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21 Jul 2009
Law / Opening a gym in Gdańsk [30]

Discourage use of ipods and mobile phones

It's a gym, not a military training camp. People should enjoy their workout however they want.

You want to attract both male & female customers. Have a separate cardio area for ladies only.

Designate a Total Body area for beginners with easy to use machines.

Consider the following services as well:
Childcare - an area people can leave their kids off while they work out
Free Weights
Group Exercise Classes
Juice bar
Resistance Machines
Spinning room
Yoga/Pilates Studio
23 May 2009
Feedback / - the iPhone App [9]

It can be like many other sites where it recognizes the mobile device and automatically shows for example.

I sometimes tether my windows mobile cell phone with my laptop to us the internet. It's not as fast as iphone 3g, but it works fine. But for some reason, when I'm using this, PF doesn't work properly. I can view the site, but I couldn't post. When I hit post, it just shows the home page.
17 Apr 2009
Law / Opening a gym in Gdańsk [30]

Here's what I like at my gym, a Cardio Cinema. Everyone HATES doing cardio, so if they're being entertained while doing it, it makes the jog goes by quicker. You can show different movies on different days.
17 Apr 2009
Language / Correct Way to Write Polish Address on Envelope [14]

If I want to add the neighborhood (dzielnica) to the address, where do I put it, before the address or at the end?

street address,
city, province


some other variations?
16 Dec 2008
Travel / Skiing - Krynica, Poland. Lack of snow? [30]

Me too. My friends and I booked a place in Krynica from 27-29. Right now I'm in Poznan, it's freaking cold but no snow. Hopefully it will change by then, or won't it?
13 Dec 2008
Food / Krokiety Recipe [16]

I need some glasses for sure as I read this thread title as 'Kobiety Recipe' hahha
13 Dec 2008
Life / Prepaid Sim Cards in Poland [17]

Like Tak Tak, Heyah, Era, Orange, etc. Which one is the best/cheapest? Thanks for everyone's recommendations.
8 Dec 2008
Food / Food On A Budget [11]

I didn't know, that's why I was throwing out some random numbers.

What would someone expect to eat for a 20zl budget? modest sandwiches, well cooked meals, etc etc?
8 Dec 2008
Food / Food On A Budget [11]

What's a good daily food budget for one person in Poland?
20zl? 50zl? 100zl?
29 Nov 2008
Feedback / how can i log out??? [19]

Thread attached on merging:
Is it just me or there is no log out button?

????? <-- there goes my 5 characters limit.
23 Nov 2008
USA, Canada / Polish Canadians [117]


I love Olsztyn! I was here for my friends' wedding. What a beautiful city and lots of nice people. Oh and Polish weddings are awesome!
20 Nov 2008
Real Estate / Wroclaw real estate prices and agencies [17]

Use the internet. Try looking at Poland major popular real estate, news websites. (onet, interia, gazeta, wp, mamdom, otodom, etc) It will cost you around 60 - 120 pln per impressions (1000 impressions) You can even target specific audience who are looking for new homes there.
18 Nov 2008
Love / English Girls according to Polish Guys....... [68]

English girls: "we are better than Polish girls."
Polish girls: "we are better than English girls."
English girls: "we are better than Polish girls."
Polish girls: "we are better than English girls."
English girls: "we are better than Polish girls."
Polish girls: "we are better than English girls."

Us men love you all. ;)
13 Nov 2008
Genealogy / 20 y/o female (pics & summary) trying to clarify my polish heritage [26]

"Yasuse Coohana?"

Hahah, that's how I was when I first started learning Polish, writing out everything the way it sounds. I'm sure all the foreigners learning Polish can relate to it.

Nikki, you look like an American sorority college school girl out at UCF, not much Polish, but probably because you were born and raised in Florida.