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1 Mar 2009
Love / Polish man- why they do not make a move?? [25]

I asked him out and he was shy and a little bit afriad (that didn't last long :) but I think sometimes as women we can forget how intimidating we can be to some men. its all to do with personality.

wondering will drive you mad! what have you got to loose? ask him out :)

Guys are not mind readers. Just because you talk to him or smile at him might not be enough to get the message across. Ask him out for a drink.
23 Nov 2008
Love / Such a mess with my polish boy...:( [30]

Why do you focus so much on him and ignore yourself? This whole story is all about him and his needs. What about you? Don't you think you matter at all?

Unfortunately, this is true. If you are too nice to someone they WILL lose respect for you. It doesnt matter how great you are. If you do not show pride and self respect by telling somoene off when they treat you poorly then they will not respect you. No respect = little REAL interest.

No real men want a pushover.
23 Nov 2008
Love / Dating a Polish guy for the first time ever in my life [22]

Even if you both have strong and genuine feelings for one another it will not work out. Money or the lack of it puts a huge stress on a relationship... especially from a woman's perspective. The animosity will build till it becomes a love-hate thing.

And more wasted time...
5 Apr 2008
News / March of Tolerance in Krakow [478]

oh WTF they took my post out! There r millions of gay ppl in poland right now having sex jacekin! U better learn to accept it it has been part of polish culture and every other culture in the world for a long time!

Men banging men, and walking down the street like they have a stick stuck up their ass, and being loud and obnoxious for attention, and acting like retards in general

HAS NEVER BEEN PART OF POLISH CULTURE. Idiot. You don't even know what culture means. Maybe some of that **** has happened behind closed doors but it most certainly is not PART of any CULTURE.

Polish culture is predominantly Roman Catholic with certain values and moral views. THAT is the reason Polish people have better character then most.

You want to act like a ******* retard then do it behind closed doors. I dont want to see it and neither does anyone else.
19 Mar 2008
News / March of Tolerance in Krakow [478]

Poland doesnt need gays or any other clowns damaging the culture or society.
Screw tolerance.
17 Feb 2008
Life / Poles in Poland: How did you learn your English? [60]

I got thrown into second grade with the words "bathroom" scribbled on a piece of paper.
Thats how I learned.

In college I skipped a mandatory English semester because my English scores were that good. I also always wanted to learn and made an effort.

For example: Even now as I talk on casual forums I spell check and make sure to use good grammar. Try and you will learn.

BTW use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Firefox spell checks on the fly as you type.
16 Feb 2008
Life / Grafitti in Warsaw [44]

Grafitti is not art. Its ****. If those ******** repected other peoples property then it would be art.

kids need to be beaten more
10 Feb 2008
Love / BLACK GUYS POLISH WOMEN [809] it is our fault they are racists...ok. If we just ignored what they said they wouldn't have said anything racist thus WE caused the racism. Got it. Sorry.

Hey dumbass, just because a girl DOESNT LIKE OR DATE BLACK GUYS doesnt mean she is racist. She just doesn't like black guys. Enough of this bs.

Ignorant pricks think they are entitled to everything. Some people want nothing to do with black guys and thats the END of it. Leave them alone and stick with the ones that dont mind.