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Children's clothing in Poland?

sys 1 | 1  
7 Apr 2008 /  #1
Hello everybody,

I am new in here, and wish to ask you some questions which I hope you would/could help me answer.
I am a student at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, and I am working on my bachelor project. I am working together with a Danish clothing company, "ej sikke lej", and the object of my project is to find out whether or not they could enter the Polish market, my focus is especially if the Polish culture is similar to the Danish where more and more mothers buy a lot of expensive clothes for their children. “ej sikke lej” designs baby/children’s clothing in bright colours and retro-patterns (70’ies styles), the prices are aprox. PLZ 65 for a body, PLZ 79 for a pair of trousers. Right now I am in the process of determining how the Polish children clothing business looks like, and I am finding it a bit difficult (I do not know Polish, unfortunately). If any of you could tell me which children’s clothing companies exist in Poland I would be very grateful! I would like to hear about everything from chainstores ((H&M etc) to brand and designer clothes for kids.

I thank you in advance.

Best regards
Buddy 7 | 167  
7 Apr 2008 /  #2
Bewarned the majority of Poles don't earn much and clothing here is VERY cheap.
Trainers, 19zl, jeans 25zl.... It is a difficult market.
Seanus 15 | 19,674  
7 Apr 2008 /  #3
I got a pair of Hugo Boss original beige/chinos for 30zł, then again I got them in Lumpeks
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
7 Apr 2008 /  #4
I asked the sklepowka in the Diesel shop on the Rynek Główny in Krakow if they sold childrens clothes. They said they didn't because not a lot of people could afford them. I doubt that, as there seems to be a lot of "new" money around.

Designer clothes for children, what a waste of money !
Lukasz 49 | 1,746  
7 Apr 2008 /  #5

it is website of Polish company selling Polish products for kids in Poland, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
7 Apr 2008 /  #6
I bought a few t-shirts from the endo shop in 3miasto.
gdj67 15 | 154  
7 Apr 2008 /  #7
Try this -

Basically a Polish 'Primark'. But good basic wardrobe stuff.
Even if you have the money, spending a fortune on kids clothes is just stupid. Just my 2zl worth

Krzysztof 2 | 973  
7 Apr 2008 /  #8
Just my 2zl worth

you mean 2 grosze (not 2 złote)?
btw, in Poland we rather say "moje 3 grosze"
gdj67 15 | 154  
7 Apr 2008 /  #9
Yep I guess thats right. Too much red wine, apologies.

OP sys 1 | 1  
12 Apr 2008 /  #10
Thank you very much for helping me out with my question! Have a nice weekend
pooja - | 3  
19 Mar 2009 /  #11
hi sys,

im from india & my company manufacturers baby/kids garments for various european brands.
i had tried to contact ej sikke lej as a vendor, but i was told they already work with good indian + chinese suppliers.

kindly revert if the situation is any different
-pooja goenka
Pomorzanka - | 28  
21 Mar 2009 /  #12
Shops with clothes for kids:

Wójcik clothes
Smyk clothes, shoes, toys
Bartek shoes
babet - | 1  
22 Mar 2009 /  #13
I'm designer clothes for kids and at present I work the collection for futur brands
I'm interested the production why not in India?
please contact me; basiagg@interia
pooja - | 3  
26 Mar 2009 /  #14
HI BABET, I HAVE MAILED U on your email id. kindly check & revert

hi Pomorzanka
can u give me the source of this information as it is of great help for me

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