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Any Polish in, or coming to Hawaii?

GARBM1 1 | 6
18 Oct 2009 #1
Any Polish in Hawaii?, or if your interested in coming to Hawaii, I can offer advice.....

The economic situation makes it more difficult as in all of the USA. However I have been for 3 years & Im still here so Im surviving, managed to find great place to stay & cheaper rent....
beckski 12 | 1,617
18 Oct 2009 #2
if your interested in coming to Hawaii, I can offer advice

Hawaii is so beautiful. Been to Oahu & Maui. Thought I was gonna die on the road to Hana!
Parts of Honolulu were just a little too much on the tourist side for my liking. The luau I went to was a perfect example. Too many people, watered down drinks.

I'm thinking of visiting the big island of Hawaii next time I go. I heard it's the most scenic of all the Hawaiian islands.
OP GARBM1 1 | 6
19 Oct 2009 #3
Ive spent time in Maui & big Island......... both awesome places....more work for me on Oahu though...... where I live in the hills overlooking Honolulu has the best of both worlds........
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
10 Jan 2010 #4
Curious if there are any Poles living in Hawaii?
Sildar - | 34
10 Jan 2010 #5
P.O. Box 11384
Honolulu, HI 96826
tel: (808) 955-4567

Ask them, are they still there. :)

Just joking.
Wait for someone who live on Hawaii, but I think they using english so you must recognise them thanks to a white socks.
Btw. What's the weather on Hawaii now?
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
10 Jan 2010 #6
...but I think they using english so you must recognise them thanks to a white socks.

Huh? Not sure what all this means...

Weather? High 27C, Low 19C, right now 24C.
2 Apr 2010 #7

I am going there next weekend - Big Island, Maui and Kauai.
Are you free to chat / give advice?

OP GARBM1 1 | 6
13 Jun 2010 #8
Im still living on Oahu, Hawaii.... contact me on busxx7@gmail for local advice ... Mahalo nui loa..

I guess I missed your trip to Hawaii... Sorry I missed your post... Aloha, Gary

Merged thread:
Any Polish coming to Hawaii?

Aloha.. I can offer advice for any Polish thinking about coming to Oahu .. Im from Scotland & have been living on Oahu for 4 years... can help with advice with jobs & accomodation in Honolulu.
aloha - | 1
18 Jan 2011 #9
Merged thread:
any polish people live in Hawaii?

any polish live in Oahu?
OP GARBM1 1 | 6
2 Feb 2011 #10
Merged thread:
DzieƄ dobry .....Anybody interested in coming to Hawaii???????? I can help.

... my name is Gary , from Scotland & friend of all things Polish... I live in Honolulu Hawaii & Im willing to help any Polish person who is interested in coming to the islands with a wealth of information on jobs, accommodation and good places to visit here etc. Aloha

Check my F.B @ Gary Morrison, Honolulu, Hawaii.

The weather is warm mainly with nice cool winter breeze & some rain occasionally ... the best weather is now, probably the best temperature anywhere in the world here in Hawaii rite now...;-)
Ironside 50 | 10,989
2 Feb 2011 #11
How much do you charge for your help ?
OP GARBM1 1 | 6
25 Jun 2011 #12
lol I m sorry I didnt get back to u... I dont check the site often..... & I dont charge anything .... advice is free, Mahalo Gary busxx7@gmail

ALOHA ... Im still in Hawaii if any 1 is interested in free advice ...... pls contact me at busxx7@gmail not on this site I hardly ever check it
24 Apr 2013 #13
hi Gary any new offers ,like jobs on oahu -let me know am interested soon .CHarlie from jersey shore MAHALO THEN
gbleemy - | 1
13 Oct 2013 #14
I live near Honolulu and am interested in learning Polish. Anyone around here?
2 Dec 2014 #15
I'm here for a week already and will gladly talk to you in Polish, English, Russian or French
Mathias PIekkutowski
6 May 2015 #16
Hello everybody!!

I will be coming to Honolulu in June for a language course (about 3-4weeks) However, when the course is over I would like to stay longer and look for a cheap place to stay, perhaps a part-time job in hospitality, lesure or tourism.Can anybody give me good advice, practical information about this? Also, how and where I can find Polish people on the Island? Iam communicative, friendly and fun person. I would appreciate any help!

My contact: cichecka.monika@gmail Thanks!!
13 Aug 2015 #17
Are there any polish churches, restaurants on the island?
TheOther 5 | 3,711
13 Aug 2015 #18
polish ... restaurants on the island?

You want Polish food on a tropical island? Really?
johnny reb 29 | 5,310
14 Aug 2015 #19
If ya'll git ta Maui......give MaMa's Fish House in Paia down yonder by Aliko Bay a try.
Damn they do have some good fixin's fo fish dinners.

Are there any polish churches, restaurants on the island?

Which island as the State of Hawaii is made up of seven islands.
Hawaii is mostly made up of Oriental's with white people the minority called howlies. (sp)
Doubtful you'd find a Polish church on any island besides Oahu and even that is doubtful.
You might find a Polish restaurant in the International Market Place in Honolulu.
Not a real demand for Polish food in the south Pacific.
Been years since I lived there so maybe things have changed but doubtful.
TheOther 5 | 3,711
14 Aug 2015 #20
Not a real demand for Polish food in the south Pacific.

Who needs kielbasa when you can have shave ice and Mahi Mahi instead? :)
Uli_g - | 1
3 Jan 2016 #21
I've never been in Hawaii so far, but I think I could fit in. Is it difficult to find job there?
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
15 Jul 2018 #22

Hawaii question

Very long time since my last visit to PF. The layout seems somewhat different so I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct category?

Does anyone know if there are any Polish groups, expat associations, etc. in the State of Hawaii?



Hawaii Islands
3 Jan 2019 #23
we are a couple wife polish husband indian we want cheap accomodation in big island or some other island in hawai please help us we are canadain citizons , we can pay in usa dollars one month would be best please e mail us
31 Dec 2020 #24
yes there are poles on big island of Hawaii, me, John bal, 68-37l6 Korea pl. Waikoloa Hawaii, 96738,, 808 785-5782. born in America speak and understand polish, do not read and write polish, been to Poland twice, once under communist. wish to return this spring of 2021. I am a hatha yoga teacher and a singer. my house six miles from beautiful ocean. write or call, wish to meet polish people where I can stay, you come to Hawaii. greetings, Christophe

wish to visit Poland this spring of 2021, salt mines, ancient forest, Lake District, badness, all historic and places of interests. prefer the company of single men, professionals who can accommodate me and come to big island of island. I have airmails I can share for this exchange.

phone no. 808 785 5782. speak and understand polish, read and write language minimal. aloha, Christophe

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