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12 Sep 2008
Life / Do some folks have no shame? Krakow experience. [43]

I have to visit Krakow.

Definitely. It is a city full of historical monuments

with thriving culture...

stunning art

and first of all, very very friendly helpful people
12 Sep 2008
Life / Do some folks have no shame? Krakow experience. [43]

I'm not a snob but that i just too much, honestly i was almost sick when i read that!!!

So was I when my friend related his story. But I saw those women and know it was true.

One more pic showing a few bums from higher class
12 Sep 2008
Travel / WARSAW/WARSZAWA!! I loved this place last summer. [8]

Here you are. You won`t know this. Where in Warsaw can you meet this woman and how much does it cost?

Hey , why somebody removed this photo from my previous post?

It was a part of a bigger collection
Someone is playing a censor without proper consideration....

Pawian, I don't know this one unfortunately. Are you sure it's Warsaw? :)
In any case keep your private life private.

Yes, I am sure it is Warsaw.

When you visit it more often, you will know that the woman from the picture is in the Etnographic Museum and on Thursday you can see her for free. But taking pics will cost you 12 zlotys. :):)

As for my private life, have I revealed to you any details of my private life, except for the fact that I visited Warsaw this summer??? I don`t remember anything like that..... :):):)
12 Sep 2008
Life / Do some folks have no shame? Krakow experience. [43]

I would assume that the person you saw was homeless, i'm not going with the eastern european gypsie idea, lol, thats there version of racism :) but it would surprise me very much if it was MRS Joe Bloggs who lives accross the road from you :)

Probably not. I forgot to add that there are also old prostitutes willing to make your day for a can of beer. Sad but true. One of my friends was approached by a woman and he almost gave up after the explicit proposition of having sex with her.

Just out of curiosity why do you take photos of drunks on benches?

I take photos of everything and everybody not only in Krakow but also throughout Poland.

Planty is great, most of the time, didn't it used to be a mote?.

Hmmm.... if you mean moat, yes, that`s right.
12 Sep 2008
Life / Do some folks have no shame? Krakow experience. [43]

there is a park area near to Galeria Krakowska
I am trying to think of a park near there?, where abouts?

The park is probably Planty which encompass the Old Town from all sides. Yes, shitting in public could have happened there as it is a place known to be frequented by drug addicts, the homeless, bums, drunks, etc. The police and city guards are helpless.

Look at pics which I have taken in Planty:

This one looked like a British stag party tourist to me...

but these guys were definitely Polish

But there are normal guys too
5 Aug 2008
Food / Is it possible to buy Live yoghurt in Polish shops? [23]

Not sure if "natural" is live.

In the UK some pots say "natural" and others say "live", so I suspect it's not the same thing? What do I know? I only eat the stuff for the bacteria!

I drink/eat/have yoghurt or butter milk every day. I have tried different kinds and on all of them it is written they contain live cultures of bacteria.

And that Danone "Jogurt naturalny" you can see on a picture above is with powdered milk, yuck.

Sorry for disappointing you but all kinds of youghurt or buttermilk contain powdered milk.
Why yuck?
4 Aug 2008
Food / Is Nutella from Poland? [4]

To the best of my knowledge, Nutella is an invention of Ferrero Co which is Italian. But food can be produced in any country. You save on transport and have profit from cheaper labour than in Italy.
4 Aug 2008
Travel / Other than Krakow or Warsaw, which cities should I visit? [18]

I really liked Gdansk.

I agree with this statement. Gdańsk is a perfect city to visit after Warsaw and Krakow, with the beautiful Old Town and great history - Solidarity was born in Gdańsk! And the neighboring cities, Sopot and Gdynia, are definitely worth seeing.

Gdańsk, Poland
19 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish homeless in the UK [42]

There was a famous Polish homeless man in Wolverhampton. He lived on an island in the centre of a ring road for 30 years.

Tributes flooded his fan group, which is called "We love you, Wolverhampton ring road tramp" and has more than 6,500 members.
Some commenters called for a statue to be erected in his memory, and a new group called "Rename the ring road after Fred" has been launched.

Here are articles about Fred.

There was a discussion in the forum about him
18 Jul 2008
Real Estate / Allotment in Poland (działka) [5]

Hi I'm interested in allotments
In Poland

How are allotments obtained? You need to buy from the state or another owner.

Are they privately owned or state run? They are private or belong to cooperatives of members.

Are they passed down through the family? I suppose so.

How important are they now? They have always been important. When my motehr got an allotment in 80s, she went overboard with looking after it. I was forced to work hard on it and hated it...

Did they start during the Communist era? Yes, the greatest development of allotment cutlure was in communist times.

How big are they? It depends. In big cities it is a few ares (1 are= 100 square meters).

What do you normally grow (I'm guessing the obvious) anything unusual? Rather usual stuff: some vegetables like carrots, cabbage, fruit trees like apple, pear, plum or cherry, strawberries, gooseberries, black and red currant and raspberries, walnut trees, sunflowers. Nothing extraordinary.

Are they available for urban dwellers? Yes, most allotments are owned and cultivated by city residents.

How are they seen...A hobby, an essential, a luxury, old fashioned, an embarrassment? Mainly a hobby and an opportunity to relax. Poor owners claim they save on food expenses. Sometimes they sell their produce on city fresh food markets.

17 Jul 2008
Language / Confusion about genitive plural [30]

Mur, mury, murów

bardzo ladnie Michal.

Don`t forget murom from the song: Wyrwij murom zęby krat....
6 Jul 2008
News / Putin for Polish president? [69]

Mantras... You know nothing about how Russia is functioning.

They guess a little and that`s enough.

This opinion below is a bit farfetched but reveals some truth about Russia:

Russia can only function under the rule of a totalitarian regime.
Democracy has got to be the most obscene and offensive word any Russian can ever hear.

Why is it so that Russia must be ruled by a strong man who resorts to authoritarian measures? And why do most Russians support strong dictators at power in their country?

Russia is a big post-imperial country with potential for separatist movements which might blow it up from inside. Russia has already lost many sattelites countries when the USSR collapsed. Only a dictator might stop further decomposition of Russia and preserve its endagered territorial integrity. Such policy cannot be attained with democratic measures.

That is why Russia will never adopt democracy in Western style, because it would be too dangerous, both Russian political elites and average people realise it. There will be always facade democracy on the surface, but practically half dictatorship.
5 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles and Poles in the UK = animosity [42]

There is animosity between them; some bald heads, golden chain chav types trying make our living plain hell. I have a pleasure to pop up on some of them and they were very nasty, they told me they know where I live, they even told me "don't show up in the city because we will find you". Local police seems to don't know how to handle that kind of problems; there are no witnesses of this kind of threatening.

Yes, it is a typical method of intimidation, known here in Poland.
I have read a few articles about Polish criminals finding a snug place in Britain.

"Gazeta Wyborcza" alerts that arrives in the UK Polish criminal groups. Islands gangs operate scammers hunting for job seekers Poles and smugglers been widely unknown in the UK amphetamines.

One poster from the linked site offered such a comment:
There is one way to deal with them: send them to establish colonies in Australia!
5 Jul 2008
News / Poland Rejects US Missile Shield (talks will continue...) [80]

Why the first round of negotiations failed and were suspended???

The Polish government demand a few batteries of Patriot missiles, under the Polish command and all year round. For free, of course.
Americans are ready to dole out only one battery, under American command only, and for 4 months a year.

Really, how much does a battery of Patriot rockets cost???? Are Americans so thrifty when it comes to their strategic safety from rogue countries` missiles????
5 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish homeless in the UK [42]

Poles are getting bad publicity in UK media but it is also their own fault. Some Poles behave like primitive barbarians, it must be said.

I don`t even mean fishing for eating because two countries have a different angling culture so it is excusable.

I mean sleeping in paid public toilets and treating them as cheap accomodation. Poles don`t sleep in toilets in Poland proper, but when they do it in England, locals may wonder what is going on and if such custom is widespread in Poland. May be this topic was raised here some time ago...

Polish immigrants are coming to blows for the privilege of sleeping in public lavatories at a cost of just 20p per night.

Cleaning staff and businesses near a new block of six conveniences have complained of fights among the labourers.

5 Jul 2008
News / What if Poland has decided to withdraw from the European Union? [54]

Poland's total aid was 5 billion euros net from the EU budget last year, more than any other EU new member state.

That might seem a lot, but that is just a drop compared to the whole national budget.

Every year the Polish national budget contains planned deficit of about 7 billion euros to cover all expenses but increasing the national debt.

Do you think that additional free 5 billion euros from EU is just a drop???

Polands debt, just the debt, in 2007, it grew by another 45 billion zloty ($18 billion). Thats already after EU contribution. Total Poland's public debt has already exceeded 500 billion zloty.

Why don`t you provide figures of the national debt percentage ratio to Polish GNP? In 2008 it will be 50%. There are countries where the ratio amounts to 100%.

Genreally, you are right, economists are warning the government that the national debt may soon get out of control. Thye advise the tightening of the belt policy... However, politicians are afraid of reducing expenses because voters might get angry

Pawian, try telling that to Puzzy. He won't believe u

No, I won`t, I don`t have time for it. :):). Puzzy will find and try telling sth to me. Then I will think what to do.

Poland's public debt is probably 3 times that MyPolonia

Not yet. MyPolonia`s data is quite correct although needs revision with this year`s figures. In 2008 the debt is goping to be about 560 billion.,Dlug-publiczny-2007-2010-prognozy-i-koszty-obslugi,1,48,1.html

my brate when Poland becomes target of another partition, you would be also hysterical

Hey , it is holidays now, I am thinking about a nice place where to take my kids, generally I am enjoying life, relaxing, drinking a bit in the evening, taking part in various forums, thinking positive (though the weather has deteriorated grossly)... etc etc

And now you have come to me to tell me about the threat of the 5th partition of Poland???????

Come on......
4 Jul 2008
Travel / Cracow over the weekend [45]

Would you say Krakow,would be a better city to visit rather than Warsaw?

As I know Krakow like the back of my hand, I would say that Warsaw is more attractive.

On the other hand, a typical Warsawian might say that Krakow is a better city to visit..... :):)
4 Jul 2008
Travel / Wejherowo - what is it like? [7]

I drove through Wejherowo while going to Hel during summer vacation last year. I must say they could do with better, wider roads. The traffic jam in the town and along the Hel Peninsula cost us about 45 minutes on the distance of about 15 km.

See this site for pictures:
4 Jul 2008
Travel / Cracow over the weekend [45]

Do Polish students learn this in school? Many seem not to be able to feel it, to a native speaker it should come naturally

From my observation I can tell you that articles are generally neglected both by students and teachers already at the early stages of English education. We don`t have articles in Polish and learning/teaching them seems unnecessary to Poles.....

Such things as complete grammar of articles are taught only in advanced English language classes.

However, are taught doesn`t mean that students know how to use articles when a showdown comes. It takes a really brilliant student to use them correctly.... :(:(
3 Jul 2008
Travel / Cracow over the weekend [45]

You mean the sheep?

BTW, check the edit above...

BTW2, Seanus, don`t you go to sleep yet? It is already 2.20 am....