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25 Jul 2009
Feedback / Why do people post on polish forums [27]

Maybe it's just because we like poland and polish people and want to interact with others of similar interest and find out more about poland. It's a very useful and fun way to learn and chat. I think we are interesting, sociable and intelligent people who come on here. (Apart from a few plebs that get thrown off) :-)
27 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Friend told "just allow your son to forget Polish" by school. [96]

I had a friend in Hong Kong who grew up speaking 4 languages. His mum spoke to him in Cantonese, his grandma in Swatou, his housekeeper in Philipino and he had to use English at school. He was really fluent in all 4 and wasn't confused because he knew which person used which language and accepted that.

I think that if the people around him had mixed the languages up, like mum sometimes using English or maid sometimes used Cantonese it would have really confused him. But he was fine.

Maybe your friend should speak Polish to the child at home but let him use English at school.
25 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Father's Day cards banned in Scottish schools [64]

the more it entitles them to from the state.

I agree that there are a small number of people who reproduce just to get benefits and a free home etc. I have witnessed some people actually bragging that they were doing that.

But I think that life is short - people should take what happiness there is and enjoy it. In a PERFECT world, 'Miss wonderful A' would meet 'Mr wonderful B' and they would live in a beautiful home in a quiet neighbourhood and have PERFECT 'little baby Cs' .......

Real life isn't like that. I used to think that families should be a certain way or they weren't right somehow but now I'm older and wiser and I think you should give people a chance. I accept things and people more now - nothing's perfect but what the hell, we might as well enjoy what we have. As for statistics - everyone knows they are usually twisted a little by some-one with an axe to grind or just narrow vision.
23 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Father's Day cards banned in Scottish schools [64]

Judging? Here are the stats (U.S. only) You be the judge.

I don't judge anyone - just have my opinion......
I think it's more likely that these figures suggest that the fathers have left because they were losers (or their partner chucked them out) which is why the kids turn out bad. It's not because the father was absent, more to do with genetics.

A lot of single parents set boundaries and bring up children that are happy, healthy and unlikely to commit crime. I do thnk that the way society judges and labels children from one-parent homes does have an effect on them. Others expectations on us can effect us and how well we do. That's a fact.

I don't live in the U.S. and wouldn't want to but I can say what I think about what I have experienced in my life and in the people around me.
22 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Father's Day cards banned in Scottish schools [64]

Mister H
why they don't have a Dad to make a card for

they all have dads to make cards for - they were shagging like spaniels too. Don't forget it takes two to tango !!!

single parent households

How easy it is to judge others, and condemn them without trial. Maybe the attitude of others towards single-parent families has an effect on the children growing up rather than the fact that they only have one parent. I know a family that would have been much better off if the drunken, violent father had left. Children need love, respect and acceptance from their primary care giver, whether male or female, as well as from society around them, not to be stigmatised and have the expectation put on them that they will fail. :-(
23 May 2009
Real Estate / Rental prices Poland, how they vary from town to city and old/new properties. [6]

rental costs vary from city to town

Actually this would be very useful for those of us planning to move to Poland soon. It's difficult as I'm not yet fluent in Polish to decide which town/area to move to although I know roughly which area I would like to be in. Good idea - but not much enthusiasm !!
12 May 2009
Life / How much do you HATE POLISH PEOPLE and POLAND [1260]

And if anyone on here starts saying that Irish people are the same

Oh, don't get me started - I have so much ammunition !! But I really don't need to sink to the level of some of the irish scum that I have encountered during the last few years - you're not worth it. Some people in N. Ireland probably are decent human beings and I hope that I have just been unfortunate enough to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But, I must say and other people agree with me that the Polish community over here are mostly very nice, polite, hard-working people. Out of the six different properties I have lived in here, only two people out of all those Irish neighbours actually went out to work. The rest just dossed around all day on benefits, drank half the night - and the noise - what are grown men doing out in the garden bouncing on kids trampolines at 3am absolutely p*ssed as farts anyway? If I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't have believed it!!
12 May 2009
Law / Banking in Poland, as a foreigner. [26]

They will report you as suspicious.

Yes, I tried to open an account with Northern Bank when I first came to N. Ireland but they kept dragging things out and questioning me about my previous address and why was I opening an account in Ireland etc.. In the end I was so p. off I said to them, "Hey, do I really look like a member of the IRA? Your attitude stinks." and I went to Ulster Bank instead. They opened an account for me that same day and the service and attitude was brilliant. I would highly recommend the Ulster Bank for anyone over this part of the world.
6 May 2009

From what I know of history, it was Lech Wałęsa who did so much to break the communist hold by starting the riots which spread across Poland. Surely the Berlin wall coming down was a separate event that followed later. I don't know what the situation is now with the shipyards but there must be a reason why the workers feel so strongly about the situation. It can't just be ignored.
1 May 2009
Language / Mrs Kowalczyk - should it have a feminine ending ? [3]

Could some kind person give me some advice as I have to write to a lady in Poland. Her family name is Kowalczyk but I know that sometimes there is a feminine version of polish surnames. Do I address her as Mrs Kowalczyk or is there a feminine version of this?

Many thanks :-))
30 Apr 2009
News / Poland - a foreigner and a native Pole - different point of view...? [24]

i appreciate to know others point of view

I went to Krakow last year and loved it - the city, the people. The weather was beautiful too really hot and sunny. I'm going again this year to explore more of Krakow + Zakopane and the mountain region. I hope to move and live there next year so I agree with your view. :-))
29 Apr 2009
Law / Banking in Poland, as a foreigner. [26]

looks pretty straightforward

yes - but I see I need to be living there first before I can do this. Thanks for the help :-)
10 Apr 2009
UK, Ireland / What do Polish people think of Ireland and the Irish? [50]

God bless Ireland.

It's a shame I can't agree here. I've been in N. Ireland now for four years and have had to move 6 times due to racial hatred and spite directed at me. I have been shot at, spat at, told to "**** off back to England f'ing limey *****" etc etc. I've had dogs muck and used sanitary towels thrown in my garden and other unmentionable things thrown at me. I've had to get restraining orders against two men. I could go on but I am still having counselling because of this disgraceful behaviour. Ireland's troubles are far from over. Mine will be when I move to Poland next year.

Having lived in Hong Kong, America, Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany, Switzerland and visited other places for shorter stays I am pleased to say that I usually make friends easily and have many friends all over the world. Sadly I can't wait to leave this freezing cold dump and hope never to come here again. :-(
28 Mar 2009
Travel / Has anyone flown with easyjet recently? I have (to Poland) [3]

Thanks Justysia, I have just checked on the Easyjet website and found this info... have to go to the airport sales desk first and pay for hold baggage not already paid for previously. The fees are higher at the airport. easyJet recommends to pay for hold baggage online or via the call center at the time of booking......

.... so I think that they were just pointing out that fees are higher at the airport so it's best to pay when booking. I won't be charged a second time. :-)
27 Mar 2009
Travel / Has anyone flown with easyjet recently? I have (to Poland) [3]

I was just checking through my flight details and noticed that it says:-

Baggage policy. Each hold bag is charged at £12.00 per bag at the airport.

I already paid £15 for my hold bag for the return journey to Poland. Does this mean that I will be charged again at the airport? Does any-one know about this because last time I used Easyjet (Sept 08) I didn't have to pay any extra? Thanks.
2 Dec 2008
Love / Polish village girls vs big cities girls [37]

granny knickers

you should see the things my neighbour hangs on her washing line - didn't think people wore them any more - you could rehouse a whole community under a pair of those. She's a nasty old boot so I enjoy having a good laugh at her - especially in the recent cold weather as she wears these hideous big wooley hats. I call them the 'could I make myself any uglier' hats !!
28 Nov 2008
UK, Ireland / Dating polish guys in London [35]

Attracted to what? Someones nationality?

Yeh, but polish men are hot !!
17 Oct 2008
Travel / Krakow going down the toilet! [184]

Its getting much better.

It's certainly a great place for a holiday - well worth a visit.
17 Oct 2008
Travel / Krakow going down the toilet! [184]

I have never been to Poland and was planning to visit Kraków

I was in Krakow in August and had a really lovely holiday. The city was clean and the people really friendly and helpful. There's lots to do and see so I would highly recommend going there. :-)
3 Sep 2008
Love / Polish women are known for their beauty, but men are so ugly (most of).. [250]

damn that guy's out of your league !you'll never keep him!"

And do you keep your female friends talking to them like that ?!! I agree with Grzegorz - beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has different ideas about what and who is is attractive.
27 Aug 2008
Life / First Racial Attack for me in Poland [158]

And Noimmigration, your pseudo psycho-babble if fantastc. I think you should have your own blog. No doubt you would soon become a popular modern icon, like David Irving, David Ike, Bush Jr, Paul Gadd.

I agree - they say empty vessels make the most sound and old noimm sure goes rattling on and on and on ....... Lets face it though, no one takes him seriously any way.
23 Aug 2008
Travel / Wot? No beer allowed on Polish PKP? [30]

I liked the signs in the trams in Krakow that used little pictures to advise you that you weren't allowed to "drink, eat, smoke or ............ play trumpets!!" At least I think that's what they meant ?!