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15 Oct 2009
History / Did Ukraine really "steal" Polish land? [302]

Well, in the beginning you owned sh'it as Poles were late comer to these lands after Celts and Germanics! You stole it first!
See? Just in case you missed history Poles, but Germans where now is Poland.

Did i hit a weak spot?

Don't want to make you cry but did you know that Berlin was actually an slavic settlement, and that your beloved Reichstag building was actually a property of Count Athanasius Raczynskis. Same goes to your Reich Chancellery that was owned by Prince Antoni Henryk Radziwiłł before it was purchased by your very own Otto von Bismarck.

Want me to Continue?

We can always talk about how most of the north and eastern territory of todays Germany were ruled by the slavic tribes untill the 20th century.

The link is just a piece of the cake il'e give you for now.
15 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Legally changing my Polish name [28]

It's not the question of people mispronouncing or misspelling my name either. I am just afraid that when I will start my foundation year next year, I am going to be Dr What's-his-name and in the competitive environment it's always going to be easier for the nurse to call Dr Gray, Dr Stevens or Dr O'Malley than me.
Also, I don't have problems forcing people to get my name right in social situations, but we're talking about my patients here, I am kind of there for them, not the other way round.

If you don't have any plans to move back to Poland then change your surname. But don't forget your roots, and teach your children and grandchildren about the polish history like a true polish szlachta would do!
15 Oct 2009
History / Did Ukraine really "steal" Polish land? [302]

I was just observing the map, Iron, nothing more. I don't justify robbery. But didn't you guys annex some territory from Germany as well?

Yes it is true that Poland annexed some eastern parts of germany. But in historical terms these lands belonged to the poles for centuries.

Aloot of people seems to forget that the piast line ruled this part for centuries.

If you want to learn more about Silesian history and the Silesian Piasts check the link.
14 Oct 2009
History / Did Ukraine really "steal" Polish land? [302]

The link was indeed interesting.

Poles were not leading class, szliachta and magnaty did, and Ukrainians were among the elite.

Maybe all of them weren't "pure breeded poles". But they were for sure poles since they lived in Poland and spoke and wrote in polish, or am i wrong?

Borrka, why are these lies? I haven't denied Polish role in L'viv's history. What I denied is 90% of the city built by Poles,

True if you mean the buildings built by the soviets (and later ukraine ) from 1945-2009 aren't polish, but the rest are.
14 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Legally changing my Polish name [28]

You should be proud of your polish heritage. Every surname has it's own history.

If you want to "delete" your surname then do so, but if i were you i would think twice about that.
9 Aug 2009
History / Poland and Lithuania [161]

Lithuanians are normal hardworking people like everyone else in the world.

Ofc some Lithuanians don't like to talk about the past, since Lithuania was more of a puppet state to Poland.

Maybe Lithuania was underrepresented in the polish-lithuanian commonwealth. But remember without Poland, Lithuania would't probably exist today.

What would have happend with Lithuania if it would't have joined Poland in a union some hundreds years ago?
16 Mar 2009
Love / Polish man- why they do not make a move?? [25]

I think I have shown interest, how direct I should be??

Maybe you should just explain your feelings to him, instead of waiting for him to make a move?
15 Feb 2009
History / What was Polands greatest historical moment? [24]

During the Time of Troubles, the Kremlin was held by the Polish-Lithuanian forces for two years, between 21 September 1610 and 26 October 1612.
15 Feb 2009
Life / Do Poles accept people from the Polish diaspora as Poles? [14]

Do most Poles accept Polish people born in other countries as Poles or consider them to be foreigners?

Depends on how you look i guess.

Since i don't look so much polish, they see me as an foreigner.
15 Feb 2009
Genealogy / Trzaska Coat of Arms [16]


May i ask what's your fathers surname? and your mothers surname that she used before getting married to your father?
15 Feb 2009
Genealogy / Trzaska Coat of Arms [16]

But how does one go find these anscentors. I'm running into brick walls all over the place, which causes me to become more persistent. Okay, down right stubborn, and not want to give up looking.

I guess you are from the US.

If i were you, i would hire a polish agent who could do all the dirty work. Like tracking down your family name and find your ancestors.

This is of course the expensive option.

Or else you can do all that by yourself. But that would take you a while. Since you have to search in the state and church archive.

Does this mean, then, I'm related to 3/4 ths of about a long Christmas card list!

Aloot of people in Poland don't even know which coat of arm/Clan they belong too. And i guess since the population growth for the past 600 years, aloot of people share the same coat of arm.

You are for sure related to about 600 familes by the coat of arm you share, but not by blood. So skip the Chrismas cards :P.
15 Feb 2009
USA, Canada / Polish Vodkas for American Pub [49]

You should Sell "Grey Goose".

I know it's a french vodka. But meeeeee likey!!
11 Feb 2009
Food / What's a good Polish meal for 4 people [15]

They are just called Ruskie pierogi.

Polish pierogi are often filled with fresh white cheese (farmer's cheese or quark), potatoes, and fried onions; in this form, they are called Ruskie Pierogi,
11 Feb 2009
Life / 52% Poles: life in Poland is bad... [46]

Poland has always had a very poor economy and Pol;and has always traditionally been a country from which people have run away and with good reason. Poland will never be rich and successful country due to its location, poor natural resources and climate.

Poland has aloot to offer. And natural resources dosen't mean shit nowadays. Polish people who went to work abroad are coming back with money to boost the economy.

And the location of Poland is just perfect. With so many coutries around, Poland can only benefit by it, by being a transit link betwen east and west.

And Poland also have a large industri that is boosting the polish economi alooooooooot!!
9 Feb 2009
Genealogy / Trzaska Coat of Arms [16]

Can anyone tell me why there is a 'main' family name, and then a list of families who use it as well?

Because The main family were normaly the founders of the coat ( They gained it by the king for showing courage in battle, or something like that ).

In Poland they used a clan system. Many families could have the same coat of arm without being relatives by blood. You could just simply marry someone who belonged to a clan and by that legaly use it.

The man line didn't change coat of arm after the a marriage ( If the man didn't have one when he married a noble woman, then her family simply adopted him). When a Woman got married she changed her coat of arm to the one her man used.

How does one find out what is the proper usage? Or even if one is "entitled" to use such a thing?

Today you can't use you Coat of arm in any way besides maybe join a nobility society or something and use it there. And you can't use any titles today since all the titles were given by Kings outside Poland ( The polish kings could not give any titles, since the king were choosen by the polish nobility, and by law all the polish nobles were equal ) and expired after a curtain time.

All szlachta privileges were finally abolished after the Second World War under the communist regime of the People's Republic of Poland.
8 Feb 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish people in an english army [85]


If i would be you, i would tell your boyfriend to not join up the army at all. It's just waste of time, and he wont learn anything there besides killing people. He should use his time to study or find a job.

This goes out to all of you. Don't join the army. The army is just a waste of time, and the politicians are just using you to do their laundry. Incase of war you should flee to a safe country far away from the war.
29 Jan 2009

The ones who left Poland made a chooice.

And believe me if 1 million britts would come to Poland for work, it would be an catastrophe. People would probably throw stones at them and make some kinda inquisition hunt on the britts.

HAha i can really imagine how it would look like.

26 Jan 2009
Law / Poland: the most attractive European country for future investors [55]

The thing is that the "normal" people in Europe don't like to see Poland rise and benefit to much. The only thing i read about is how irish and british people are so jealous that the polish people stole their favourite jobs like un-pair, toilet /street cleaner etc..

Just get used to it. Poland is pushing forward and will be the new big fish in the lake. And dont worry about to not be able to clean your toilets anymore or clean the streets for a penny or two. Poles are leaving and they hopefully wont come back.

I guess they got tired of bacon and egg!!

24 Jan 2009

I guess the polish food is to healthy for the Americans.

Americans prefer a nice Italian pizza or a Spanish burito, and of course they can't resist their own American Hamburger with extra cheese.

Why should they eat sucha things like Bigos, zurek etc. When they can grow fat on cheaper food and die earlier by a stroke or something.

American way of living. PEACE!!
24 Jan 2009

The one who introduced the russian language was probably drunk.
The russians got this wierd drunk accent when they are talking, that i just wanna laugh my ass of.

23 Jan 2009
Real Estate / Real Estate hits a new low in Poland [86]

They have money. But media rules the world mein freund. And when media says everyone is broke then everyone follows the media like sheeps and crying im broke, im broke.

It's not like BOM everyone goes broke.