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9 Aug 2008
Travel / Best way to get from Gdansk Airport to Kolobrzeg [19]

Hello LondonChick ! You got 3 buses from Szczecin Airport to Kołobrzeg: 1:30PM,4:30PM,7:20PM
with Master Trans
You got to book it first at least 24h befort depart: mobile +48601887770.
The bus pick you up from the airport(on demand)
The travel will cost you 30PLN and will take approximately 1h20minutes
8 Aug 2008
History / Robert Bielski Slanders Poland with Historical Revisionism [3]

The movie shouldn't be released until IPN finish its investigation. The allegations are serious so it could be another Hollywood propaganda movie. Anyway those Bielski aka Bell brothers are not saint( polonophobic???):

Holocaust hero Bielski accused of stealing $250,000 from elderly neighbor
7 Aug 2008
History / What was poland's best epoch in history? [26]

15th, 16th and the first half of 17th century.

14th century was not too bad either with king: Władysław £okietek and Kazimierz The Great
1 Aug 2008
News / Superstitions about chimney sweepers and snake in Polish gardens [52]

Where are you bramkaz?

Kostrzyn - Exactly where Przystanek Woodstock festival has started. Im going there tomorrow.

my internet connection is rubbish

change your iprovider

Show us a link, who is playing?
1 Aug 2008
History / 64th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising [71]

1st of August 1944 at 5PM started the Warsaw Uprising. People from Polish capital fought to gain freedom. Freedom which they had been enjoying only for 21 years. They didn’t want to live under occupation either German or Russian
29 Jul 2008
Life / Antisemitism in Poland; is it safe for a Jew to live in Poland? [193]


Hello Im off topic but I see hot atmosphere here. Have you got any tips on the result of Beitar Jerusalem-Wisła Kraków game tomorrow night? You are invited on Polish sports: New polish football season 2008/09
29 Jul 2008
News / Superstitions about chimney sweepers and snake in Polish gardens [52]

There is big probability that you saw a lizard

if you see a chimney sweeper you know that your chimney is ok so your home will be warm in winter and you will get hot meal. He is a household ranger. So it is a custom that is believed to bring good luck and the button is just an amulet
26 Jul 2008
Life / Cool Polish names [133]

Mikolaj, it means "Santa Claus" in Poland

Santa Claus means Swiety Mikołaj. So you are just Claus :)
26 Jul 2008
Language / Nations/Nationalities in Polish? [6]

Oni są Chińczykami, one są Chinkami
Oni są Grekami, one są Greczynkami

I hope it didnt confuse you.
Its simple:))
23 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Foreign drivers in the UK escape speeding fines [39]

"Almost 800 speeding foreign drivers escaped punishment in just three months on Sussex roads because their number plates were registered abroad.

Motorists can avoid justice over the fines, which total up to £50,000, because police, councils and speed camera authorities are not able to obtain their details. "

We got the same with german number plates. Welcome to EU
20 Jul 2008
Life / Antisemitism in Poland; is it safe for a Jew to live in Poland? [193]

Understood Ski... I'm just asking cause there is no much historic documents regarding relations between poles and jews during the war and just after war. After the changes there are attempts to learn the history... and I hope Seanus was right..