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Speaks Polish?: I am learning it

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13 Feb 2008
Love / Valentines messages ideas - English guys with Polish girls [55]

You are my girl friend and I love you,
But on seeing your mother, I feel so blue.
Knowing what I'll be married to in twenty years time,
makes me feel such a terrible slime!

Haha Michal you legend
14 Feb 2008
Love / Polish boyfriends [77]

but how can you be mates with someone who is still in love with you!

actually sapphire my best friend is my ex. it CAN work
29 Feb 2008
Life / You know you're Polish when... ? [111]

You have relatives who aren't really your relatives


You sing the same song - “100 lat” - on every occasion (weddings, birthdays, baby showers)


Your name always gets slaughtered on the first day of school

yep i always get called KAYTAY instead of katie ¬¬
5 Apr 2008
Life / Cool Polish names [133]

Tis a male Polish thang, you all have (or at least most) chubby cheeks :)

not the poles i know.

is michał a polish version of michael? i know it sounds dumb of me, but i was wondering :S
12 May 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish mother and son jailed for life (POST THIS THREAD BY ITSELF) [32]

And i AM Appalled. Teenage layabouts have zero respect these days.
And no fear of the law.

We should set aside an island offshore. Dump them on it and let them beat crap out of each other

As a teenager, I would like to point out that the vast majority of us are not like that. Those of us who are, give the rest of us a bad name. Another thing you need to consider here is that some people demand respect off us but are then rude to us. Also, teenagers have nothing to do in the evenings anymore and are bored. Thats probably why many of them end up as alcoholics and/or drug addicts. Not to mention that they may also have a difficult time at home.

Sorry that this has nothing to do with the original post, I just felt that some things needed to be pointed out.
22 Jun 2008
Life / Goth scene in Poland [30]

Never understood goth culture. I mean, you're going to be dead a long time; why would you want to assume the look when you're alive?

you clearly will never understand the morbid beauty that lies in death ^^
8 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / All That Manners Business [I'm Polish, moved to UK as an au pair.] [87]

screw what she thinks you should be yourself! and if she doesn't like it, well tough luck. she should realise that you come from a different country and therefore may not understand the british way (I'm not saying you don't, i'm just saying that you might not understand it).

hope it all works out x x