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What's your connection with Poland? Penpals.

EekaMouse - | 1
25 Nov 2010 #241
poland is a beautiful place, spent a month there, fantastic arcitecture, amazing place in the winter!!
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
26 Nov 2010 #242
A large part of my family was/is Polish.

The country itself - Not Much.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
26 Nov 2010 #243
Considering that a large part of your family is Polish, I can see your reasoning in your idea that the country produces "not much".

But Poland doesn't usually produce such idiots like you, in fact you are unique, honest.
OmegaSupreme 1 | 5
4 Jun 2011 #244
Just signed up here. I'm 1/4 Polish, from my dad's mom's side (great grandparents were Polish immigrants to US). Grew up going to a Polish church and even learned "Koci Koci Lopci" (yes, probably not spelled right) as a young child. Ever since moving away from my grandparents, didn't experience any kind of Polish culture again until recently, when I started dating a Polish/Ukrainian girl. I'd love to go visit Poland within the next year and start learning the language.
vato loco - | 15
25 Jul 2011 #245
I've been lurking on this forum for several weeks now. This is my first post.

I am not Polish but am engaged to a woman born & raised in Wroclaw but now living in California. We visited her hometown last year and I got to meet her family & friends. I was very impressed with Polish hospitality & manners, and was always made to feel welcome.

Although I studied a bit of Polish on CDs before I left, the language is difficult for English speakers. Nonetheless, I was complimented on several occasions on my pronunciation. Still, I have a long ways to go before I can have even a simple conversation...

Fiancee notwithstanding, I'm very interested in Polish history & culture, as well as the diaspora. I hope to learn a lot more on this forum, and perhaps contribute too. Dziekuje!
A J 4 | 1,088
26 Jul 2011 #246

To jest nieprawidłowy. Jest napisane jak dziękuję.

I loved Blood in, blood out, and I'm a huge fan of the Habits as well, which is why I'm correcting you for free.


..and I'm sure someone will correct me!
NomadatNet 1 | 457
26 Jul 2011 #247
I have no connection with Poland at all, in any means.
Never been to Poland, never been with any Pole here in Turkey, either.
Some years ago, once a girl said "I am crazy" and came to this forum to check if Poles are crazy or not.. No, but, I have seen many crazies on this forum and most of them are not Poles.
brisrodney 1 | 18
5 Aug 2011 #248
What's your connection with Poland?

Father was Polish. Have relatives in Poland. I want to walk the earth of my father's mother land. Father's family history goes back more than 400 years in the same area. Absolutly fascinating to me.
PALOMA 1 | 15
10 Aug 2011 #249
Other half is Polish, found the forum a few weeks back, suppose it allows me to learn a little more about the country also I'm the only non pole in my area who has a polish partner, interesting to see how other people find

a polish/non polish relationship.
Polsyr 6 | 769
22 Sep 2011 #250
My wife is Polish... And I do business with several partners in Poland.

The first time I met someone from Poland was at in 1996 in Vancouver, Canada at my university. I became curious and eventually visited Poland and met my second half... The rest is like a fairytale...
ASG - | 5
12 Oct 2011 #251
Hello everyone. This is my first post. Seems like an appropriate introduction.

Both my parents are Polish. The immigrated to Canada and I was born in the province of Ontario. I still have a lot of family back in Poland.

Last time I visited was New Years 2011 for my cousins wedding. They got married in Gdynia. They live "Na Grabówka". We could not drive any cars up the hill. It was horrible to walk up in the cold. The streets were not cleared so it was a hard climb up. Not too fun when you are in a dress.

I stayed in Rumia at my friend's house for a couple days, but for the most part I was staying in my (other) cousin's house in Reda.

So much has changed since I was last there in 1998, when I was going to school in Rumia for a couple years (95-98).

Looks like a lot of big box stores are settling, and lots of housing is being built. My aun'ts street used to be empty, and the only car on the street was her Trabant (sp?). Now you can't find a parking space and the fields are cleared for construction for more houses. I would love to buy a house or property in the Trójmiasto one day.

I thought it was hilarious the way "IKEA" was pronounced by my aunt as we drove by leaving the airport. LOL

As you can see I prefer to speak English, however I can pretty much understand most people and hold a fair conversation. I can read very well in Polish.
margerytka - | 8
23 Oct 2011 #252
hi there
sorry should introduced myself here yesterday, but due to late hour I have just stick my post to free translation section.
I am Polish lady from Przemysl who went to work and live abroad to Italy and after having spent down there over eight years decided to change the country. It wasn't a random idea. I thought about United Kingdom for three years but felt obligated to stay in Palermo.

My English spoken and written needs a lot of practice so don't go to harsh on me, please.

Now I have been living in a lovely town of Cheltenham and don't regret my decision so far... Even though things aren't going smoothly, I'm in love with England. I love Italy as well. I think it's all about having a positive attitude towards people and showing respect to their customs. I don't expect English people to make my life happy. It's up to me.
QueenSide 2 | 5
11 Dec 2011 #253
My husband is Polish and I'm a History/Eastern Europe college major
a_jacobs49 1 | 11
13 Apr 2012 #254
My father is Polish , I am British . Father settled in UK afer WW2
Hipis - | 227
13 Apr 2012 #255
If your father was Polish surely that means you're also Polish. My father also settled here after WW2 but I consider myself Polish as do several of my friends who also have Polish parents but were born here.
Baacon - | 46
4 Oct 2012 #256
No connection with Poland. Just dated a woman from there for over 5 yrs and frequently traveled there. Maybe 20 times. Maybe I can be help in some areas, but not the politics. Great place to visit :)
Polish Predator 1 | 5
4 Oct 2012 #257
I was born here and that's where I still live (lucky me).:)
hairball 20 | 313
1 Nov 2012 #258
My wife sat up all night making these T-shirts for my birthday.....

My Polish family

Kamila, Wiesiu and Aureliea ...

Rysavy 10 | 308
5 Nov 2012 #259
Though I could in theory maybe have a lil Pole in me.. (since my Bohemian bloodlines Weis and Baginksi came from Prague at a point in history that my research stopped? ) My only real connection is the man that has asked for my hand to marry and the fact that current plan is to move there from the States in 5-6 years. So I have that amount of time to get .."pol-arized" ^_^ so I may feel at home quicker.

yes im bored and up too late
r1k4rdo - | 1
14 Nov 2012 #260
Hello everyone

I did erasmus in Poland last here and now i am trying to have some connection and be more updated about the country.
Hope this forum will help me.
Lenka 3 | 3,085
14 Nov 2012 #261
Hope this forum will help me.

To some extent.Welcome to PF :)
Marysienka 1 | 195
14 Nov 2012 #262
Hi. I'm Polish living in Poland all my life. I'm as Polish as possible with Galicja flavour.

/are Polish people who live in Poland allowed here?/
TommyG 1 | 361
14 Nov 2012 #263
/are Polish people who live in Poland allowed here?/

Nie. It's not allowed.

My connection is that I'm living and working here. I have a blood connection too:D nothing vampiric though....
Marysienka 1 | 195
14 Nov 2012 #264
Nie. It's not allowed.

I'll stay on the language part of forum then.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
14 Nov 2012 #265
are Polish people who live in Poland allowed here?/

Yes. We only don't like those who have never been to Poland and who have no connection to Poland.

Those people are lined up against the wall and laughed at.

(edit - I notice you're from Przemysl, it has a lovely Rynek and good beer!)
TommyG 1 | 361
14 Nov 2012 #266
I'll stay on the language part of forum then.

I was only joking;)

(edit - I notice you're from Przemysl, it has a lovely Rynek and good beer!)

I noticed that too;) She's not too far from me either,lol:)
Marysienka 1 | 195
15 Nov 2012 #267
I was joking too :)

And I like our Rynek too. And as my town needs as many tourists as possible, bring them here.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
15 Nov 2012 #268
There's a poster on here called Harry who loves your town, too :)

It definitely has potential to be a tourist place - I had a wonderful couple of days there! There's also the great...I don't know how to call it, the car slide thing that goes down the hill - I went on that about 5 times :D
TommyG 1 | 361
15 Nov 2012 #269
And I like our Rynek too. And as my town needs as many tourists as possible, bring them here.

Well, I'm assuming there's a bar in your Rynek, yes? If so, I could be tempted to visit:D
So what attractions are there in Przemysl?
Marysienka 1 | 195
15 Nov 2012 #270
Well, I'm assuming there's a bar in your Rynek, yes?

And there are at least 5 bars at Rynek and and another few nearby.

So what attractions are there in Przemysl?

So what attractions are there in Przemysl?

We have beautiful views, WWI fortifications, castles , railway station that looks more like a palace, many beautiful churches including two St John the Baptist Cathedrals (Roman-Catholic and Byzantium-Ukrainian-Catholic) . We have nice buildings in the Rynek and surrounding area.

And we have a ski slope with cable car and car-slope thing.

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