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A Story of mine

3 May 2007 /  #1
Hey everybody, couldnt find a place to Introduce myself sorry about that.

Ive just got a personal story I feel I would like to share about having loved and lost,
Im a 19 year old Male Student from Cambridgeshire England, I dont speak a word of Polish Infact I have only known a small handful of polish people.

Many Moons ago someone added me on msn without my acknowledgement, this happens from time to time and I thought nothing of it and as I do just decided to Find out who this was, After I Introduced myself breifly as she did I, 18 years old From Warsaw, Poland.

We began talking about anything and everything, now sometimes people dont "Click" If you will but for some reason we talked throughout the night and I found out that years ago she had once visited Cambridgeshire for a schooltrip.

Now Im not much of a believer of some kind from Plan set out for us by the bigman but I was Intrigued that she had actually been and described some of the places I see everyday.

Anywho after afew days speaking she managed to Find a camera, and wow...The most beautiful Girl appeared before me with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a brighter smile then most. Anyways we eventually started Talking almost every single night up to 5hours at a time and always had something to talk about, she smiled and I smiled back she blew a kiss that I would inturn send one back.

Her English was absolutely incredible, Infact If she hadnt told me where she was from I would have firmly believed she was English! and Then we began to mail each other, she sent me a letter covered in her perfume and a cute note that I stood proudly beside my bed.

I was confused, I was infatuated with her. I just had to talk with her when I could and everynight all I could think about was her and how much I had to be with this girl, that I had to make this become a reality. About 2months of talk I asked her If it was possible If I could visit her, and to my surprise she was thrilled that I would go that far to see her and she ecstatically replied "TAK!".

I got my ticket and a Month later I was on a Plane alone, travelling to a country I had never dreamt of going too, meeting a girl I was inlove with. Too say I was shy would be an understatement! :P.

After touchdown, checking through and grabbing my case I stepped Into a brisk, windy day In Winter Poland. Her freind had given her a lift and 5minutes later on time a car rolled to a stop not far from the road ahead of me, and she got out....Wow I know it sounds corny but Love at second sight hit me like a brick and as I approached she smiled like she always had done and Held my hand, looked me in the eyes and with the cutest little accent reassured me with "Hey, everythings going to be alright", as I was a gibbering wreck at the very presence of such an amazing girl.

The next two days ahead of us were unforgettable, we laughed we joked and smiled and then we kissed...and I was smitten. Warsaw was an amazing city, so many sights and sounds although alittle intimidated being an English Guy in Poland she held my hand and I forgot about everything else. It was incredible, I met her freinds who although didnt speak any English were always smiling and joking with me and her. Making a heartshaped piece of paper with our names on and handing it to me, everything was right. And plus they all had a laugh when I asked for milk in my tea!

I met her family at her place and they welcomed me with open arms, we talked about Polish and English relations, about language and football. They were pleasent and made me feel welcome into their home.

We shared the same bed in my hotel room at night and although the first thing that would come to peoples minds would be the obvious....we just talked, cuddled and kissed until she fell asleep in my arms.

As It was only for a weekend the time flew by being with her and as soon as it had started it had drew to an end, about to depart she wiped the tears from her eyes and told me she loved me, how the hell I didnt cry is beyond me but I knew that she was for me, and that when I could. I would get back to her no matter what, afew days later I booked a trip back as soon as I could and had to bear the pain of seeing her on a camera and not being able to get to her.

A short while before I was due to head out again, she had told me her mum was sick and that the family was upset. I would try my best to comfort her and promised her I would make her smile again when I came back. Her exams had been coming up and she was under alot of pressure with exams etc and I gave her spaced everynight to revise.

A month later and I had touched down again at Warsaws Airport but was greeted with a sunnier, warmer atmosphere then previously. I waited anxiously outside when I heard a voice from behind me "Hey sam", it was her and we cuddled and kissed each other to make up for lost time and had rented an apartment together, we settled down just Infront of the Famous market square in OldTown, Warsaw and headed out for a walk...

But this time she was different, alittle destracted and down So I tried cheering her up and making her smile, she had explained that her mum had been getting worse and school was getting to her. And after arriving at our apartment later that night she had realised that she left 50 Zlotys of mine in a Cafe, she became truely upset but I was never angry at her I said "Hey! I wont miss it moneys money doesnt mean a thing" but she was quiet and didnt speak much, so we took a walk out and ate at a posh restaurant before returning to our apartment with a movie and some wine.

We were about to sit down when her sister rang and said they were coming over to visit with freinds, I was annoyed but oblieged and shortly after the room was full of Polish girls all having fun, they sat at her laptop and began to look at pictures of her from a party.

And then I saw...there were pictures of the girl I love in the arms of othermen, with their hands around her waist, kissing her and groping her. I was upset...after her freinds left we watched the movie and lay in bed together, she got a text and answered it "Its just a freind" she replied before putting it down, that was the first night we slept together and then rested with eachother, and then came another message "Hes just wondering what we are doing" she 1 O'clock in the morning "Leave it" I said and as we began to kiss she got another message, I was angry and rolled over because I didnt want to fight and maybe she would have got the message, but no...She began texting him constantly and even left me in the bed, sat on the window sil texting him over and over without saying a word to myself who clearly was upset.

The morning was cold, she got in the shower whilst I was inbed and I decided to make her some tea and toast and began to help her with her english homework. she got out and barely said a word. That day was the day what we had ended, she didnt look me in the eyes, barely spoke only when spoken too and was just so cold to me I tried to understand why and even after asking her she had replied "School", when clearly it was not.....

Airport again and this time she waited until my check in, kissed me quickly and without a single tear rolling down her face said "Bye Sam" and walked away without turning back.

When I got home I burst into tears, I told my brother everything and he said "You dont need her If shes going to act like that", We talked on msn and I explained to her why I was so upset but she didnt seem to care, even telling me "I wouldnt forgive me..", I said that we could remain in contact but it was best If we parted from each other of which she agree'd with right out.

Afew days later I find her myspace she had never told me about with the note;

"I'm the type of girl that guys i've dated talk to me three months later saying, "baby i'm still not over you".

Turns out she still had feelings for her ex boyfreind and I cut her off completely,
I guess its a lesson learnt In life when things seem to good to be true. I guessed It would never have happened to a guy like myself, and I still wonder whether she really did not think about how I felt.

"Never make a girl your everything, because in the end...your left with nothing"

[P.S] Sorry for the Introduction being alittle sad! :P Im alright now.
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
3 May 2007 /  #2
I guess its a lesson learnt In life when things seem to good to be true

No I think it's just a lesson in life my friend. Sometimes things that seem too good to be true can be true. Sorry it didn't work out for you this time. I guess most of us have been badly hurt by someone at one time or another, intentionally or unintentionally. On the plus side you got to see and know a little about Poland and the Polish people. You saw some of their generosity of spirit and learnt something about another culture. Travel does truly broaden your horizons.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
3 May 2007 /  #3

In short: It seems to me that you were used.
ukinpoland 5 | 338  
3 May 2007 /  #4
I hope this doesnt affect your thinking about Poland and Polish people. We all know that any person from any place in the world is capable of hurting someone. You have plus and minuses from this experience, but dont let it put you off Polish ladies. The saying Its better to have loved and lost than to never loved at all fits the bill here. Although personally ive never believed it. I was in love with one girl in UK and for 8 months it was pure bliss, we worked together lived together and never got bored of each other. Anyway things didnt work out and still to this day I hurt inside when I think of how good it was being with her. 8 months of heaven but its been 2 years of hurt now.

Life is strange, but as was pointed out before you have had the chance to see a beautifull country and use this experience to make you stronger.
OP AvJoeUK  
3 May 2007 /  #5
Yeah so Its seems Wro, I kinda realised after putting 1 and 1 together but that doesnt bother me anymore, like szar said I travelled, met people and had a goodtime for the most part So atleast I have something to show for it.

Anyways an Introduction never the less lol, heres a pic of me sunning up in Spain. Nice to meet you all :)

ukinpoland 5 | 338  
3 May 2007 /  #6

In short: It seems to me that you were used

I think he might already feel that.At least you both got something from this,so one didnt get more from it than the other. I dont agree with the way she ended it though and sleeping with you when she was clearly back with someone else is a bit low
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
3 May 2007 /  #7
heres a pic of me

Thanks for the picture. I was getting increasingly worried that it was my 19 year old son who has just been through an uncannily similar experience with a Polish girl that I was talking to !!

His story started off differently though.
OP AvJoeUK  
3 May 2007 /  #8
Cheers for the wise-words ukin, I guess it hasn't put me off Polish girls. Me and the Polish girl who works in our local Cafe are always laughing and joking so I dont think I could look at things in a different light other then yeah I guess I made a mistake.

I'd love to go back sometime, there was so much to do and see. Ive also heard the beaches in Poland are pretty impressive :P
Ken Noddy 2 | 161  
3 May 2007 /  #9
"Never make a girl your everything, because in the end...your left with nothing"

You've had a tough time and my heart goes out to you for sure. Somebody gave me advice to 'hope for the best and plan for the worst'in situations like this which I understand and will try to adopt in the future.

Its very difficult for us men in situations like this, in order to form relationships like this we have to let our guard down and as a result are in danger of having our egos kicked into the gutter. It goes back to the cave men I think (I'm pretty sure I read something about it in a book once)
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
3 May 2007 /  #10

Call me old fashioned, but I would have thought that getting laid by a beautiful girl would be a bonus.
peterweg 37 | 2,319  
3 May 2007 /  #11

I haven't seen my girlfriend in three weeks. She just started making excuses, wants to see me but something always comes up. Painful and cowardly on her part. Today was the last straw - she's flown back to Poland.

Well, the solution is to go and find someone else. I was upset for 45minutes, now, I'm over it.

Good luck.
Ken Noddy 2 | 161  
3 May 2007 /  #12
'hope for the best and plan for the worst'in situations like this

Then again, I don't think you'll have too many problems with the ladies judging from your photo.

I'm off, feeling a bit depressed and inadequate! lol.
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
3 May 2007 /  #13
sorry to hear your story.. your pic is lovely and I'm sure there are plenty of great girls out there for you.. so forget about this kurwa, she treated you like ****.
ukinpoland 5 | 338  
3 May 2007 /  #14

Call me old fashioned, but I would have thought that getting laid by a beautiful girl would be a bonus

Yes and then to see her get out of bed and start texting another guy would be a minus.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
3 May 2007 /  #15

Glad to hear that life is moving on. Welcome to PF
peterweg 37 | 2,319  
3 May 2007 /  #16
Yes and then to see her get out of bed and start texting another guy would be a minus.

If a girl insists on having her phone next to the bed while you have sex, alarm bells should ring.

When I go to bed no phone of any sort gets answered, I'm not being woken up for a wrong number.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
3 May 2007 /  #17
this story is so familiar
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
3 May 2007 /  #18
Ive also heard the beaches in Poland are pretty impressive :P

The beaches are beautiful. I thought so anyway :) I can post pics in the vaca topic if you'd like.

By the way...welcome :)
ukinpoland 5 | 338  
3 May 2007 /  #19
If a girl insists on having her phone next to the bed while you have sex, alarm bells should ring

I agree this is the one battery operated object that shouldnt be allowed in the bedroom when 2 people are having sex
daffy 23 | 1,508  
3 May 2007 /  #20
avjoeuk, what an entrance! thanks for sharing such a personal story!
I hope enjoy your time here and find what you are looking for (even if you dont yet know what that is)
OP AvJoeUK  
3 May 2007 /  #21
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, well at the moment Im currently applying to join the Army hoping to try for the Army Air Corps, was a student for 2 years and completed a public service course, I love travelling places now. Came back from Egypt afew months ago for a blokes Holiday in Taba.

However one place Id like to go and see for myself is America, im an uncle to my stepbros kids in Oklahoma of which Ive never seen so I'd like to go see how things are 'round there, heard my bro could do with an English butler :)

As far as girls I guess I was excited at the prospect of being with a foreign girl as frankly after being with some English girls I hath lil' faith :).

Who knows I guess Ill play it by year.

I hope sometime that I would be able to travel around eastern Europe sometime I like the feeling of being somewhere new and learning new things, catch you guys later and again thanks.
3 May 2007 /  #22
Welcome to the world.
angel eyes 1 | 131  
3 May 2007 /  #23
Hi there and welcome to the forum. sorry to hear you,ve had your heart broken and you were treated really badly but at least you found out sooner rather than later.your still pretty young and have plenty of time to settle down, I know this is no consulation for you but its an experience and one you can learn from.

Dont give up there are plenty of nice girls out there would be to happy to call you their own. I was in egypt myself its a fabulous country with a lot of magical qualities.

I wish you well in your quest just dont wear your heart on your sleeve and give it time before you let your guard down again. Its a big bad world out there but still a lot of good people too. just harder to find. good luck!!!!:o)
OP AvJoeUK  
3 May 2007 /  #24
Wearing my heart on my sleeve, hah Im all too well known for that. Cheers for the words angel, sometimes we've just got to learn from our mistakes the hardway I guess. But After looking back on all of that, I feel like Ive learnt alot and am all the more wiser for it.
3 May 2007 /  #25
Sad story Joe, It sounds like youve got a good head on your shoulders. Keep the faith, there is THE one out there for you somewheres...


angel eyes 1 | 131  
3 May 2007 /  #26
more wiser for it.

Im very glad to hear it and i know the logical way for you to think would be "Women,their all the same" but believe me their not. The world would be a better place if you could believe people were telling the truth and i often wonder why people lie so much and treat people the way they do and iv come to the conclusion that its themselves that they are unhappy with. you had a lucky escape. Can you imagine how her boyfriend is gonna feel when he finally learns her true self.!
dourbest741 2 | 29  
3 May 2007 /  #27
Hey avjoe. May sound funny but I have been through that. Actually I may be going through that right now actually with a polish girl in my city. I have learned to keep detached but interesting to know and keep your head up! You know call me crazy but I like those possesive, jealous girls because I just feel their eyes are always on me and they usually have pale creamy skin, average height with black hair. In my case now its much like you described blonde, blue eyes. We'll talk I'm sure

BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
3 May 2007 /  #28
it all sounds so familiar
ukinpoland 5 | 338  
3 May 2007 /  #29
Hey avjoe. May sound funny but I have been through that

Hilarious for everyone involved im sure.

it all sounds so familiar

Deja vu bubbawoo
angel eyes 1 | 131  
3 May 2007 /  #30
Hilarious for everyone involved

Nothing funny about gettin your heart broken:(

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