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American Jew Voice in Poland

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,765
22 Dec 2017 #31
I dont find them repulsive they were just bored college kids. I was a dem too in my younger years so i can understand why they felt some type of way.

The black panthers of the 60s despise the blm movement. The difference is blm just protests and complains about cops and white people but does nothing about the fact that blacks commit the vast majority of murders in the us. A black dude is far more likely to be killed by a black dude than a racist cop.

In any case i have more reapect for them than kod
Lyzko 31 | 7,799
22 Dec 2017 #32
Bored, because mom and dad fell asleep at the switch way too long ago to have been able to make a positive difference in their lives. Having watched that post-War cinema icon "Rebel Without a Cause", frankly, I was always on Jim Backus' side, not James Dean's and felt sorry for both parents that they'd allowed their son to carry on so.

"Bored"??? Sure they were, because they lacked the same proper guidance which made The Greatest Generation and their parents the role models they were and continue to be:-)
johnny reb 31 | 5,727
22 Dec 2017 #33
Bored, because mom and dad fell asleep

That's right Lyzko, the parents should have spanked them to make them mind.

"Bored"??? Sure they were,

No we weren't, we had our marijuana, L.S.D., mescaline, Afghani hashish, quaaludes, magic mushrooms, Jack Daniels, the birth control pill just came on the market to encourage free sex............hells bells.....the last thing is we were bored.

Our motto back then was that reality was for people who couldn't handle drugs.
It's you millenials that are bored and don't know how to function in todays society to feed yourselves without Dad & Mom's help.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
22 Dec 2017 #34
Drugs are for people who can't handle reality.
TheOther 6 | 3,692
22 Dec 2017 #35
No we weren't, we had our marijuana, L.S.D., mescaline, Afghani hashish, quaaludes, magic mushrooms...

Don't forget: no AIDS either! The fun continued until the late 1970s, but when I lost a bunch of friends to H the party finally stopped. :(
jon357 67 | 17,501
23 Dec 2017 #36
It's you millenials that are bored and don't know how to function in todays society to feed yourselves without Dad & Mom's help.

Yes. Don't even get me started on the topic of safe spaces. Or young people staring at smartphones all the time.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,765
23 Dec 2017 #37
One good thing that came with it is easy money online.. a lot of millenials are educated but not too street smart esp those in college. Another issue is western parents are expected to parenr in a certain way and a lot of it is from what they see in media, society and crap the left pushes. If i told my rents im suddenly a girl or i need 200k for some ****** degree theyd kick my ass out. Im a so glad i grew up in a polisg fa.ily
Lyzko 31 | 7,799
27 Dec 2017 #38
Presently working on an article entitled "The Day The Music Died" (based on the James Taylor classic "American Pie"), actually an editorial for our local gazette, high lighting, among other laments, how we've lost our sense of language ever since the takeover of digital technology aka the smartphone etc.

When I was a junior high schooler, I can still remember how our manipulation of the English language defined who and what we are, and who we would become. If a fellow classmate were to answer an idiomatically straightforward question, above a mere "Hi, how are ya?" with "Wha' happen'?" instead of an appropriately literate response, that poor classmate would have been skewered alive by the others in the class, probably teased because of their inarticulateness. Who knows, maybe I'd have joined in:-)

Nowadays, "Wha' happen'?" was the response I just received a little while ago when I called my bank to inquire why I hadn't yet received my account statement.

Pretty shabby state of affairs I'd say. Wouldn't you?
KiWo - | 23
27 Dec 2017 #39
the James Taylor classic

Don McLean, surely?
Ktos 16 | 440
28 Dec 2017 #40
American Jews should not be allowed into Poland. American Jews are the cause of TVN an anti-Polish media outlet operating in Poland. American Jews are just there to run anti-Polish propaganda, venture into Polish politics (the wife of Sikorski from PO, the same woman who works for media in USA) and spread anti-Polish smell and create anti-Polish atmosphere. At best they will look after American interests, at worst it will be the Jewish interests, Polish people are not their concern.
Joker 2 | 1,949
28 Dec 2017 #41
American Jews should not be allowed into Poland.

You sound just like your uncle Adolf, re open the gas chamber you racist!
Ktos 16 | 440
28 Dec 2017 #42
Hej Jew! Six million Polish were murdered by Hitler so stop focusing on Jews as the only or main victims, that needs to stop, other nationalities lost their lives at the hands of Hitler, you Jews do not have by any means monopoly on death by Hitler, Jewish martyrdom song is just as racist as Hitler, for it only centres on Jews and excludes other nations of whom tens of millions have fallen victim of Hitler's Germany. Call yourself a racist next time.
Joker 2 | 1,949
28 Dec 2017 #43
ou Jews do not have by any means monopoly on death by Hitler,

I`m not Jewish. I just know a bigot when I see one!
Ktos 16 | 440
28 Dec 2017 #44
Next time you comment, try relating to the entire comment of mine or do not bother here, you sound like troll that takes comments of others out of context or just rambles on about one and the same thing no matter what others write. For that alone smells like bigot to me. We have every right not to want anyone in our country and Jews are not really wanted, only people are afraid to say it due to censorship, fear of being labelled a racist or the laughable "anti-Semite" he he, and Jewish control of the media.
Joker 2 | 1,949
28 Dec 2017 #45
. You are the bigot just for that alone.

I see you here all the time attacking the Jews on this forum and Im the bigot? LoL

Just look at your profile...TATTTTT If this doesn't spell Troll, what does?
Ktos 16 | 440
28 Dec 2017 #46
I can "attack", as you hilariously put it, Jews in my country, because it is my country and no American or Jewish garbage will tell me otherwise.
Lyzko 31 | 7,799
28 Dec 2017 #47
@KiWo, you might be right! Never went in much for Rock when I was a teen, so rarely paid much attention to names, just songs. When someone asked me once what I thought of Jefferson Airplane, I cluelessly asked from which hangar it was leaving:-)

A few years back, our German Tourist Office in New York supposedly issued a warning to American Jews and other "minorities" that maybe it would be a nice idea not to book their next vacation visit to Germany. It was a filthy then as it is filthy and unrealistic to read your post now.
Joker 2 | 1,949
30 Dec 2017 #48
I can "attack", as you hilariously put it, Jews in my country, because it is my country

Which country are you talking about? Are you saying you want the Jews out of Australia?

You are very demanding for a deadbeat expat to be ordering people out of a country that doesn't even belong to them.

Jewish garbage

Nice language, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
Ktos 16 | 440
30 Dec 2017 #49
Rupert Murdoch will end up behind bars, no need to kick him out yet, there is still a chance that he will face jewstice.

When Poland was being ridiculed here by malicious Jews (usually American ones), when Its history was tarnished by jealous and guilty or often clueless and brainwashed Jews it was okay to post here and make derogatory threads about Polish people. If Polish adopted truly Jewish measures, all those criticising Poland would not be allowed into the forum again, no post or thread with a hint of critique against Poland would pass the censorship.


Have a look at how Jews treat others who enter their communities, their families, "their" country - Israel. Jews are the most racist people on earth and it has always been like that, yet they are the ones who scream, the most, about others being racist towards them. This is the highest level of hipocrisy.
Lyzko 31 | 7,799
30 Dec 2017 #50
Nobody ever said Jews are perfect, except certain misguided members of our tribe who feel Israel can do no wrong. 'Course, we're not perfect....we haven't had much practice:-))
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
30 Dec 2017 #51
I think there is definitely a lot of hypocrisy in the Jewish community, but to assume that being a Jew makes you inherently evil obviously isn't fair. I mean, you can't just not like somebody for being Jewish or having a Jewish background, without knowing anything about them. Judge them not by their race, ethnicity or religion, but by their actions.

Having said that, I can see where people form this stereotype of the evil greedy racist Jew from. There are quote from rabbis who have said a lot of negative things about non-Jews. The most famous are probably those of Ovadia Josef, including 'Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world - only to serve the People of Israel' or 'Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.'

But again, that doesn't make disliking Jews as a whole right. Many Jews say he doesn't speak for them. This is one rabbi. There are a few others who have said equally nasty things, but you could say the same for imams and others. Judaism and Islam do not have an overall leader who you can turn to for guidance. There are various spiritual leaders who say shocking things, but there are also others who counter those arguments and say they are wrong, and preach peace.

There are many Jews who demand that Poland pay for Jews who lost their homes during the war and so people think Jews are greedy and use the Holocaust for financial gain. There are also other Jews who don't believe Poland should pay anything.

On the topic of hypocrisy, here is this clip by a Jewish woman, who says Europe must be made multicultural in order to survive.
[she talks at 0.38]

It begs the question about Israel. Multiculti for Europe but Israel only for the chosen people, right? Doesn't sound very fair.

But again, there are many [particularly right-wing] Jews who are against the idea of multiculturalism in Europe and taking in lots of immigrants. Jews don't think alike.

Back to the topic of the American Jew Voice in Poland. I too am concerned, or at least have my suspicions, about the very sudden heavy involvement of members of the Israeli government with PiS. Are they after something, or do they just want a good relationship and good business deals for both nations? Time will tell.

By the way Lyzko, as a Jew, do you consider yourself white, or Jewish or a white Jewish person? I ask because it seems that some Jews do not consider themselves white, but of the Jewish race.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,765
30 Dec 2017 #52
Oh there is a ton of hypocrisy esp amongst the zionists and jewish liberals like the woman in the video above. However policies like that affect everyday normal jews negatively too. The jews in france are terrified because theres now millions of hardcore anti semites in the country. Thousands are now.making aliyah to israel. However thr government is using them as pawns now to settpr palestinian lands and hmthey subsidize their housing in settlements and have soldiers guarding them.

Poland should.follow israels policies if it wishes to rrtain its character and be a wealthy strong countru
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
30 Dec 2017 #53
Follow their policies or make deals with them?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,765
30 Dec 2017 #54
I mean enact a migrant policy and society that encourages homogeneity, traditiinao values, etc. Israel is the jewish state and its up to us poles to preserve the polish state
Lyzko 31 | 7,799
30 Dec 2017 #55
WielkiPolak, I consider myself a Caucasian American of the Jewish faith, as you are a Pole of the Catholic faith. Some people are Jews in Poland, others Catholic, still others atheists etc. The main thing is that any Pole despite their religion is still considered Polish.

Some people think that there's a Jewish race. This is xenophobic nonsense and must be set to rights. Do you, WielkiPolak, consider yourself of the Polish "race"??? Of course, not. You're a Pole because you were born in Poland, although an ex-pat, speak the language, and were raised in Poland. Your parents might be Ghanian, like John Godson, yet you still consider yourself Polish, no?
Ktos 16 | 440
31 Dec 2017 #56
You are a strange Jew then or maybe the more normal one. Can Jews be more uniform and just agree on theone standard that would constitute their identity or what? Geez. The most logical thing is, you are Jewish if you worship Judaism. You are Jewish if you are born in Israel - nation run accordingly to the laws of Judaism - the very fundation of Jewish identity. However, it is not so, Jews identify as Jews if their mother is Jewish, that is she as a mother or woman possesses special magic ingredients in her womb that are necessary to create Jewish identity, so in this way a Jew can be born Jew only through Jewish mother. Weird but that's how it is. If one is born in Poland or USA they should identify as Polish or American but no, according to Jews if their mother was Jewish then they are also Jewish, geez. And the funniest, if you are born in Israel you are not Jewish if your mum is not Jewish and you will not be considered Jewish unless you convert to Judaism, geez. And it all started with reading Tora transcripts to the unborn child. I think the identity based on that (what if some verses were omitted etc.) and tracing matrillineal linkage is not always a guarantee that Jewish identity has been preserved, it is a bit wishy washy and I would doubt the "Jewishness" of many so called Jews. It should be: anyone born in Israel is a Jew, the rest are not, simple, it would eliminate all this separation drive by Jews from societies they live in for the sake of maintaining some Jewish identity.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
31 Dec 2017 #57
Some people think that there's a Jewish race. This is xenophobic nonsense and must be set to rights.

Well as far as I was aware, Jewish can be a religion or an ethnicity or both. That's why some Jews are not religious, but still Jews, because they are ethnically Jewish. Being Polish is a nationality, so it is different, you are not ethnically Polish, although some might say you can be ethnically Slavic. My question was whether you as a Jew, consider yourself white? It seems that you have given your answer, that you do. As for it being xenophobic to consider Jews to be of the Jewish race, I have heard it said many times, even by Jews, and some Jews also don't consider themselves white [hence my question]. Or would you say being Jewish is a nationality? I never looked at it that way. The way I understood it, a nationality is that of the country you were born in - that's why many Jews consider themselves to be Polish Jews, because they are Jews, but they were born in Poland, so that is their nationality.

You are Jewish if you are born in Israel - nation run accordingly to the laws of Judaism - the very fundation of Jewish identity.

Are you sure about this? I always considered a person born in Israel, an Israeli [by nationality] and a person born in Palestine, a Palestinian [by nationality], wherever the boundaries of the two might be [that's a discussion for another time]. You can be born in Israel and not necessarily be Jewish, surely?
Lyzko 31 | 7,799
31 Dec 2017 #58
One can be Polish and "ethnically" Slavic or Jewish and ethnically "Semitic":-) The Semites, Slavs, Teutons, and Mongoloids, for instance all are their own ethnic group belonging to separate races, among whom the Semites, Slavs and Teutons are "Caucasian" vs. "Asiatic" (Mongoloids) or "Negroid" (native Ghanans, along with a host of other "black" Africans).

Make sense now?
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
31 Dec 2017 #59
Yeah it makes sense. So you're white. So are Semites always white, or can they be non-white? That might then explain why some Jews say they are not white, although it wouldn't explain why they say they are not white, but Jewish, given that Jews, as yourself, can be white, so being Jewish doesn't necessarily stop you being white. I.e. you can be both.
Lyzko 31 | 7,799
31 Dec 2017 #60
Be careful with nomenclature, Wielki! "White" refers more to the perceived skin color than it does to the racial ethnicity. For example, Hispanics, Berbers and Hindus among various other nationalities belong technically to the Caucausian race, although they are usually a good deal darker than Germans, Swedes or Brits, although the latter are all under the umbrella of "Caucasian", even if not superficially "white".


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