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6 Aug 2009
News / Rydzyk gets away with racism yet again [198]

Is it not a wonder for anyone why the liberal left-wing and jewish establishment with such intensity without interruption are attacking the Catholic Church? Every problem, scandal or dirt within the Church (a Church consists of people, not even it is not immune to human deficiencies) are closely monitored by the media, terribly emphasized and over exaggerated, and if need be invented. From a fly they create an elephant. Pedophilia in the Church is a typical example. Percentage frequency of such occurrence in children's homes, schools, sports clubs and various artistic associations, organizations for children such as scouts, and even in families is in the order of magnitude higher than in the Church, but about that reporting is little or nothing, while each incident associated with the Church, real or imaginary hits on all the bells and is carried across the media to infinity. Church and Christianity simply are interfering with today's rulers of the world because it clearly sets the system of values and determines moral norms and rules of conduct, and that is simply incompatible with modern vulgar individualistic materialism, egoistic hedonism and moral relativism of today's modern society which is on us imposed. Especially under attack is the Holy Roman Catholic Church because it is really one of the last materially and morally strong and organized forces that opposes the NWO. Unfortunately, many here do not understand this, instead they keep repeating the same vain atheistic mantra as do lobotomized "liberals" and "progressive leftists".
2 Aug 2009
History / Russia: Poland responsible for WW II [300]

BB: accept your nations history, accept your nations guilt.

Napoleon Bonaparte once stated that "official" history is bunk. It was always written by the winners, so it is beneficial, before making your own judgment to try to see the viewpoints from both sides in the conflict and get as much information from as many diverse sources as possible. Forget what you saw in Hollywood propaganda movies. Instead of taking so called facts for granted, of incomplete history you learned in school, do your own research, dig into books and autobiographies of intellectuals who actually lived during the time period. You might find some interesting details and facts. Because a certain elite group of people who own most of the media and the publishing will only allow you to see what they want you to know.

For example, how many Americans have even heard of the sad fate of Ezra Pound.
22 Feb 2009
News / Forget Ukraine! The question is: " Is Poland going down??" [36]

Polish people should withdraw their hard earned money from foreign banks, and deposit it in Polish banks, or keep it under the mattress as a last resort. Especially try to avoid relying on the dollar, and get rid of it as soon as possible, before the preplanned worldwide robbery the jewish banksters are going to carry out. This financial crisis is artificially created.
15 Feb 2009
Life / How do Poles feel about non whites/non Slavs living in Poland? [150]

No, Polish are not White. They're Slavic. Slavics are somewhere between Gipsies and Whites. Pretty close, but not there.

Since we have such a "knowledgeable" person on PF tell us then, who was the wife of King Victor Emmanuel III, the last queen of Italy?

Pièko talijanska žabarska.
31 Jan 2009
History / Panslavic vision of Poland. [32]

Greater Serbia

Srbija do Tokija!


Nas i Rusa 300 miliona...

30 Jan 2009
History / The movie Defiance is a big lie (heroes that saved Poland suppored communism) [102]


This movie is based on historical facts regarding a Jewish banker Joseph Süß Oppenheimer

Jews were big proponents of the unification of germany in the 19th century.

I believe the correct term you are looking for is exploitation of Germany.

They were so "german" in their eyes that they would have changed their DNA if they could have. A lot of good it did them! Germany proved that assimilation is impossible for Jews.

Expulsions of Jews

Germany is no exception to the rule, Jewish people and their Talmudic teachings of their book of darkness are their own source of tragedy. It is a historic fact that Spain and Germany experienced a golden age in terms of exploration and development after expelling the Jewish parasites from their countries.

That's why the only future for Jews is in our own independent country, Israel.

Why then out of 25 million Jews in the world less than 5 million live in Israel? Israel is only a coordination center in the region for international Zionism whose HQ is in the JewSA. Past 2000 years have shown that Jews are incapable of having and running their own country, they need non-Jews to live off them, like a vampire needs blood. This is why you will not release the Palestinians whom you require as cheap manual labor force for your little terrorist sandbox.
30 Jan 2009
History / Polish Anti-semitism - origins? [186]

do we also have to run the internet?

Youtube officially becomes Jewtube...
27 Jan 2009
History / Polish Anti-semitism - origins? [186]

The Jews provoke envy and hatred but actually they are "the unhappiest nation in the world ", always victims of "their own and others' ambitions ", and whoever tries to show that they are themselves their own source of tragedy is ranked among the anti-Semites and the object of hatred of the Jews.
25 Jan 2009
History / Polish Anti-semitism - origins? [186]

a trade union leader mentioned this in Ireland and suddenly people think it's the "norm" in Poland.

Opinions of individuals are not opinions of their nations as whole.