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9 Nov 2009
Work / I'm 19, born in Poland, raised in the U.S. Moving to Poland..or not? [25]

Grass always seams greener on the other side. And if you believe the girls are better in Poland (ha ha) then you have to experience it yourself. But don't cry running back that they only liked you for your money.

lol! that's the truth!
21 Sep 2009
Life / Should we bring our truck or go small? [15]

Nissan Dealership

Hi there! You are not naive one bit. I wish I would have asked more questions before I moved to Poland! But you came to the right place and hope you will enjoy Warsaw! I know that there is a Nissan dealership on Gorczewska St. (located in Bemowo, I believe). The website is:

The site is in Polish, so if you need any help, just let me know. :)

Edit: my opinion is not to go small.... I'd feel safer in a larger vehicle!! You will see what I mean when you get here! The road rage of (many) drivers is outlandish to me.
8 Sep 2009
Life / Expats in Poland: Are you going to live in Poland long or short term? [65]

But do you enjoy your stay in Poland? How is your Polish? Big city or small?

sorry for the late reply. I enjoy it somedays and others I'd rather hide under a rock in order to avoid everything and everyone. My polish is semi-fluent and living in Warsaw at the moment. Are u in poland??
5 Sep 2009
Life / Wedding in Poland - my experience [39]


I had the same situation at my wedding. Except I had asked for turquoise flowers. The flowers were sprayed but she missed a few spots... looked like a ghetto bouquet. Never again! About the cig smoke.. I find it strange that the guests were allowed to smoke in the reception hall, by the tables and around food?? I went to one wedding where smoking was permitted in the corridor.
21 Aug 2009
Life / More Polish supermarket griping...this time about customers [29]

or how about when you're standing in the grocery store line with 2-3 items and an elder slyly cuts in front of you and shamelessly says "I only have a couple things so I'll go ahead of you" (YEAH so do I!) It would be a nice gesture if he/she would ASK if it's okay to cut then I wouldn't have such a problem.
21 Aug 2009
Life / More Polish supermarket griping...this time about customers [29]

Great topic!! I've had numerous encounters. Living in the USA my entire life I know where you're coming from 100%. My favorite ... I had a post office incident once where I took my number and waited patiently for my turn. Just as my number lit up on one of those screens and I made my way to the window an old lady cut in front and shouted at me that she's an elder and she will not wait (with everyone else) to send a letter. And us younger folks always disrespect them and we were brought up without any manners. blah blah... Thankfully the post office worker told her if she doesn't take a number she will not be helped. And.. most post offices in PL do provide a sitting area for waiting customers. The longer I am here, the less I understand it. LOL!
10 Jun 2009
Life / Top 3 Most Important Things about which polish dentists will LIE to you bigtime [46]

Last year I went for a check up to a (private recommended clinic) denist in Warsaw. The dentist said I had 4!! cavities. I did not get the fillings at the time bc he seemed like a shady character. I travelled to the US a few weeks later and went to my trusty dentist of 10 years. I got the X-Rays done and guess what?! No cavities! I don't trust this particular dentist and honestly probably won't see another one. Heard too many horror stories of polish dentists from my Polish (and american) friends!
4 Mar 2009
USA, Canada / American moving back to U.S. from Poland with new wife. [14]

hey there. I'm also an American with a Polish husband living in poland. If you choose to wait (with the paperwork) until your married in July, then you can simply apply for immigration through a family member. I believe this the quicker option vs. the fiancee visa. The very first step is to fill out the Visa Petition Form I-130. Have a look at the website for more details.

Immigration through a family member: Hope this helps:)

FYI: You may file for a Fiance Visa only if you plan to marry in the USA.
28 Nov 2008
Life / Thrift Stores in Warsaw [9]

My friend informed about TomiTex today! Here's the website:

(English version is available too!)
12 Nov 2008
Life / American moving to Poland [34]

Hey stilwtrjen. I'm an American living in Warsaw. I've been living/working here for over two years and I'm just curious about your husbands company. If you don't mind sharing, could you please send me a PM. I must agree that rent and the cost of living is high and the salaries barely make ends meet.
4 Nov 2008
Life / Where to watch US election in Krakow? [17]

Hi! I'm an American living in Warsaw. What time will the Election results be announced? Thanks

Obama/Biden '08

PS: I'm not too familiar with Krakow and not sure where you could go to watch the results, but any american brand hotel bar should have it on. Try giving them a call and see what's going on this evening. Also, you can try to contact the consulate in Krakow :)
1 Aug 2008
Travel / Pets on a plane to Poland? [16]

I've flown with my miniature dog and she flew in the cabin with me (under the seat in front of me). I flew Lufthansa and I believe the In-Cabin weight restriction for a pet is 7kilos (I think it's the same for LOT). I'd recommend you to purchase a Sherpa bag because they are very sterdy and comfy. The first one (off-brand) I bought fell apart after one trip!! I flew from Poland to USA and back. I also got "sleeping pills" for her and she was very calm during the flight. That was very relaxing for me because she is a very hyper out of control dog. I had a connection in JFK and luckily they had grass areas around the airport and she could use the bathroom and run around for 2 hours. (Last month I flew via IAD and there was no possiblity to exit outdoors in the gate area). Before departure, she got the microchip and a health certificate for travel. Which was totally useless because NO ONE EVER checked it. They never weighed her at the airport either. You also need to take your pet out of the bag at the security point. The bag will go thru the x-ray machine and you will need to hold your pet when you go thru the metal detector. My dogs meds didnt kick in until about an hour after given and it was total h*LL trying to get her to go back in the bag.

I've never sent my pet in the cargo but I've heard of people doing it and it turned out just fine. I can understand the stress you will have throughout the flight. :( If you're flying with a cat then i'd advise you to take her in the cabin with you. :)