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4 Oct 2009
Love / Why do Polish Women Think They Know Better? [134]


not at all, i just happen to have a free evening. haven't you got better things to wonder about?

well, if just all forum is full of your posts mostly, so yes. No offense of corse.
4 Oct 2009
Love / Why do Polish Women Think They Know Better? [134]

Polish wifes should know a lot of things bcs husbands don't care and just all things are on her head. When is heppening something, guy firstly come to his girl and ask about advice and help. It is not something unnormal here. In my place it is on the agenda. Especially about health, cloths and behaviour. And also it works in other way. When we want to know something about manly stuff we ask guys. Nothing to be wondered.

by the way,


are you sitting here all the time? I'm wondering..
13 Apr 2009
Love / Sick of a Certain Polish Lady - my boyfriends friend [34]

Your sittuation is not nice. Is like to be between him and her. If you checked his laptop and if there is nothing to suspect any love relation seems that in this case you are "safe".

I don't know all story, but maybe they keep frendship because they are polish?

Also if thay know each other long time, seems that from his side is only frendship.

Try to keep one's head and have open eyes. If this will really disturb you in your relationship leave him.
3 Apr 2009
Love / My Polish dates mum is wanting to 'get me into the Polish tradition'? [25]

It is good sign. Every religious holiday is connected with family in polish tradition. If mom of your bf invited you it means already that she thinks about you in seriously way. And possible that your bf told her all good things about you and she is happy that her son is happy.
21 Mar 2009
Life / Children's clothing in Poland? [14]

Shops with clothes for kids:

Wójcik clothes
Smyk clothes, shoes, toys
Bartek shoes
21 Mar 2009
Love / What is the best car to impress a Polish girl? [60]

I suppose you will pay for your bus ticket.

Don't worry, I have monthly ticket ;)

I never had guy who had a car. It doesn't mean thay they were poor, simply lived in city and their jobs where close to them. It was faster get the job by tram or bus than car and this all problems where to park.

For guys car mean a lot, you know what is said about guy and good car (extension of something) :] ha!
17 Mar 2009
Love / Polish girls' obsession with marriage [124]

I don't think that polish girls have obsession with marriage, bcs also polish guys want this and I think that just the same like girls. Polish people are traditional nation mostly and marriage is one of tradition. I see what is going around me so I may say this certainly. Also marriage is something sure, bcs you think about home nest, kids, common life. You don't think about other girls/guys, parties, freedom, generally, so maybe for some people this can be inconvenient. Seems that for author of this thread too. And seems that he need more time to understand what is really worthy in life. Also maybe he didn't meet right girl, if he will find, he will start to think about this. Life is too short to think and wonder why is this and that. If you meet right girl/guy you know what you want and your future is more clear for you, bcs you have someone with who you want share your life, now and in autumn of your life. There is nothing worse than to be alone when you really need someone.. And wife/husband will understand you more than anyone else and will be always on your side.

Human is this beeing that makes pairs. Such is nature which is hard to cheat. Some people wants it faster, some later, but everyone earlier or later wants it, no matter of sex and nation.
10 Mar 2009
Language / Mobile Phone Characters - How to get Polish ones on phone? [7]

You may go to centre where people sell/buy phones and ask them about polish language in phones. In good centres they should do it.

Besides, even in Poland we don't write sms with polish letters, because is more useful. So, don't worry, your boyfriend will understand without polish letters very well.
8 Mar 2009

It's deppend in what you bake them. For example I tried in glass casserole and they have other taste than in metal pot or in steamer. For me the best are from metal pot like this:


My family often cook them and this is the best way to prepare them in such pot. Important is to cover them when they're baking.
23 Feb 2009
Love / Hot Polish guys photos [73]

Olivier Janiak - polish presenter, journalist and compere

Mateusz Damięcki - polish actor

Mateusz Damięcki

Paweł Małaszyński - polish actor

Jan Wieczorkowski - polish actor
23 Feb 2009
Life / Suggestions required for a song that indicates "Poland". [12]

KULT - Polska (Very good satire of Poland and polish people, but in polish language)

KULT - Poland

Morning dawn, morning dawn
When I'm walking in Sopot near the sea
On dirty-sandy beach
Baltic smells of crude oil
Mornings pavements
When I'm walking, I'm not talking with anyone
How is on sunday's morning
After saturdays parties pavements are puked

I'm live in Poland
I'm live in Poland
I'm live here, here, here, here

Mornings concerts
Full of brainless people from order keeping service
Looking around, because their hands are itching
They love hit more and more
Apparent adventures again
When I'm going up on stone stairs
I'm accosted by drunk tramps
Tomorrow they will meet in church

I'm live in Poland
I'm live in Poland
I'm live here, here, here, here

Night shops with milk
And I'm looking, what is happening near shop
Crowd shows fists to someone
They demand death penalty for him
Mornings trains again
I'm standing and looking on uniform freaks
Have you ever been someday in Kutno's station at night?
There is such dirty and ugly, that eyes, eyes, eyes crack up

I'm live in Poland
I'm live in Poland
I'm live here, here, here, here

Here, here, here, here,
here, here, here, here...
18 Feb 2009
Love / Polish girls in the eyes of a Turkish guy [24]

So my impressions for polish girls are;
- There are brunets as much as blonds(before i came i thought they are all blond)
- Most of them r keen admirer of the song "şıkıdım" but not Tarkan
- Outgoing and love drinking
- Very stubborn and jealous
- I realised that sometimes they are swearing more than boys
- They are loyal in marriage and relation(i ve seen some exceptions but it doesnt matter)
- I saw lots of girls look like a canvas( too much make up doesnt make super beautiful girls)
- If they want something for sure they ll get it
- It is important to have a car
- Sometimes they talk too much and it gives headache

to seretan, I'm a polish woman.
Nowhere is told that polish girls are mostly blond. Second I don't understand, that it can be smth important about polish girls. Like every human like some fun and it is nothing weird. About all girls from modern countries you may write this down. It's nothing new. Maybe Poland is not so modern like other europen western countries but still. Also I don't think that they love drinking. They drink, when is occasion, but not much as guys here. They much more. I think that alcohol is still bad thing in my culture. It is connected with past. This farther and closer (communist times) when it was just only one reason to make fun. Are we stubborn and jealous? Hmmm Possible.. About swearing maybe even is truth. It's sad. Sometimes is need to say smth stronger, it happens. Also is dependent on education. I realised that people after studies don't swearing. I guess this "ailment" is in other countries too. About make-up. For girls make-up is like cloth. Be more understanding. Of corse if is made in good way not like clown. It's not the rule that every girl has is, on street is more girls which are natural. I don't think that we easily attain our aims, but of corse like everyone they try to get smth. They same you may tell about guys. I don't think so that smth important is to have a car. Local comunnication is very popular still and cheaper what for us is important. About talking. Girls like talk, especially when someone listens them. Seems that you aroused their attention and interest. Also mostly polish girls say straightly what they don't like in guys behaviour, about everything else too. We like complain more than boast of sth even if smth is really good. It doesn't mean that we need bigger attention, simply we polish people are like that. That's all.