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15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]


So it was a pleasure speaking with you.
Once again thanks for posting the good stories.

Also, here is an interesting article about British Girls bullying Polish Girls.

You can expect Desperate British Girls like ShelleyS to be monitoring these forums.
They view Polish Girls as competition and a threat.
Watch out for them.
They can be very cruel nasty creatures.

They will dish out lots of insults but if you fight back they will tell on you or run away.

If they sense that a Polish Girl is getting attention they will move in like a shark to try to control the situation.

It will be under the guise that they are trying to help you or be your friend.

It is not easy being a British Girl these days.

Their men were forced to have them for a very long time.

And now with globilization also comes global competition for dating and marriage.

And what does a British Girl really have to offer?
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

Got it.
Like "drop in."
I would say that is a pretty minor issue.

The issues that I had were much more major.
Really bad stuff.
But I think I just got a bad batch.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

It is important to hear about success.
I learned from marketing that people remember their bad experiences much more than the good ones.

From what I can remeber, the biggest issue they had was that people from Poland would breeze in and he wasn't really OK with it.

But I don't know what breeze in means?

I must say that in hundreds of conversations with Czech Girls I never really felt a connection.

Not one.
Yeah, lots of sex but no real connection.

But with just a few conversations with Polish Girls I felt some strong connections.

I will always remember some of the conversations I had with fondness.

Quite frankly, I think in my last failure with a Polish Girl, the girl might have liked me too much and freaked out.

And what was so stupid is I liked her just as much and I told her but she didn't believe me.


This weird inferiority thing.

So she visited her old boyfriend and I had to end all relations with her and she took it personally.

What did she expect?

So thank you for posting something that is good.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Techniques for meeting Polish girls [68]

I think it is a very interesting study and says lots.

I think the Italian Guys might have fudged their numbers to keep their machismo intact.

The Italian Guys I met told me how hard Italian Women are.

They described them as all looking for a Berlusconi.

I guess that means a rich guy.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

Nika:So if you know both sides, maybe you could tell us some Polish Girl Stories from your perspective.

Wasn't asking about your private life.
Stories that you may have heard and think are credible.

Also if you know of any good stories that would be nice also.

So much of the time only the bad gets talked about.

ShelleyS: That would make a nice change than having to read about your sad pittyful attempts at pulling women.

Ive been to CZ many many times and if you cant pull there, then you must be either really ugly or a right retarded yank who's still wearing a baseball cap and dodgy lookin chinos, so even the cheapest wh*re wont let you near here until you flash your cash. In fact, imagine you to be one of those sados that even the postitutes shut up shop when they see you passing, ever wondered why they've got the "out for lunch" sign up at 11pm?

Back for more, huh?
I though you were at your castration squad meeting.

How's that diet coming along?
How about those new dentures?
Don't worry, a new girlfriend for you is just around the corner.

And please don't fight her over who gets to wear the strap.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Why are more Polish girls marrying Americans? [77]

SzwedwPolsce: I have never lived in USA, so I can't answer the question. But are you saying that there are no white working class guys with a good job and family life? I find that hard to believe.

Of course not all.
It means majority.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Why are more Polish girls marrying Americans? [77]

In your opinion.

And is it someone else's job to entertain you?

Only stupid people expect that unless they pay for it.

So now that you've made your criticism, why don't you add something that you think is substantial?

That is, if you can.

Can you?

Or are you just an armchair critic?
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

I think that is pretty obvious.
Who said I could?
And why would I want to?

I don't think I am any better than anyone else at being successful with Polish Girls.
So if other guys are failing more and more, I want to know why.
Certainly if other guys are having a hard time why would it be different for me.

It is the same in Czech Republic.
If divorce is 70 percent, why would anyone think they could beat the odds and why would anyone trying?

Like gambling when the odds are against you.

Not my thing.

Love does not conquer all.

If number one did not make her happy why would number two or three or four?

In fact, she will probably become more unhappy with each one.

This is how things are in the USA.

Most guys are just too ashamed to admit it.

I think it is a very reasonable position.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

But I had higher expectations from Polish Girls.

Now you are supporting the point that Polish Girls really do this kind of stuff.

But I would rather know the truth.
Because I don't have so much time left.

And I have options to live other places where I might be able to trust a woman more.

So if you know both sides, maybe you could tell us some Polish Girl Stories from your perspective.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Why are more Polish girls marrying Americans? [77]


Liberalism in what context?
Allowing people to freely marry and have children that they don't stay together for?
Allowing women to take off with the children and depriving them of a father's presence?
Allowing something as superficial and temporary as infatuation to be the basis of a marriage?

Just in the last few years has the effects of a lazze faire attitude to marriage, divorce, and children finally become acknowledged in the USA.

Of all the things to ruin one's culture this is probably the most significant.
Because it permeates one's entire existence.

In my opinion it is too late for the USA to recover from it.
I believe "deformed culture" caused by the social cancer is permanent.

But in the meantime it is a long and painful death for the patient (USA).
If the Latin Catholics and Asians continue to grow and there is some opposition to the social forces by the Muslims in the USA, you might have some recovery.

But the caucasians and blacks are toast.
I will pose to you this question.

What does a white working class guy really have to look forward to in the USA?
Good work?
A good family life?

Tell me what.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

Nika: I know both...

So when I came to Krakow I wasn't looking for sex.
I just wanted to have a relaxing time.
So I couldn't really say if they were easy or not.
But the girls treated me very well.
They were really helpful and made my trip much better.
Very professional and friendly.
At a much higher level than I ever experienced in Czech Republic or USA.
And they didn't ask anything from me.
Even though I offered a small gift a couple of times.

On the other hand, my personal experiences outside Poland are quite different.

Girls trying to get me in bed when they already had a boyfriend.
Strange impulsive reactions.
Threats of suicide.
Being used to make another guy jealous.
Trying to move out of a boyfriend's flat into mine.

Really weird stuff.

So for me it is two different cultures.

Probably if I went to Warsaw it would be three different cultures.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Techniques for meeting Polish girls [68]

Alx123: they often don't count the English girls

You don't count English Girls because English Girls aren't really Girls.

Alx123: As I wrote earlier, English girls seem to have the worst reputation in Mediterranean countries

You are 100 percent correct.
Here is the promiscuity index with UK on top.

Alx123: What are you doing on this thread anyway?

She is trying to create a new world order: castration squad 2009

Great posts.
Especially your posts about the Krakow Types.
I saw the same thing when I was there but I could not have described it like you.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

Personal traits of character are shaped by genetics and social forces.
Therefore, national (geographic location) is a determining factor geographic location determines many genetic and social factors.

But it is not definite.
Only probabilistic.

Here is an example:
Americans are more likely to be obese.
Genetics and media encouraging them to consume more than is necessary.

Are all Americans obese?

But an an American picked at random is more likely to be obese than say a Pole.
That is, for now:)
15 Aug 2009
Love / Why are more Polish girls marrying Americans? [77]

In your opinion not much of an answer.
But who are you?

With who, you?

Do you think you have something to offer that I am interested in?
After all you are a "plastic pole", yes?
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

I hate people that generalise

If you hate people that generalize it is not a rational reason to hate them.
As long as they are doing it correctly.

You can generalize.
It is called inductive reasoning.
But you should do it fairly and with a large enough sample.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Why are more Polish girls marrying Americans? [77]

PlasticPole: "Have a life" covers the duty, hard work and commitment.

BS... You made that up to cover yourself.

PlasticPole: You don't think love matters in marriage? Maybe not to someone in an arranged one.

Who made these statements?

You are using cheap rhetoric.

Give it up.

Just like the name says you are "plastic pole."
15 Aug 2009
Love / Why are more Polish girls marrying Americans? [77]

You proved my point perfectly.
Not one word about duty, hard work, and commitment.
And what one must lose when one marries.
A completely unrealistic and childish notion of marriage.
Just like a Disney fairy-tale.
PlasticPole your name is well-chosen.
15 Aug 2009
Love / My Perfect Love Story so I thought [73]


You Muslim Guys have the poetic gifts I always wished I had.

I am not in your life.
But here goes anyway:

It does not seem fair at the moment.
It sounds like you did everything perfectly.

But I think in time you will understand why this happened to you and how it is supposed to shape your destiny.

It will take time and meditation.

We must always remember, that we should not chase after what we want.
But ask for what we need and what is best for us.

Honestly, I think this woman was a low bid for you.
My Muslim Friends who are married to Czech Women are not happy.
They tolerate the marriage and stay with it because that is what they promised to do.

Maybe find a Muslim Girl in Europe.
There are more and more.
Thank God for that.

Email me anytime.
I would like to be your friend.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Why are more Polish girls marrying Americans? [77]

I would be curious to know what the girl's expectations are in these cases?
I would also be curious to know what the guy's expectations are in these cases?

SzwedwPolsce: Polish girls (and boys) can choose who they want to marry.
You can not decide who someone else should marry.

According to who, you?
Who are you to make such a strong and in my opinion ideologically naive statement?

Bad marriages and children of divorce lead to social pollution.
Witness what has happened in the USA.

Maybe it should be regulated.
Mandatory pre-marriage counseling and mandatory pre-children counseling.
Maybe most marriages in high divorce countries should have been/should be discouraged.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

Even if he is not I guess it is no big deal.
I liked making the post.
I think the subject is very important.

Amanda91: it happens a lot on this forum

As long as the information for him is still useful than no problem.

By the way, nice photo.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Abuse in relationships (my first Polish girlfriend) [216]

Thank you so much.
It is so nice to see a real Polish Woman make a post.
I have never seen this type of aggressive behavior either accept in Russian Girls.
I have seen other types of bad behavior, but not once this violent stuff.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

I hope he is not faking because I put a little time into my post.
I will be very angry.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls Reputation [231]

Did you guys experienced the same unfortunate Polish girls bashing? Can you help to prove this garbage wrong?

1) Remember that lots of the girls abroad don't really represent Polish Girls in Poland.
2) I know personally many stories that are mostly true of Polish Girls abroad cheating on a Polish Man back in Poland or

cheating on a Polish Man in abroad.
3) I also know of some stories where things are working out well with Polish Girls abroad and foreign guys. But I know much

fewer of these stories.
4) Also remember that people tend to accentuate the bad in their experiences and not the good. So for every bad story you

hear, there is also some number of good stories. The trick is to find out the percentages.
5) One thing that might be of concern to you is that Poland is changing fast w/respect to the expectations of the women. And this is certainly not going to be fun for the men. The women are entering the "unhappy phase" that happened in the US in the seventies. The want something more. But what? Possibly once given something more they might be more unhappy? Witness the success of second marriages in the US. 3 out of 4 fail.

6) If you decide to marry or have kids with a Polish Girl, protect yourself with a prenup and all should be as good as it could be.

In my opinion, in a few more years, Polish Girls will be just like American Girls or British Girls.
The divorce rates, cheating and promiscuity will be the same in the three countries.
So if you can live with an American or British Girl, you should do just fine with Polish Girls.

Here is an article on divorce trends and cheating in Poland.

Here is some information that may have been true 20 years ago but I think it is now junk.

Here is a ranking of the 15 most promiscuous countries.
Poland is number 12.

Here is an article about divorce that mentions cheating.
Notice the woman Elzbieta's excuse for doing whatever she did... demons made her do it.
An example of not taking responsibility for one's own actions.

15 Aug 2009
Love / Techniques for meeting Polish girls [68]


If you hate men so much, get a girlfriend.
Many American Girls do this and they are less unhappy than they are with a man.

If it works with an American Girls, it can probably work with you.
But I hope you treat her with respect and don't abuse her.
15 Aug 2009
Love / Abuse in relationships (my first Polish girlfriend) [216]

When I told a Polish Girl here in Prague that I had no interest in going back to the US she got a little offended.

She liked Disney and all these other ******** icons.

I think some Polish Girls might have some weird, fairy-tale fascination with the USA.

Or maybe the bad ones just want the divorce money:)

Maybe Poland should make the wedding ticket one-way.

That is, once you leave with your new American Husband, you can't come back.

What do you think?
15 Aug 2009
Love / A Story of mine [47]


Is this story really true?

Maybe some British Girl who is trying to influence British Boy's behavior or who is jealous of Polish Girls made this story up.

Maybe some British Girl like ShelleyS.
13 Aug 2009
Love / Polish man dating Russian women [42]


Honestly, I don't care about you, your life, or your opinions.
I here to connect with real and honest Polish People.

Not Russians, Brits, or Americans.

Leave it please.

13 Aug 2009
News / Dealing with constant insults against Polish [323]

Karinka: I don't understand why so many people think the Polish are dumb. They are incredibly hard workers and generous to a fault. Maybe THAT is the problem. In any event, I hope they don't change. I love my Polish heritage. I have even started taking Polish language lessons!!!! So hard by the way!!!!! But, I am determined!!!!

Poles rule the trades in the USA.
They have the best reputation.
If you want something done right and on time, and honestly, you hire a Pole.

And don't forget, Polish Girls are better looking than German Girls.

But you did make one big mistake.
You married some German Guy instead of an Irish Catholic Guy:)

Oh well.
Maybe there will be another one.