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27 Aug 2009
History / US snubs Poland over WW II ceremony? [75]

Poland can broker with the Iraqis like anyone else

Sure they can, but the fact remains that the Iraqi government was put in place by the occupational coalition, namely the US. So the most lucrative and best contracts were reserved for the big guys whether anyone bid or not (like Blackwater). The only thing that Poland received was combat experience.

However you seem to assert that the US annexed Western Europe.

I won't say annexed, but they were definitely in debt and dependent on the US for protection after The War and the early years of the of the Cold War. Lend Lease, Trident, German Reconstruction, Marshall Plan, etc.

It will be interesting to see if the EU can stay fused, who knows.
27 Aug 2009
History / US snubs Poland over WW II ceremony? [75]

Please be specific, dollar amount etc.

My statement was not about finances, I don't give a damn about what any one things they are entitled to. The Polish government sent troops because they though they were going to get oil and infastructure contracts, as funny as that sounds. Did they get any? Hell no. Why?, because the contracts were already divide between US, British and other firms and their ECA's, banks, etc before the first SF soldiers laser designated the first strike targets.

And what did America get out of WW2? Just western Europe and the spheres of influence left over from the remnants of the Empires of Britain and France. Don't tell me the US went there out of the goodness of their hearts. Wars are not fought for other peoples freedoms; they are fought for those peoples resources.

There were many polls on PFs and else where exclaiming that the Poles did not want the shield. Usually like 65 - 80% against the shield

PF is not a scientific poll. Its was about 72% from Rasmussen if I remember correctly when this all started. But people don't sway the governments decision making. This was a poke in the eye at Russia, a chance for the Polish gov. to feel important while flicking a finger to their former master while hiding behind the "big guy". Either way its not adding inches to their di(ks, is it?
27 Aug 2009
History / US snubs Poland over WW II ceremony? [75]

Which "they" are you talking about?
The people or their government, that does not listen to them anyway?
The people did not want to send troops to Iraq but the gov. sent them anyway. And 'they' didn't get sh!t out if it ,did they.

That's democracy in Poland for you.
27 Aug 2009
History / US snubs Poland over WW II ceremony? [75]

So your post seems to be a provocation!

I don't think its a provocation as much as a reminder of the constant snubbing by the US.
The visa waiver program, the missile interceptor base, the Patriot missile system that is to be deployed unarmed etc.
Poland should remove 900 or so of their troops from Afghanistan and see if the US will respond to that.
28 Jun 2009
Life / Has Anybody Applied for US tourist Visa In Krakow? [9]

My cousin tried last February with no avail. After filling out the application, paying the $130 US, and answering some rather stupid questions he had his interview in Krakow after three weeks. He was coming to the states for only 2 1/2 weeks to visit his sister who is here studying.

Despite the fact he has a house that's paid off, a expecting wife, and a job, he was rejected. Some young guy near by him was granted despite not having any of those and he was a college flunky.

They say if you can, have your interview on a Friday because people are in a better mood. However, as with the case with my cousin that may not be. After he was rejected the interviewer told him to apply again in August, by then Poland should be on the Visa Waiver Program; but the way things are going I doubt it.

Poland's rejection for US visa applications are somewhere between 28-35%
And remember Americans love your soldiers but not your tourists.
24 Jun 2009
USA, Canada / Confused by visas needed for USA... [3]

A Brit with a valid passport would not need a visa to travel to the US for a period of 90 days or less but not exceeding. A Pole on the other hand would need one. It all matters on what passport you hold, so if hes in Britain with a Polish passport it means nothing, sorry. The US has a visa free program with about 35 countries, Poland not being one of them.

To apply, fill out the application on the bottom, DS-156 (there is an online version as well).
The fee is about $130 US, and should receive confirmation by mail. Then you will have a interview set up at the US embassy in about 2-4 weeks after you have submitted the application. The rejection rate for Poland if I remember correctly is about 28%. My cousin tried last February and was rejected despite the fact he was visiting for three weeks, had a house, job, and wife. While the guy next to him was allowed despite not having any of those. Since your in the UK it should go smoother but then again it could go either way.

Good Luck
18 Jun 2009
History / "Our Forgotten Allies" - Polish-American relations. [52]

That was in 1967 and was supposedly an error on part of the Israelis.

A youtube documentary about the "mistaken identity incident"
18 Jun 2009
Life / Are Polish people civilised or not? My thoughts... [52]

What exactly defines civilized?
Eating with a fork and knife, wearing pants and shoes, not wiping your bum with your finger and not invading others nation based on lies to take oil?

All this can be said for all people from all walks.
You have your cosmopolitan intellectuals, silent and respectful types, the hard working, psycho and sociopaths, and your favorite, sluts.

Have bedded a few of them

(Which few, the ones you successfully chloroformed, gagged, and drug home?)

intimidating looking people

You should meet some of my Blackwater buddies; you'll see intimidating.
17 Jun 2009
News / The Polish-Hungarian friendship is as well as poisoned [45]

Is Hungary part of Poland? No, of course not. So Poles likely don't care that much.

Maybe they are trying to shake some reparations out of Hungry for supporting the Nazi cause and bla bla bla ......the same old song and dance.

Watch, in thirty years when WWII is mostly history they will ask for reparations from the Brits and the French because they promised to defend Poland (therefore Jews by proxi) and did not.

Great food, drink, fun cities, weird and cool language, thermal baths. Fantastic place.

You forgot to mention the beautiful women.

Serbs have to be punished for something

Serbia is similar to Poland in this respect, your force fed mouth fulls of sh!t from all (even from so called friends) and yet your expected to keep a straight face and keep asking for more.

2 Jun 2009
Life / IKEA in Warsaw [30]

That doesn't mean it's cheap quality,

Sorry, to tell you- it is cheap. All it is, is cheap veneers on particle board, mostly.
I agree with you that you get what you pay for. If you want quality modern furniture you should check out Knolls, or design within reach. I think they ship international or should have a place in Europe. Its expensive but worth it. Make sure its authentic, the Chinese make alot of cheap knock-offs that have flooded the market.

I jak we hartford bylo?

And how was Hartford?,(I think that's what he was trying to ask)

ja taz :-)

Me too :-)
29 May 2009
Real Estate / Where can i buy a cheap house or a flat in Poland? [43]

Any links to real estate in Krakow, not necessarily AngleCity or the new developments going up but some of the older buildings flats. It does not have to be near the Market Square but also not on the outskirts.
27 May 2009
Life / Polish Military Tattoos [12]

has anyone ever saw a drawing of the old Slavic version on the Grimm Reaper? Not the the skeleton with the cloak an scythe; but the young beautiful girl in all white with a never fading green sprout in her hand. I'd like to get a tattoo of that.
23 May 2009
History / "Shafting the Poles" [44]

Nope, I meant an "so-called allies" people who call us friend and then shaft us.
23 May 2009
History / "Shafting the Poles" [44]

Like, beat up some "ally" tourist on vacation in Krakow perhaps?
23 May 2009
History / "Shafting the Poles" [44]

Seriously though, shafting the Poles will result in a lifelong grudge and some reprisals.

I doubt it, from the above article the only thing we can expect is that Poland will fail yet again to learn its lesson. They should just develop a good memory and not trust or depend on their so-called allies.

Just today I read an article that the Patriot missile system they were to receive will not be equipped with warheads. It would have made a good joke if it were funny.
22 May 2009
History / Germans Exiles & Museum in Berlin in the eyes of Poles and UE nationals. [106]

Mr Grunwald

That's what he does on this forum, he's an antagonist, among other things. (him, Harry and a few others) He writes on a topic that gets people fired up and when they respond to him with emotion he gets his jollies. Just ignore him it's the best thing.
22 May 2009
History / Germans Exiles & Museum in Berlin in the eyes of Poles and UE nationals. [106]

In my opinion that action is motivated by the desire to get back land lost to Poland, so be it!

Whatever it is, the fact remains that it was Germany that started the Second World War, they lost and surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY to the Allies.
Meaning that it could have and perhaps should have been, a free for all to divide and partition Germany to the point that a Germany did not even exist. Like Poland was for quite some time throughout history.

So Stienbach and her crypto-nazi friends can bit*h, complain, do puppet shows, and build whatever the hell they want. Reality is they are getting nothing back.

Does anyone take what she says seriously, (other than those who think like her) she wants to portray the Nazis and their acts in a positive light. Pretty soon they are going to want compensation for German soldiers killed in the Warsaw Uprising and the Blitzkrieg.


Get lost !
You crippled little bastard !

Come on Amigo, hes only a confused child.
15 May 2009
News / Should Poles become a minority in Poland? [150]

If not multi-culturalism than what are you proposing?

Genetic and racial characteristic are secondary to cultural and religious differences and you are mixing both together.

How are they secondary to culture and religion when culture and religion are not passed through blood and play no role in the spread of ideas?
15 May 2009
News / Should Poles become a minority in Poland? [150]

Good post but there's little point offering rational argument to a bigot.

They maybe racists but they are not supremacists, they maybe nationalists but they are not bigots, since their Catholicism prevents them from being both. There are always exception to the rule. Your argument is that you want what's happening in Britain to happen in Poland?- No thanks.

No answer?

Your obviously proposing multi-culturalism, two questions.
1. Whats the goal (the end) of multi-culturalism?
2. Do cultures compete?
12 May 2009
News / Anti Gravity Device in Ludwikowice KĹ‚odzkie in Silesia [8]

This is a place I'm planing to visit next time I'm in Poland. I saw this on the History Channel last month, not sure if its tourist accessible. You might be able to see the the outside test facility but the Mine I have no idea.

Contact Igor Witkowski

He gave the tour to the History Channel guys. He would be the guy to ask. Let us know how it went.

Wenceslas mine is in Poland

Poland as far as I know, that's what they said when they were filming there.
2 May 2009
Language / Overuse of the words 'po prostu', esp among females [41]

no no , they say "narmean"?

They say Naw'mean on this side of the pond, almost every other word.

I think K#%wa is the most over used word, I heard conversions where it was the first and last word in a sentence. Like this dude here.
26 Apr 2009
UK, Ireland / UK Poles attack Daily Mail 'bias' [33]

Mar 14, 08, 13:01


The British have had enough of the numbers of Poles that have arrived here and public opinion is turning against them.
They are looked on as parasites now and the majority want them to turn around and go back to Poland.
The Daily Mail is just voicing public opinion and they are right to do so.

Poles have come to your country because your politicians in their greed have chosen to exploit them with cheap labor.
So they opened the gates and unemployed Poles flooded the available market place. Its easier to pay a Pole a fraction of the wage than full price to a Brit because they know damn well a Brit can not live off those wages.

This is nothing new, this is globalization.
Poles don't want to be in your country any more than you want them there; they are there for the money. Its the same in the US, companies hire people from India because its the largest English speaking country on earth, so why pay an American $12.00 an hour when an Indian will work for that a day.

So if you don't want foreigners in your country tell it to your "democratically" elected leaders.
24 Apr 2009

Polish roads were not designed the way the autobahn was.
The roads are far too small and there are too many cars on those roads.
The width of a highway in Poland is about the size of a residential street in Texas where the speed limit is 35 mph.
I would rather invest in mass transit like trains. Lets face it in Poland you can drive for two hours straight and only be 100km from where you left.
24 Apr 2009
News / Russia and Poland possibility of the alliance [75]

Edited by: Crow Today, 17:43


Good idea Crow, I know several slavs from all walks that are thinking that way. I could see this happening in the next 100-150 years. As we move into a multi-polar world, and the dwindling of the western powers I could see a Slavic Confederacy emerging.

Only problem is can bitter feelings from historic feuds impede this. Also is Russia going to behave or is the bear going to sit himself at the head of the table and not share the honey? Plus the populations of most if not all Slavic countries is slowly declining.
20 Apr 2009
News / Dealing with constant insults against Polish [323]

K nationals[quote=Wyspianska]
you are a stupid Pole and the UK nationals have had enough of you...

the stupid Pole, right? I remember a incident a month or so ago when the BNP used a Spitfire plane as there backdrop for their anti-immigration campaign against Eastern Europeans, namely Poles. The Spitfire was from the 303 Squadron, a Polish squadron.

Cheers Mate.