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Krokiety Recipe

Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
20 Sep 2007 /  #1 for a Krokiety recipe in English :)
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104  
20 Sep 2007 /  #2
Thanks Z but I can't get this to open. I tried going through epicurious and searching for krokiety but it said it couldn't find anything :(

I will give the cooking a bash next week. If the results are reasonable I'll take a pic and post it. :)

It typical that I typed "Krokiety Recipe" into Google and this was the first result it came up with... :)

Why is it so difficult to find? If I wanted a thousand different recipes for Pierogi I'd have them because they are everywhere.
anglikgirl 2 | 11  
31 Mar 2008 /  #3
Thread attached on merging:
Krokiety z barszczem? recipe

Has any one got a recipe for this Krokiety z barszczem? i had a meal at my boyfriend's sisters house and i really liked it. i think that Krokiety z barszczem was one of the dishes on the was like a breaded pancake thing with mushrooms and sauerkrat. Is this the correct dish?if so could anyone give me the recipe or a link to a good recipe. dzieki
CoolMoon 1 | 60  
31 Mar 2008 /  #4

Krokiety recipe

This is one link there may be others. Did you check through this website?
anglikgirl 2 | 11  
31 Mar 2008 /  #5
i typed Krokiety z barszczem into the search but there are too many posts to check through could be there under another name.thanks for the link.

I checked with "Krokiety z barszczem" and found none and only three with "krokiety".
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
31 Mar 2008 /  #6
it was like a breaded pancake thing with mushrooms and sauerkrat. Is this the correct dish?

Krzysztof 2 | 973  
31 Mar 2008 /  #7
Krokiety z barszczem was one of the dishes on the was like a breaded pancake thing with mushrooms and sauerkrat. Is this the correct dish?

what you described are simply "krokiety" (the filling can be different, not always mushrooms+sauerkraut, it can be meat too, I think)

Barszcz - used for 3 different kinds of soups:
barszcz czerwony = a clear, red beetroot soup (the one served for example with krokiety)
barszcz ukraiński = mixed vegetables
barszcz biały (żurek) - white, sour soup.

You can find a lot on barszcz (all 3 kinds) on these forums, just sometimes spelled in a different way (americanized as "borsht", "borscht", "borsch", "borshch" or whatever spelling the poster thought was correct).
19 Jun 2008 /  #8
That is the one you were thinking of. But the Krokiety are the breaded crepes filled with cabbage and mushrooms and the barscz is borsch soup... the two are traditionally eaten together.
Roberta - | 17  
21 Jun 2008 /  #9
OK. Do you have a recipe? That sounds wonderful!
13 Dec 2008 /  #10
This recipe is great. Super easy, yet traditional. Krokiety with red barszcz is the only way to go :) Bon apetite!
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
13 Dec 2008 /  #11
Croquettes with red barszcz, superb. I like mince pies with Bovril at footie games to warm me. However, Poland has super warming foods too. Stodgy and tasty!
dat 2 | 62  
13 Dec 2008 /  #12
I need some glasses for sure as I read this thread title as 'Kobiety Recipe' hahha
rdywenur 1 | 157  
14 Dec 2008 /  #13
Krokiety z barszczem? recipe

The link in the first post will get you what you want for the recipe for Krokiety and then if you need a recipe for borscht then look tha tup seperately. All you recipe titile is saying in English is Krokiety with soup (being borscht) I doubt you would find a recipe as Krokiety z barszczem unless you found a thread where someone else was wording the same if you Googled it.
coffeenvanilla 1 | 19  
24 May 2009 /  #14
You can find them probably more easily under "Polish pancakes" when you search websites.

I have two recipes for Polish pancakes (krokiety) on my site: coffeeandvanilla . com in Archives under "Poland" category.

  • Spinach and Mushroom Pancakes

  • Cheese and Raisin Pancakes
coffeenvanilla 1 | 19  
24 May 2009 /  #15
Another recipe for Krokiety,made them yesterday:

  • Green Lentil and Soy Mince Krokiety

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