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Skiing - Krynica, Poland. Lack of snow?

whyikit 6 | 102  
16 Dec 2008 /  #1
Ok folks back for some help again, hope one of you kind people might be able to point me in the correct direction. I am meant to be going skiing in Krynica on the 27th of December, but there looks to be a major lack of snow!!! So I have a couple of questions:

Is there anywhere close I can drive to that might have snow, doesn't 100% have to be in Poland?
From peoples experience is the snow situation likely to get a lot better in the near future? The only forcast I can find says 2cm will fall in the next week, although I think there needs to be about 30cm!!

Cheers again
scorpio 20 | 188  
16 Dec 2008 /  #2
I am meant to be going skiing in Krynica on the 27th of December

Will you be going to Krynica via Tarnów (road 977)? If so, you are welcome to stop by and visit my village, near Zakliczyn.
Polson 5 | 1,770  
16 Dec 2008 /  #3
Are there snow cannons? Cause it may snow, but if there's not enough snow, they may have to 'cheat' ;)
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
16 Dec 2008 /  #4
Hi whyikit,

The best time to ski on Poland is usually in January/February, although this varies.
But good ski resorts only need the cold and they will have snow machines working all night, so people can use it.

I don't know Krynica but by the looks of the map it looks to be only around 70 km to Zakopane.
But you should be able to see live cams of the skiing conditions of any place you choose. Here is zarabiesport it is right beside Myslenice.

But I would hold off on skiing for at least a month.

Best of luck and see you later on the slopes :)
OP whyikit 6 | 102  
16 Dec 2008 /  #5
Cheers folks, unfortunately been booked since May this year as my partner is back seeing her parents in Lublin, so we decided to extend it a bit and spend new year skiing, well that was the plan anyway. All slopes in Krynica have cannons but it is 5 degree at the moment, it has been colder in Scotland the last few weeks!!! Oh well sure we will get something, cheers again for the advice any more welcome!!!

Polson 5 | 1,770  
16 Dec 2008 /  #6
All slopes in Krynica have cannons but it is 5 degree at the moment

I spent Christmas and New Year's Eve in Zakopane 2 years ago, we had snow (and snow cannons just in case), it was nice, and i remember we even had -12°C one night, when we were going skiing ;)

Good luck to you.
Wroclaw Boy  
16 Dec 2008 /  #7
Ive been snowboarding In Poland this year at Zieleniec, I went on 7/12, the snow was a tad thin and mud was beginning to come through in places, real / freeze thaw conditions. I wouldn't go again unless we get atleast 12" of fresh. Its difficult to gauge the amount of snow up in the mountains by that of the forecast for the nearest city. Ive been to resorts where there is absolutely no snow on the houses, roads or anyhting but the minute you look at the piste its there and im not talking snow cannons.

Chances are theres already snow on that resort it just needs a top up.
16 Dec 2008 /  #8
you can try here link latest reports for the Zakopane area is on Thursday there should be 10cm of snow with more over the weekend but it's changing all the time.

We are going down on Saturday for 10 days so I have been keeping a close eye on the weather reports.
16 Dec 2008 /  #9
Is there anywhere close I can drive to that might have snow, doesn't 100% have to be in Poland?

if Krynica won't have any snow, you'd always cross the border and go skiing in Slovak Tatras... there is even better...
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
16 Dec 2008 /  #10
there is even better...

I am going to check that out :)
dat 2 | 62  
16 Dec 2008 /  #11
Me too. My friends and I booked a place in Krynica from 27-29. Right now I'm in Poznan, it's freaking cold but no snow. Hopefully it will change by then, or won't it?
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
16 Dec 2008 /  #12
This looks like the place to look but nothing yet Snow Report for Krynica, Poland.
OP whyikit 6 | 102  
16 Dec 2008 /  #13
Thanks but not going there I got fouled by that website a couple of weeks ago. It is Krynica Jaworzyna which is in the south on the Slovak border. I am using this website, and the weather link from it:

Has a very depressing report on there :-(

Cheers again
16 Dec 2008 /  #14
there are always Alps with snow ;) and there is even better then better... ;)
16 Dec 2008 /  #15
Not always, I have been to the Alps many times and there has been no snow, with people saying, "oh! but there was some last week"

The only place that I know that guarantees snow in these parts, is the wonderful Štrbské Pleso in Slovakia.

Normally, you can expect snow in the middle of November lasting all the way through to April, and it's only 1.5 hr drive from Zakopane. I have been there six times now and never been let down.

Oh good news about Zakopane by the way good snow reports over the next few days LINK.
16 Dec 2008 /  #16
Not always,

sure...but pretty good this year and many countries to choose from...

anywhere in high Tatras, Slovakia, is great... accommodation
16 Dec 2008 /  #17
anywhere in high Tatras, Slovakia, is great

Have you been?
16 Dec 2008 /  #18
yes, many times, but only two to ski... ;) i like Poprad, Orava.... i've eaten there such good cheese.... :)
22 Dec 2008 /  #19
Poland webcams - where the snow is...
Wroclaw Boy  
22 Dec 2008 /  #20
Just been outside and its windy and raining with temperatures around the 6 degrees mark. Funny to think that I went snowboarding this morning less than an hours drive from my house.

The resort was Ramzowa in the Czech republic and the conditions were not bad actually. A tad slushy and muddy near the bottom but up high (1300 meters) it was fine, hard pack ice. One lift up and one way down, thats all that was on offer today unfortunately.

Really need a few cm's of snow to top up the lower resorts and access all areas.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
27 Dec 2008 /  #21
Excellent, I will be up in Zakopane tomorrow :)
28 Dec 2008 /  #22
Here in Zakopane we have tons of snow and a big dollop last night as well and looking out the window it's just started to snow again :)

I have just got back from seven days there and be careful, as if you go to Szymoszkowa, the snow has been mostly made from artificial snow and there are many places where lumps of ice are poking through.

A better bet would be Małe Ciche LINK as it has much better prepared snow.

Have fun :)
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
28 Dec 2008 /  #23
Thanks ukpolska,
I will check it out.
I have too much to do today so I am unable to go skiing but there is plenty of time (I hope).
Where exactly did you go?
28 Dec 2008 /  #24
We stayed in Kościelisku for seven days and it snowed for five of the seven days.
We skied on Szymoszkowa and if you are not experienced I would avoid it if I were you as it's quite difficult with the ice, but this may change with more snow added.

The best time is to go early when it opens at 9am as there are only a few people, but by 11:45 it starts to get very busy, then we switched to Małe Ciche which had better snow and less people.

We were told of another new slope where not many people know of it and apparently it was very quiet, I will ask my wife later of the name and post it up.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
28 Dec 2008 /  #25
Great, thanks.
I don't like the ice, especially with a snowboard, it is slightly easier to negotiate with skis, although come to think of it, I snowboarded on ice when I first began so perhaps that is just my experience.

I have plans to go to many different slopes this winter, perhaps in Czech and Slovakia too.
Of course we are all looking for good soft snow:) with few people but I would like something that is long, a few hours down, just for fun :)

Skiing school,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/lang,en/Bi alkatatrzanska html
28 Dec 2008 /  #26
Skiing school

My friend Karol works there and the trouble is that it is so packed it's not my fav...if you want good skiing then Slovakia is the place to go, either Štrbské Pleso or some of the one's polishgirltx mentioned.

Also you could try Zakopane and time it when the School hols are on for the North of Poland as not many people can be bothered to make the journey all the way down south.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
28 Dec 2008 /  #27
I was thinking of spending new years eve skiing in Zakopane but I have no plans as yet.
29 Dec 2008 /  #28

the traffic started... it's crazy there, i read... every year about 100.000 people go there for NYE... you hurry up if you want to get there on time...

30 Dec 2008 /  #29
There are the back roads and as SeanBM lives in the area he should know about them :)
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
31 Jan 2009 /  #30
Just to let you all know, it has been snowing for the past 4 days south of Krakow towards Zakopane and does not look like it is going to stop any time soon.

Perfect for skiing or snowboarding.

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