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14 Dec 2009
Love / Abuse in relationships (my first Polish girlfriend) [216]

Typical female projections

so should I say typical male response? because you didnt really answer me, you
definately danced around the whole subject, and tried to make me look bad by
calling my post typical and psychobabble, but someone who isnt brainwashed like
you are can/could clearly see my post wasnt meant to bring on bad responses.

you just hate women, so please admit it, its obvious, you treat them badly, you
prob were a nice guy at one time before your brain became fried with this.

I overview; the one-sidedness is all yours as you ignore all the facts while continuing to believe the standard hogwash.

What hogwash? I was talking to you? talking about you not the feminist bullshyt.

earth to zimmy?? yes, can you please come back to earth because You forgot to
answer the questions properly..

Typical female projections; cut out the psychobabble. I deal with facts when it comes to issues, not 'feelings'.

so describe the facts of your divorce to us so we can better understand what
type of woman you lived with or was it all you zimmy?? can you read the sentences
I wrote before or are you just psychobabbling yourself??

you keep skipping around all the questions, and trust me no feelings were poured into
this, just asking questions which you seem to keep avoiding..

I like a man being a man, but that doesnt mean him putting me down, making
a woman feel like she is less then what she is, a man should support as well as
a woman supporting her husband because it takes two people to make it work!!!

its funny how you keep describing how women should be women, they want to work
but you never point out how many men, arent being men, there is plenty of men
who dont want to work, dont want to provide for their children.. what facts can
you provide us about these low lifes??

you keep bringing up those who have been abused ,or women who left their children
what about the men who left? or is this another denial / skip the subject so to speak.

I would really love to hear your take on those who are men who dont step up
to the plate when they have abused or denied their familys.

He sounds like a complete bloody nut! We're not women Pattie, we're "feminists" lol :D Zimmy there are shelters for battered men in the UK, we are aware that this happens, but when it starts happening on the same scale as it happens to women, then you can have equal sympathy.

I cant say that I disagree, hes managed to avoid answering my questions.

its useless to talk with him because like foreinger said, he comes on a bit hard.
so its not like people can really converse normally with him because he goes into
zimmy mode .. not discussion mode.

ahh well, thought I would try.
13 Dec 2009
Love / Abuse in relationships (my first Polish girlfriend) [216]

For instance, if a woman hits a man, women more often than not will say: "what did he do to her to make her do that".

Zimmy, why are you so one sided? do you have stats on how many women say that
peticular sentence??

women are in competition with each other, same as men are , so if someone
gets into a fight, or a woman is hitting a man, the first thing I think of is how
many drinks she sucked down to get so beligerant. cause normal people dont
do that.

if the guy is hot, why would I side with the girl??

I might go up to him and ask why she hit him and console him.. same as many other
girls might do because they have a natural tendency to mother.

I think your just throwing out sentences , because none of what you come up
with Ive witnessed.

ive also experienced being in between two friends, one or the other has hit/started
the argument, your friends with both, both are talking to you, both have valid points
both have done something to hurt the other, what would I do. I cant take sides, because
both are my friends, and thats how it is now a days, there is equal parts female and male
friends now a days, so its not like what you describe, because there is more coed

I think your relationship- your past with your ex, has put you in a place zimmy
that none of us will understand, I dont know if she abused you, but I cant see
someone becoming so obscessed with this type of thing unless hes suffered a massive
breakdown in his life/marriage.

not saying your not a good person, but you have to let go of this vendetta you carry
because its way to much. you do sound like a true woman hater at times and maybe
thats not how you feel, but it is all about perception and you definately have not
stood up for any females /or anything that is about it.. maybe I missed some
conversations on here, but even now I come back here and there and the conversations with you are still the same..

sorry, thats what I am seeing.
9 Dec 2009
Feedback / LIKE / DISLIKE button - A suggestion to Admin and Moderators [29]

I shouldnt of singled out Lodz but it was a Ragfest about the Avatars all week long.

I know I keep missing alot of things on the forum, but Im working alot of hours, so my
loss of sleep is from overtime.

that and the fact that my dog knows what the alarm clock is so when it goes off hes
crying, whining for me to wake up and feed him and the cat is busy trying to pull the
covers off momma.. them little stinkers!!! LOL

Give us a dislike/like button so I can opress Southern and freepalestine!

I thought the admin already opressed southern for a few days? lol

I dont need you telling me what to say, you dont own this forum either!

Sledz, lodz is good guy, means well always, its a misunderstanding, lets try to get
along, just have some fun conversations,, I miss all of you, I really do, and I
wish I could see everyone come back online one day and just have a really cool day
spending time with all my PF friends.. Yeah :)))

ok, well , off to work, again, and again..

love and hugs and all that mushy stuff.
9 Dec 2009
Love / Abuse in relationships (my first Polish girlfriend) [216]

It should be a balance.

I like your posts szwedwpolce, u remind me of our matyjasz, but hes not here right now
but his posts are similar to yours.

So many women stick up for women no matter what they do.

thats not true, generalizing about that would be like me saying so many men
stick up for men, and I know thats not true, weve seen both , basically go with
the post they feel most comfortable with.

some are going to agree with you, but I see that a good majority disagree with you.

Zimmy ( quote) says:I see that there is at least one intelligent, objective thinking woman in these threads

So zimmy does this mean you wear the title of mangina for agreeing with her?
9 Dec 2009
Feedback / LIKE / DISLIKE button - A suggestion to Admin and Moderators [29]

But please keep the Avatars, I think it gives the forum some character:)

no one is causing any uproar, just like you appreciate the avatars because it gives
the forum character, I liked the smilies, lodz likes the stars, no ones losing sleep over
it trust me.

we all have far more important things going on then to worry about that, it was only a
suggestion on his part. conversation.
8 Dec 2009
Feedback / LIKE / DISLIKE button - A suggestion to Admin and Moderators [29]

I suggest you to add "LIKE" and "DISLIKE" button for every post!

sweet brother, although its a idea that might control the crowd, you dont need buttons
here to get the like and dislike added to a post! soon as someone sees that your response
isnt to their liking they bluntly tell you how much they like it and dislike it..

I think we should have a thumbs up and thumbs down button instead and one that has
a middle finger so when someone really feels mad they can swear without getting in
trouble!! lol
21 Nov 2009
Genealogy / Polish and British men the ugliest -> according to... BeautifulPeople [27]

send their pictures and then these gays decide If they are ok or too ugly to become a member. How sick is that...

Thats discrimination

I couldnt agree more greg, I feel the same, as i said before if someone wants acceptance
they should practice it..

they seem to be the most judgemental
8 Nov 2009
News / 14 year old rape victim from Warsaw denied abortion! [348]

on some points I agree with you, then you turn it around, Im not confused you are
why dont you slow down before you fall down.. jesus.

I was first talking to gunslinger, then you jumped in, so then I bring forth the subject
of the ectopic pregnancy, and just explain that to women in general to get a 2nd
opinion ( as I explained I read a article) then you think I am speaking directly
at you about that?? LOL

No controversy on the subject, quite a bit of confusion on your part though.

well i am sorry you cant chew gum and walk at the same time, I cant help
you have sometimers disease..

I was trying to be nice, but you have a extreme chip on your shoulder.

and there is controversy, we have two men on the board actually more then two
and the discussion is still going on both opinions, as it is with the women.

I see both points. and theres nothing confusing about agreeing on both points, as
I have said, and I made my opinion clear from the get go..

I never said it wasn't a child, you are the one arguing that opinion.

Ectopic pregnancy does not result in a child, hello.

She should listen to her heart.

WHAT??? lol look above at your post , I wasnt arguing with anyone, I am entitled to
my opinion as well, which was directed at gunslinger, then you jumped in so I was
being nice, now your calling me a child because you cant comprehend what I was saying?

I have children, I dont need any lessons from someone who thinks one time
abortion makes them the queen of all clinics. your experience is just that. there
are others who have had abortions safely and privately.

the topic is about a 14 year old girl who was denied abortion, I brought forth examples
of other problems that could arise, and you just dont get it..

please do me a favor, either discuss it like a normal person, or dont respond to my
post.. you can say whatever you want, call me unintelligent all you want.
I have two beautiful girls, caring family, loving hubby, lots of good friends young and
old, you are just another bug who flew up my arse momentarily and I shyt you out!


night folks. :)

I do think that medical intervention/not political intervention should be used more
in such cases, and that spiritual intervention should be there to support those who
do have faith and want forgiveness when our lives are interuppted with such horrible
circumstances. and to not condem those who need them most.

adding to this and the above -continuation of my post
I have said my opinion, and stand by it!! circumstances can change in someones life.
and I think that person should be the decision maker.

that rapist didnt give anyone a choice now did he?? we cant as humans go chop
off his penis even though thats what we all want to do because he touched
a baby, hurt a child who will now have a child, in some circumstances I can see
loving families dealing with such situations, but that doesnt happen for everyone.
some children are raped by the parents alcoholic friends who come over for that
reason alone.. there are such things as child pornagraphy and or selling children for
sex, so a 14 year old can get pregnant by some stinky old smelly, dirty rotten foul
moouth man and end up trying to kill herself from the torment, or trying to hurt
the baby for all the abuse she had to withstand..

I am not against anyone, because I think we should have a choice, but I dont believe
in abortion for myself or use as contraceptive.
but shyt happens, and as much as we want to prevent it, or do something about it
there is no good answer to any of it.

you can be totally against it or totally for it.. but thats not the way to be, because
if we ask ourselfs those questions of what would I do if it were me faced with certain
circumstances, I bet your answers would change to suit you, to do the right things
and that might mean having an abortion or not having one..

anyone can say those words to please the ears. sometimes people say things but
what they do is whole different story.

thats where I stand on the subject. because in life, I know what is the right thing to
do for me for my children, but if faced with certain decisions, such as supporting
my children if they were to become pregnant ( I would) and let them make their choice
which would be to have it.. I would be what they need to get thru.

but if we faced imminent abortion,, I would step up same as I am the other way
get my family thru it.. because deep down, I really dont give a flying f what anyone
thinks if they are totally against,, if you choose to support your friends thats fine
but dont expect smiling faces if you become a jerk. try to intervene or stop something
that doesnt involve your presense.

as for people who are radicals about abortion and go around killing these doctors
get some psychiatric help NOW!!!!!
7 Nov 2009
News / 14 year old rape victim from Warsaw denied abortion! [348]

well get two opinions first, i read a article where a woman is sueing because the
doctors dx her as ectopic and she ended the pregnancy then they discovered it was
a mistake.. so yeah, lots of controversy on this subject...

and I have edited the above over and over and it wont fix.. no time left, off to work
later folks :)
7 Nov 2009
News / 14 year old rape victim from Warsaw denied abortion! [348]

both physically and emotionally, by carrying the child to term, and giving it up for adoption..

ectopic pregnancy is life threatening, should the 14 year old girl go thru with abortion
or should she accept and listen to princple?

Im not disagreeing with you that abortion is definately risky, but as shelley pointed out
alot safer now then it was back 50-60 years ago when women went into a trailor in
the back of someones house in the country with no clean/steralized equipment ..

the only difference from then to today, now pregnancy is accepted, but your still
shunned by the church for having a child out of wedlock..
I think if they are going to be so political about it, at least make changes in the church
that work with mothers who are single, give them a choice, their voices are heard against
abortion, but where is the help for those single mothers who decided to keep their children?

I would love to see how this child is treated by her neighbors and local parish.
especially being strictly catholic
Again, like I said, I believe the spiritual intervention should be there for the support
needed to help whether they made a choice to adopt or keep or abort.

and I am not saying I am against the church in any way shape or form
thats not whats implied, only that this issue does have pros and cons and
sometimes either isnt the answer. least not for everyone.
6 Nov 2009
News / 14 year old rape victim from Warsaw denied abortion! [348]

[quote=Gunslinger44]Ah, but "give the woman her choice" in this case means "let a child be killed by a sharp instrument, or by chemical attack". This I cannot countenance. And neither should you.

so you have a 14 year old daughter, she is beaten and raped by a lets say
45 year old junkie ( needle junkie) who has Hiv, hepatitis B, and genetically
speaking, the child will be born with some type of neurological disorder where
he will need 24 hour care and machines to help keep him alive.

meantime, your 14 year old is suffering from multiple diseases, <~treatable in
early stages prior to having this child.

you wouldnt have mixed feelings about this?

I understand what your saying, that, this child , no matter how its concieved is
still a living being, but, we also have to realize the devastation caused on certain
intervention like the 14 year old who was attacked in this thread.

those rape cases, most of the women might turn out to be abusive to the child
from the scars of their ordeal.... I doubt this is taken into consideration.
not saying thats the case for all though.

I do think that medical intervention/not political intervention should be used more
in such cases, and that spiritual intervention should be there to support those who
do have faith and want forgiveness when our lives are interuppted with such horrible
circumstances. and to not condem those who need them most.
21 Sep 2009
Love / Broken Heart, An amazing girl from Poland [139]

he probably did, but she didnt like the temp he set it at!!! LOL

ps, to the original poster blueboy, me and plk are just having some fun..

its been a while and we needed our fix.. lol
21 Sep 2009
News / Twelve coal miners dead. [23]

R.I.P. to the deceased and thoughts to the remaining victims and their families.

Prayers and thoughts for those of the victims and families, I just lost my cousin
on the 17th sept, she died from injuries ( she was ejected from the SUV)
which rolled over off a embankment.

no alcolhol was involved, her father ( chief of police) her sister ( also in the accident)
she is ok, and her mom were all by her side when she died at the hospital.

its never easy, no matter what the cause is.
21 Sep 2009
Love / Broken Heart, An amazing girl from Poland [139]

PLK we both know, freezers are cold.

if he changed his buying habits a brought home a nice warm stove, maybe
he would still be cozy.. lol
21 Sep 2009
Love / Broken Heart, An amazing girl from Poland [139]

I've lived with 6 different women and have purchased more fridge freezers

well theres your problem. ya cant fry the bacon if you dont bring home the heat!!!
whatsa matta wit u? lol
21 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish driver dies as car shears in half... [38]

Alcohol + driving on an unfamiliar side of the road= very very bad mix.

Why did his mates allow him dive in such a state?

thats the same question I thought to myself.
if any of my friends come over, I take their keys, and I will either make them
stay over , or call a cab if they insist on going home.

in the story it states he recieved a phone call and sped off.. that his friend was
unable to stop him, he prob was unable to stop him because he was in the same

people do stupid things, but I know I would never say I am glad they are dead.
thats just wrong.

Yeah Polish drivers are really good. Fooking idiot.

do u drink?
21 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Why Americans think that nobody likes them? [185]

Actually as my thread has shown Americans are of the opinion that nobody likes them as a nation - because they are the best country in the world and rich and powerful :)

alot of times people are talking about govt VS the people.
15 Aug 2009
Life / Deadly Roads - "Are polish roads really THAT dangerous?" [139]

Just had a recent experience of the extent to which our roads are unsafe.

Any experiences here? What should be done?

I think saftey should always be the first thing, what is unsafe about the road itself
and what could be done to make it safer for drivers.. was there a sign directing you
properly, what caused the accident? what could have prevented it?
was their something on the road? ice, was the pavement bumpy or was their
slick spots?

lots to consider..

I have a smaller car now and I do not feel safe on the roads, especially the highway
because the car feels like its swaying when you hit a bump its not handling well and
so once this is payed off I am off to turn it in for new mid-size car or back to a suv
15 Aug 2009
Love / Why are more Polish girls marrying Americans? [77]

beating and cheating aren't only reasons for people to split up... maybe they were just not for each other... and who knows, she may be getting over it easier then him... women are stronger then men, even tho the stereotype says otherwise...

I agree here.

not to mention all those people from other countries who want to get married to
become citizens in the U.S. and divorce soon as they can, with no strings attached.

If it was up to a man to push an apple out of his penis, the human race would be over.


My point and perhaps the point of the original poster, is about culture not sex.

good call.

Well he will be cheered up by his buddies and it is common enough in the U.S. (am I being a dick?).

yes, because hes prob going to put a smile on for his friends but how do you know
deep down hes not feeling any pain ?
how many men do you know actually show their feelings outright in front of all their
buddies? or any of their friends?? maybe when they are alone with one of
their very very close friends whom they trust with everything they tell them.

my husbands friend is going thru a stage, he will ask me advice, then when all the guys
are around, hes all happy, drinking beer, talkin **** about his girl, but when everyone leaves, he gets tears in his eyes and he shows his real side and wants to know what he

is doing wrong, but calls her the big b.

its just a show.. reality is they all hurt, she does , he does. they just put on their
happy face and move on. what else can they do?
15 Aug 2009
Love / Why are more Polish girls marrying Americans? [77]

She, on the other hand, is from a different culture and it is going to be very difficult for her.

how so?

divorce is not ok, but it happens and holding anger in over it wont change anything.
15 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Why Americans think that nobody likes them? [185]

And is out to get them.
Do they expect only compliments?
I wonder is that common trait or only PF is lucky to host some oversensitive types?

what and who brought this thread on??

who messed with your koolaide Ironside? LoL
4 Aug 2009
Love / Need advice with Polish girl, I like her but she has a boyfriend. [114]

the expression here that similar goes like this: don't f*ck with a man's beer/car/remote..

thats so negative ;)

I think Sokrates is a greek gay mother ****** that women rejects him and I see why.
no i should of used him or use men or cheated but no I have morals and belive inlove and hving a honest relationship. I will say this the next mothe****** man the cheats or hurts me will be very sorry.


you need to stop for a moment and think.. why are they cheating?
is it habitual? was he married prior to you> once a cheat always a cheat?

do you continually go after boys that are bad?? bad boys are nice for a moment
but not for the long haul.

as they say, nice guys always finish last, maybe you need to go to the last part
of the line instead of the front of the line! sometimes people go for the wrong choices
and if you keep seeking in the same net, the fish will all be the same..

sounds corny, but its true.
23 Jul 2009
Food / The best potato pancakes? [30]

i am surprised none of the above recipes include crushed garlic?

I know, I use garlic in them too, but not a whole lot.

time to make a batch.. yum
23 Jul 2009
Love / Need help figuring out a polish guy [55]

[quote=Confused]I met a polish guy last night for the first time, and we were immediately attracted! We hit it off real well, we kept staring at eachother... we met through friends. One thing lead to another, and I ended up at his place. It was pretty clear that we were going to sleep together, and there wasn't much talk about doing anything otherwise. I have read that polish men can be romantic and kind, and I noticed that... but other things happened that confused the american girl in me.

We woke up the next morning and was set on making me breakfast. He went and got bread then made me scrambled eggs, and asked if I wanted to lay in bed and watch a movie... we talked a bunch, cuddled a bunch, and he was very attentive. How do I tell if they were signs of further interest in me or just some kind of after-morning polish etiquette?

Confused, I cant help you on this , I am sure someone can, but I want thank you
for not calling this man whom you were with anything else but that!! a man.

your question might be similar to others, as is your situation, but the one thing
I noticed is the lack of respect a select few ( could be more but whos counting)
have for women and classify them before they even know them..

names other then what they are, I guess this will always be a problem in why
men and women clash ( because they think so badly at times) Not all do, its sad
though to see it posted in a forum, and its considered a legit question , when
you come in , asking for advice, not knowing fully the situation yourself, not calling
out names, just asking, and using the Word Polish because you obviously are new
and yet you mananged to use Polish in your paragraph to let the readers better understand your situation.. cause it could have been a engish guy or American guy right!!

yes, yes again, I am making a point, I really do hope you find /figure out your
delimma, its not easy meeting someone, having so many culture differences and
not knowing.. it sounds like you two hit it off pretty well though..

best of luck to you both :)
23 Jul 2009
Love / Girl just interested, or a hooker? [30]

It's Polish forum with topics about Poland and Polish people; I kind of assumed that people would know she was Polish.

fair enough,

Ive been a long time member, its really old seeing same old questions, new people
come in all the time, your post appeared to be like someone we recently ousted
for his bad behavior..

No I think you just took out some kind of bad mood you are in on some random poster because they used the word hooker in a post and that somehow offends you.

actually I was in a good mood, thought I would visit the forum and see my old
friends, then I see the thread.. it set me off.. all the threads the women create
never have I seen a thread that asks is he a slut or am I just thinking hes a slut?
is he a bastard or was I just imagining it??

and I never see women take on names like LICKMEPOLISH..

yeah, I wasnt born yesterday, so what ever you want to think go ahead

it also upsets me because this is supposed to be a site for everyone, but
of course theres alot of things children shouldnt see, yet we have had
young ones come in and ask questions about poland and culture..

Hookers exist in every culture.. so again, if you think its legit, ok

I've travelled a bit and I've encountered situations similar to the one which polishmeknob posted. Girls selling their bodies often use casual pickup techniques (if you can call it that) to attract customers. Its a valid question to ask.

I am sure you have, I didnt say there wasnt hookers, what he posted
appeared to me as troll..

its not like anyone on this site knows him or how he is, so I am supposed to be
nice just because you are and I took offense to it?
ok, whatever, well I wont apologize for reading a post in a public forum that I
thought was a troll.. we have had alot of them, with names similar to his!
responsible and respect both start with capital R , be more responsible and respectable.

No, just stupid people like you.


It's a pun on "Polish", it comes from my school days when I was studying Polish.

it also represents a derogatory statment as in Polish my/me Knob/dick/Prick etc etc.
so why would you think thats a proper name to use in a polish forum.
I hear guys talk slang, that is not specific to you. so please spare me the explaination
because to me it appears sarcastic.
22 Jul 2009
Love / Girl just interested, or a hooker? [30]

This is a bit harsh don't you think?

no I dont, because this thread is obviously going to hit the trash eventually
hes not specific on anything, and talking about putting acid in his eye balls
thats more harsh then anything I could dish out.. sad

someone who used it on some other balls and he lost his sight. He had no hallucinations though.

well if he loses his sight then he wont see those girls who are supposedly flirting
with him or at least he wont know if one is a hooker or not.
guess he will have to respect them all then wont he!!

Dear Upset Idiot,

dear Polishmeknobhead <~what/who has a name like this. someone without respect.
I cant help it if you dont know how to ask good questions and cant figure out

but at least your second response was normal. its funny how people come
back with OH my god I was not meaning anything by it, then dont say it!!

you didnt say she is polish, or that you live in poland so who would even know

heres your first post

was standing at the bus stop, minding my business, when this lady walks up and then starts walking all sexy like, like she's trying to attract my attention.

Nothing in this post tells me your in Poland, or she is polish, anyone can stand
at a bus stop. in any country

and there are people from all over the world visiting this site, it could have been

I have to ask, did all you guys who posted, actually think or know he was talking about
a Polish girl in Poland? or did you think this was just a girl in general?

anyways, I made my point.