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23 Dec 2009

So I would like to know if Poles in Poland are still the pro-family, romantic types? I would think for the most part they are. But I'm not joking when I say this- after meeting the Germans and Swede, I am not attracted to these kinds of cultures and people, if this is the norm that is. But I have read that the Germans are cold like this :)

Poles are more family oriented and have very strong family values. So you might be onto something.
However, it seems that you were trying to ask them some very serious question eg. religion, commitment and you happened to find out that your views are very different from theirs. I guess it is OK to be friends with people, who have different upbringing, values that are not congruent with yours. It would be for me.

If I was looking for a partner, then I would be looking foe somebody with similar values- so were you hanging out with them, or were you interested in one of the women. Perhaps the German one????

unless its parked on my drive, its not my concern...

maybe it was parked in his driveway?
17 Dec 2009
Work / Job Opportunity for Non Polish speakers in Warsaw [27]

Although the role is based in Warsaw, the role will solely be dealing with a client within the UK market - hence Polish is not required.

so what you are saying is: you want a non-Polish speaker to have a contract in Warsaw, but deal with clients on the UK market?

Where is the post located? In the UK or in W-wa?
17 Dec 2009
Life / Polish Christmas Traditions [19]

Only 7 days until my marathon starts!

enjoy your X-mas marathon:).
17 Dec 2009

I just hope that places like Gdynia and Sopot don’t suffer the same invasion of ‘Brits’ that Spain and France have suffered, and if you have ever visited these areas you will know exactly what I mean.

it is unlikely that it will happen to the same degree since the weather in Poland is not as attractive as the weather in France or Spain is.

Brits have been coming to Poland for the last 20 years but not in big numbers. I have met quite a few over the years.
16 Dec 2009
News / British ambassador to Poland accused of "ignorance" for supporting gay rights [70] are misquoting me, the text you attribute to me isn't mine.....

no, it is not yours but it was included in your post. There is no other way of quoting on this site.

You are absolutely right I'm trolling.
Trolling around winding up homophobes.

well, it is an easy target, but if that what makes you happy, then, by all means, go crazy.

On the other hand, I don't think that such behavior will benefit homosexuals in general, which you don't seem to be overly concerned with.

I though that being a homosexual was about having an intimate/romantic/commited relationship with the same sex partner. Trying to wind up homophobes will only add more fuel to the already "strained" relationship between the hetero and the homo people in Poland.

I believe that the change will slowly come once the law allowing homosexuals the same rights is implemented by the Polish government. Time will tell.
16 Dec 2009
Life / Polish Christmas Traditions [19]

i was told by many friends that at christmas supper that they always set a free space at the table for a guest that has nowhere to go.

that is true and it goes way back to the times when people would stop by. I know that it is not practical anymore since people like yourself spend the X-mas alone, therefore this custom becomes redundant.

At my house we have never had a guest as far as I remember.

Other traditions:
1. X-mas Eve is the most important day/evening
2. after the X-mas Eve supper it a tradition to go the midnight mass- Pasterka
3. there should be 13 different dishes
4. my parents used to put some hey under the table cloth
5. X-mas Eve supper has to be vegetarian(no meat)
6. singing Carrols

There are more and I am sure that other poster will contribute and perhaps know about the origin of those customs since I don't:). Also, every household is a bit different.
16 Dec 2009
Love / Polish Girls rock my world [14]

And Polish girls cultivate the traditions better than men?

generally women in any culture are responsible for cultivating the culture/customs:)
15 Dec 2009
News / British ambassador to Poland accused of "ignorance" for supporting gay rights [70]

“He is being improper and doesn’t understand the role of a diplomat. He represents the UK, he is not meant to intervene here in the way that he chooses.”

I disagree. If the UK supports gay rights he has NOT overstepped the boundries, as it was indicated, therefore Polish accusation/comment is unfounded.

Anyone have an opinion?

Oh, yes!!!!

I have no quarrel with Sodomities, what they do in their own back yard, is their business.

Yet you call homosexuals "sodomites". You are right - it is NOT your business what people do in their backyard, homosexual or not;).

However, I believe others might disagree...

NO, you are looking for people who WOULD agree with you. Nice try. That is called: flaming, provoking, trolling.
PS. I just read more comments from OP, which I am quoting:
Get you lot! All hot and bothered talking about dirty gay boys....ooooohhhhh.....saunas..
I bet some of you macho homophobes, would love to grab a queer, drag him back to his closet and give him a good what for!

Why are there so many Polish body builders, if ever there was a sure way to spot a poof in a macho society, look for the body builders. All bulging muscles, shaved heads and baby oil...COME ON...... WHAT A BUNCH OF SCREAMERS......

So my comment about OP's intention seems to be spot on.
12 Dec 2009
Feedback / How about adding country flag to the user profile ? [34]

When someone from Uganda is pissed off at me on the Polish forum, at least I would know to not to bother with him?

You should not bother with people when they display any type of undesired behavior regardless their country they reside in. LOL

Boys from Uganda in Poland:

good point ADM:)
7 Dec 2009
Feedback / LIKE / DISLIKE button - A suggestion to Admin and Moderators [29]

Or if you make a farewell post and quit, then ban thier IP address also! Then they cant come back with phoney screenames and start thier BS all over again.

true, but what about people who have two active nicks????? ;)
7 Dec 2009
Life / Do Poles Lack in Social Skills and Etiquette? [74]

Your comments will be much appreciated!!

I guess it depends what he learnt at home. My parents had a social life as long as I remember and I like going out. Ask him what kind of people his parents are. Maybe they did not have the opportunity to go out, so he does not see anything wrong with staying at home.

Also, he this could be just his personality. Talk to him and tell him how you feel. Ask him to go out every other weekend, or so and then both of you will be accommodated.
6 Dec 2009
Life / Why are Polish people so ruthless? [87]


them? That says it all. If you make good deeds you should not expect anything back in return because you were the one who made that choice in the first place.
4 Dec 2009
Life / 3 Things I LOVED about Poland [58]

I need it to reverse the effects of air conditioning ;(

why not just turn it off.

I live Polish soups, Polish friendliness and Polish hospitality.
3 Dec 2009
History / History of the crime ; Bandera, UPA and Podole Polish land. [116]

By your provocative post where you called me "crazy" for no reason? :)

that is a compliment from a Russian:). I never called YOU crazy, I was referring to a generic Russian type (does not exist in reality -but embodies all the sentiments of a Russian person all in one). The Ukrainian generic type: Banderivets, Upivets, peasant, uneducated, no free will, confused about his/her identity.

Polish generic types: believes in honor, but does not follow through, prays in a church, while gossiping about the neighbour, believes in the past glory instead of concentrating on the present etc, etc.

Russian: like to show off, does not take NO for an answer (Khrushchov comes to mind), not afraid to show his weaknesses (Jeltsyn stepping drunk out of the plain), immigrates to the West- after Pieriestroyka, loves art and literature beyond anything else, thinks that other nations are just there to serve the needs of Russia, and on and on. I am off topic now.

Why are you saying that to me? and what does it have to do with this thread? Soviet regime had its own crimes and Bandera did his own.

agree. I was talking to Nathan, not to you, so you answered at your own risk. I am off topic.

Like when gals call me this way *blushing cheeks* :)

I know;). Hard to imagine that people who speak with such an intensity and love to each other are also able to.......never mind. I made my point.
3 Dec 2009
History / History of the crime ; Bandera, UPA and Podole Polish land. [116]

I guess this is why Ukraine received such a moral support* in their Orange Revolution (or whatever official translation of it is) - because the Poles reject their right to existence.

I was referring to some of posters on this board, not to the general Polish public. I was in Poland during that time and I saw the tremendous support for Ukraine. I am not sure why it was so intense, but I am guessing that Poles know what it meant to fight for their independence, the right to identity and so on. It is a basic human right as far as I know. Poles can also identify with living under the communism, imposed by the Russian regime

And here we have the Captain Obvious at the helm... ;)
Hm... there was something mirandish about that. :\

did I touch the sensitive spot Sashenka? Russian regime killed their own people for goodness sake. Never forget that. It is like turning against your own "family". Nothing can compare to that.
3 Dec 2009
History / History of the crime ; Bandera, UPA and Podole Polish land. [116]

why does he have to provide any? Why don't you look sources up. Is it possible that you actually not interested of adding up to your knowledge on Ukraine because it will be not congruent with what you already think?

Nathan, why are you, of all people wasting time on trying to convince a bunch of poorly informed people to discuss anything Ukrainian. Time and again, they have proved that they are poor partners in discussion, not to mention this crazy Russian guy;). Russians are Russian. Over -blown ego with not that much substance to back it up really, unless the size of the country authomatically provides the top place in the highest rankings. What country would produce and accept Soviet regime (self - inflicted) for such a long time.

Poles are a bit different. They know that their influence in the Ukraine has been lost a long time ago, yet, they are having problems with accepting it by trying to REJECT the fact that Ukraine is a country with its own history, intelligentsia, culture and so on and downplaying its importance is just a weak point in their argument.
29 Nov 2009
Love / Love my polish girlfriend alot but under pressure from family [166]

in the 3 years of my relationship i had to pay for almost every meal and drink we had, even when he took me out to apologise and make up. no wonder he's my ex ;).

that is awful. SHould be a red flag from the start;)
9 Nov 2009
Love / Help-my polish bf doesn't fancy me! [94]

Black stockings work marvels.

yep, when robbing the bank perhaps:), which you might as well proceed with considering all the attention you are getting from all the Polish birds;)