrying some camel jockey, and live a wonderful life under a veil. Much better outcomes would be expected.
7 Aug 2009
Love / What are your views (or Polish views) on abortion? [102]

Really? Even if we ignore that this is new human life with different DNA... I think that this should work in other way around as well! What about supposed right of the men to say "F*ck off, I don't want this child! Farewell! " If women give a bright she could not demand any help from such brave man.

Maybe I was not sufficiently clear in my one lined opinion. I believe it is not human life until it's life can be sustained outside of the mother's womb. I don't support later term abortions (~>24 weeks).

As for the man's decision to say "I don't want this child", he should have thought of this before he impregnated the woman. Abstinence or birth control methods usually work quite well, when used properly. If the baby is brought to term, he should equally responsible for the care and upbringing of the child.

I criticized this approach and you did not reply. I understand because you have no proper arguments.

I did not reply as I did not read your post.

Finally I want to know, whether a men have a right to reject a child without any consequences?

No, if the baby is delivered healthy, the man should pay for the upbringing of the child. As I stated earlier, there are effective means of avoiding pregnancy.
4 Aug 2009
Love / What are your views (or Polish views) on abortion? [102]

You cannot answer yourself?

I already did. See Post #19.

If a woman's personal belief is that abortion is not right for her, according to her religious or moral convictions, she should find another way to deal with her situation. I would hope adopting it out would be a serious consideration, but if she feels abortion is her answer, I would support that decision as well. It is not up to men to make the decision for women. Women are fully competent and are able to make up their own minds.
4 Aug 2009
Love / What are your views (or Polish views) on abortion? [102]

What are your views (or Polish views) on abortion?

Personally i think abortion is horrible, i mean you screwed up, own up to it and take your responsability, you were mature enough to put your legs in the air, be now mature to take responsability.

It is a woman's decision. Period.
4 Aug 2009
News / Madonna to Visit Oswiecim [15]

'Madonna' is Italian (AKA Ciccone)...

Come on Joe, you have been around these forums to know that Polish-Americans don't exist, they are just Americans. Same would apply for Italian-Americans, nie?
3 Aug 2009
Real Estate / House Planning Permission in Poland !!! [27]

Also, make sure that any new brickwork is not tied in :)

Where is that report button. Wroclaw is not keeping on topic!

27 Jul 2009

Zywiec goes well in a beer batter chish and fips.
26 Jul 2009
Life / Leroy Merlins Price Protection [41]

It actually makes good business sense. Give them the discount price, and they will be a repeat customer.