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6 May 2009
News / Searching for keys in Polish-Russian relations [75]

I am a pessimist. Both sides need this meeting to show they are able to run normal politics and keep relations without historical prejudices.
But Russian leaders will never give up the idea of having Poland in their sphere of influence, and that is what Poles can`t agree to, of course. And the vicious circle of Russian Polish political animosities, ecomomic wars and embargoes, tensions will continue. Simply speaking, neither Russians nor Poles will give up their strategic interests. :):):)

Hey, Solo, during 3 May parade in Krakow I saw a dozen people carrying a banner of Stowarzyszenie Przyjaźni Polsko Rosyjskiej, Słowianie Razem. What do you know about it? :):):)
6 May 2009
History / Poland and Ukraine [240]

Honestly saying Poland is the last country in Europe who supports them and in my opinion they are not able for selfgovern - lets see how they are going to govern their country without support of Polish pan's they hate so much.

First of all, half Ukraine (eastern part) was under communist rule from 1921 to 1991. They suffered gigantic human losses at communists` hands, especially during Great Famine years, counted in millions.

Poland was in communist yoke from 1945 to 1989 and we still haven`t overcome communist habits and culture, there is still chaos and mess, especially in politics. Look at what is happening now in the Sejm.

What do you expect from Ukrainians, then?

Secondly, if they can`t govern themselves, it means that Polish pany didn`t teach them that. The only thing Ukrainians were expected by Poles was to labour in the fields, not to participate in governments.

I dont really care what he want to feel connection to cossacks, Russians or martians but one issue should be clear that territory which belonged to Poland before the war should belong to Poland!

For what reason should they belong to Poland?

Look honestly at Polish achievements in Ukraine - what are they? Pure exploitation of peasants, that`s all. And don`t tell me about Lvov because it was a multicultural and multiethnic city - there were many minorities which contributed to its greatness. Poles did too but they weren`t alone.

OK, even if you persist in taking Lvov as an example of Polish great work in the East, what else? Nothing. Look at Germans and what they did in their partition zone which is in Poland today - they built and developed infrastructure, railways, roads, facilities, cities, which stand till today and are used by Poles in 21 century.

What infrastructure did Poles build in Ukraine? The truth is sad, I know, and it hurts but it is just truth - nothing.

I prefere Russians and our in some cases tense contacts with them are caused by Polish support for Ukrainians. Lets forget about them and talk straight to Russians because they are nation with common sense.

In my opinion alliance with Soviets in 1939 would be much better for Poland than allinace with UK and France who couldn't help Poland on time.

Sasha or Constantine, or another Russian in disguise, stop this propaganda, OK? :):):):):) Ukraine is our strategic partner and despite a few Poles` blindness and anger over the past, it will stay such. :):):) Luckily, Polish elites from left to right have been unanimous on this since 1991. Poland was the first country which acknowledged the independent Ukrainian state.

Ukraine should pay compensations for Poland as Germans paid for Israel. As long as this issue isn't solved Ukraine should be blocked by Poland

Fortunately, you are not and won`t be in the Polish government. :)

And naturally, new acquisitions in the West at the cost of Germany should be kept by Poland as well.

You are confused as many people in Poland - What has to do with western border,
do you thing that Germans will pity us and will not take back if oportunity arise?

Hey, man, what are you talking about? Are you talking about war with Germany??? :):):)
Please, be reasonable.

This little map of yours you can ....... is incorrect as I was talking borders from 1939. Anyways I was talking about terrtories which belong to the Ukraine now.

But why do you limit your demands to Ukraine only? Why not take all lands which once were under Polish Lithuanian rule? Especially those in today`s Russia, and the Baltics and Belarus. And keep the ex-German lands too? Don`t you think it would be great to have Great Poland?


And I provided such a map because there aren`t any other available. Luckily ... :):):) it means most Poles are fairly reasonable and they realise that Ukraine seperates us from Russia which has always been an imperial state with a tendency to spread its borders and influence. Russian average people are great, I love them, but Russian elites have never stopped their desire to revive the old empire, once tsarist, later Soviet. Today it is oligarchic crippled empire but the Russian dream of greatness is still lively.

The moment Russia incorporates Ukraine it will become a fully imperial state again, with tragic consequences for herself and her neighbours, including Poland.
That is why Ukraine must remain independent, it is a Polish strategic interest. Poles should do everything to help Ukrainians. Anybody who doesn`t understand it is a political baby. :):):):)

PS. Ironside, last question. You are not Polish, are you? :):):)
6 May 2009
History / Poland and Ukraine [240]

but one issue should be clear that territory which belonged to Poland before the war should belong to Poland!

And naturally, new acquisitions in the West at the cost of Germany should be kept by Poland as well.

We deserve it because we are just Great.

6 May 2009
History / Poland and Ukraine [240]

Naturally, the Polish guy wins.... :):):)
5 May 2009
History / Poland and Ukraine [240]

Oh, la la. Please, stay calm. I didn`t mean any offence. :):):):) It is a matter to settle by Ukrainians and Russians themselves. I was just curious whose arguments are stronger.
5 May 2009
History / Poland and Ukraine [240]

Hmm.... Russians are of different opinion on Kiev Rus

Soviet historiography and nationality policy since the Thirties has followed Russian nationalist historiography by depicting the USSR and the Tsarist Russian empire as the direct descendants of Kiev Rus', with Russians depicted as 'elder brothers'. In the Russian scheme of history, Ukrainians, as Professor Wheeler states, only appear on the scene sometime after the 14th century.

while Ukrainians strongly defend their position:
Not surprisingly, Ukrainian historiography refuses to accept this version of history, arguing that Kiev Rus' is a medieval Ukrainian state to which only Ukraine has direct claim. Ukrainian nationalist historiography, unlike Russian, was banned in the former USSR and has only now been rehabilitated. In Ukrainian historiography, Russians originate in the 12th century with their roots in the Vladimir-Suzdal principality, Muscovy and the Tsarist Russian empire.

So, who is right????
5 May 2009
News / Economic Worries in Poland?? hahaha [10]

Today I bought a few packages of cheese, sprinkled with various herbs or nut crumbs etc. I am eating one now - THE WHOLE PACKAGE which cost me about 3.5 zlotys. Do you think I am profligate in times of the crisis????

I am thinking of buying a grill with television. What do you think?
PS. I am a teacher.
5 May 2009
History / Poland and Ukraine [240]

You had no litertaure, no elite, no dynasty or territory you could claim as your own no before 1848 anyway - take or leave a few years.

Hmm, what about Bolesław Chrobry who captured Kiev Rus in 1018? Were Kievan Russes of Ukrainian or Russian nationality? Today both Russians and Ukrainians claim that Kiev Rus was their ancestry.

Who can explain?

The intervention in the Kievan succession crisis of 1015-19 by the Polish ruler Boleslaw Chrobry was an episode in the struggle between Svyatopolk Vladimirovich ("the Accursed") and his brother Yaroslav ("the Wise") for the rulership of Kiev and Kievan Rus. It occurred when Svyatopolk's father-in-law Boleslaw, ruler of Poland, intervened on Svyatopolk's behalf.

The intervention was initially successful as Boleslaw defeated Yaroslav's armies, and temporarily secured the throne for Svyatopolk. But when Boleslaw withdraw himself and his army from Kiev, Svyatopolk was unable to retain his position, being defeated by Yaroslav in the following year. Chronicles of the expedition include legendary accounts as well as factual history and have been subject to varied interpretations.

5 May 2009
News / Is Poland ready for the swine fever stuff? [59]

I can see the news is talking about it, and I've learned enough Polish to see which countries are being referred to, but can't see what (if any) plans are in place. I'm diabetic and also asthmatic so in the UK I would be considered at risk and a priority for a vaccine if needed. How goes that here?

I don`t care. Polish vodka is able to eliminate all kinds of viruses.
4 May 2009
Love / Where did you meet your Polish other half? [33]

People meet their future spouses or long term partners in a variety of places so please vote in the poll and tell is where you met your Polish other half. :)

If there's a story to tell, then share it with us! :)

Funny but I have thought about starting this thread one day. :):)

It was in 1995, she worked as an assistant in her brother`s photographic shop. I visited it to develop photos. When I saw her, I knew she was the one. So I asked her out for a pizza after work. At first she refused, claiming she was tired. Later I found out she looked through my photos to learn sth about me. The review of photos helped (I used to drive a vintage car whose photos I needed to develop then) and the next week when I asked her out she complied.

Today we are happily married and have a bunch of children.

Don`t be ashamed to cry reading this story ..... :):):):):)
3 May 2009
Love / Please I need advice. Are Polish Girls and Poland Westernizing for the worse? [16]

Yes, Poland is westernizing.

This is correect.

1) How fast are the Polish People abandoning the teachings of the church?

Hmm it is difficult to measure it with any speed ratios. The Polish Church estimates that about 50% population attend services regularly. It was about 80% 20 years ago.

2) How fast are the Polish Ladies entering the European and USA man-hating phase fuled by feminism?

Hmm, quite slowly. There is no man hating problem in Poland. But if you expect to find a woman who would be an obedient wife and diligent housewife to bear you 5-6 children, like it used to be 100 years ago, then you can get disappointed. Polish women are mostly independent and confident of what they want or not.

3) How fast is the divorce rate moving up?

In Poland the rate is 30%, in Western Europe - 80%.

4) How much hatred is there between the sexes.

Very little.

6) I am looking for a serious relationsip. A woman who is educated but who still has the Catholic Morals intact. I am looking for someone who wants to live their faith along with me. But I think the time for this type of woman in Poland is past or is passing quickly. I think this type of woman would be very difficult to find in Poland now, yes?

Adding other personality traits which you prefer in a woman, and her looks you are dreaming about, then it will be difficult to find a woman fulfilling all the requirements, but not impossible. Of course you won`t find such a girl in the street or at a disco. You will probably need to put an ad in a forum or agency.
3 May 2009
News / Economic Worries in Poland?? hahaha [10]

oh btw, i bought a water filter for my fridge,

What water is filtered in the fridge? My fridge is probably obsolete because it hasn`t got any filters....
1 May 2009
Life / Polish Hooligans [41]

polish are the best hooligans in the world in my opinion

That`s good. At least there are some Polish achievements Poles can be proud of in the world.
30 Apr 2009
News / Poland - a foreigner and a native Pole - different point of view...? [24]

Where would move to, if not a secret? I assume that will be somewhere in Poland, right?

To the Polish countryside. Some wilderness, without any people withing the perimeter of about 10 kilometers. :):):):)

More from Krakow:

Eins, zwei, Polizei, drei, vier, Offizier, fünf, sechs, alte Hex, sieben, acht, gute Nacht, neun, zehn, auf Wiedersehn, elf, zwölf, böse Wölf,

dreizehn, vierzehn, kleine Maus, ich bin drin, und du bist raus! :):):):)

Doesn't look bad after some Moscow views.

What about tanks? How many have you got in Moscow?
30 Apr 2009
News / Poland - a foreigner and a native Pole - different point of view...? [24]

ahhh.... i guess not everybody see my beloved city the same way i do... (i appreciate to know others point of view)... but

You are right. Not everybody. I live here and am planning to leave it as soon as kids finish their education. WHy? It is a very dirty claustrophobic place. :):)
29 Apr 2009
News / Krystian Zimerman's shocking Disney Hall debut [13]

Exactly. It is like a surgeon, who instead of starting an operation, gives a political speech over the operating table and you on it.

If an artist of any sort resorts to such things, it means he/she is finished artistically and feels compelled to attract people`s attention in another way.
27 Apr 2009
History / Józef Zachariasz Bem - does anyone know anything special about him? [16]

What do I know without googling?

He was a Polish general who made his name during 1831 November Uprising. His unit of rocket launchers halted the Russian advance at the battle of Ostrołęka and saved the retreating Polish army.

He took part in Hungarian Rising of 1848, the Spring of Nations, and successfully commanded the Hungarian Army against Austrian occupational forces, until Russians invaded to help Austrians.

Next he moved to Turkey and converted to Islam.

The tomb with Bem`s ashes is in Tarnów, his birthplace, I saw it visiting my girlfriend in uni times.

Beautiful place.

Bem was put on Polish banknotes in early 1980s, communist times.
26 Apr 2009

Pawian, let's assume that approximately 300 Catholic Poles were responsible for painting the anti-Jewish graffiti you presented, presumably in Kraków.

Yes, it is correct.

Have you been to Israel yet?

I haven`t heard of such a phenomenon.

wiśldcki psie pamiętaj o swoim policyjnym rodowodzie ___ waszą matką jest mILICJA !!!
Stripes Forever! Remember your police roots Wisła dog - your mother is Milicja (communist police).

Cracovia fans head the list of most dangerous in Poland. They are responsible for a few deaths of their opponents over several years, stabbed with knives.

I had no idea about the football meaning. So your telling me that "Jew" is simply an insult to a team that used to be multi-ethnic.

If a group of Israelis proudly called themselves Poles and waved a polish flag I would've been happy.

Tricky problem.... :):):)
26 Apr 2009

Jews from Dąbie district are morons
I must say that the star hanging from the gallows is very rare in Krakow. There are gallows with other things, e.g, name of the club
18 Apr 2009
Travel / Travellers to Śląsk-Opolskie beware - pumas on the loose [83]

Roundabouts? Do they drive too? ;) ;) I'm interested in its whereabouts :)

:):):) I meant the animal is going in circles around the region. :):):)

Sarna is roe, or female deer. So you don't believe that it's all a joke? Wild cats like pumas just doesn't sound right for Poland.

No, Seanus, it is all true. A predator is at large in your area and you`d better not go out after dusk. We really don`t want to lose you.
18 Apr 2009
Travel / Travellers to Śląsk-Opolskie beware - pumas on the loose [83]

Pawian, where is the best place to get local information on this?

From the direct source, I am afraid. You need to get in touch with the puma. :):):)

I am not joking, the animal is too clandestine for the locals to know exactly its roundabouts.