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Why are so many Polish people INTJ's in Myers Briggs Type Indicator?

Paulina 13 | 3,406
23 Jun 2022 #31
Take the test for yourself and find out... report back on what you come out as..

I did a quick test in Polish on 16personalities site and my result was INFP-T. I've got to say that I had problems about deciding about some questions (I was trying not to give "neutral" answers, as advised by the site) and the description of that type doesn't seem to describe me 100%. A lot of it is correct though, I guess.

I saw the most common type in Poland is INFP

Does that mean that I'm a typical Pole? lol ;)
Where did you see such info that the most common type in Poland is INFP?


Ah, so these are results for Poland:

But I've checked some different countries and in every country INFP-T is the most common type. So I guess I'm more like a typical human? lol Or a typical internet user? Dunno... 🤔🤷
jon357 71 | 21,124
23 Jun 2022 #32
I did one an interesting result. I'll have another go later and of the result is the same, I'll post it.

different countries

Do the questions they ask vary according to culture and gender?
jon357 71 | 21,124
23 Jun 2022 #34
Similar but different results.

The first one is INFP-T and the second one is ENFP-T

Hard to imagine that the same questions would suit people from vastly different cultures.
OP Neczypor 1 | 21
23 Jun 2022 #35
I did have a Croatian acquaintance, not really a girlfriend (but she acted like we were), and I could've sworn she was an INFP herself.

INTJ and INFP's are a common personality combination. According to Socionics, it's called Relations of Benefit, which are quite common among boyfriends and girlfriends.
jon357 71 | 21,124
23 Jun 2022 #36
Asking a man in Paris and a woman in Saudi Arabia the same question about initiating meetings within a social circle or approaching new people at parties and then assigning them to a 'personality type' based on that doesn't seem very effective.

Or asking the same questions about deadlines, to do lists, and last minute tasks in New Jersey and sub-Saharan Africa where concepts of linear and nonlinear linear time are different are likely to be meaningless.

Or asking about life after death in Italy and in Thailand, Japan, India or Israel are very different kettles of fish.

Perhaps there are other personality tests which reflect that.
OP Neczypor 1 | 21
23 Jun 2022 #37
Just take it for yourself and tell us what you come out as..
jon357 71 | 21,124
23 Jun 2022 #38
I did above

Are there really a specific number of 'types' though?
OP Neczypor 1 | 21
23 Jun 2022 #39
You can really only be one type, I think.
RussianAntiPutin 8 | 242
23 Jun 2022 #40
No, worldwide INFP is actually a kind of rare type, not extremely, and more common in women.
OP Neczypor 1 | 21
23 Jun 2022 #41
Majority of Polish people I've met are either ISFJ, ISTJ and INTJ, as I stated above.

It's a majority Catholic country so it doesn't surprise me that most of the women are ISFJ's. That can be considered the most religious personality type and the most Feminine.

Maybe on the Internet, it's different. But I noticed that at least off the Internet, those three are the most common among Poles.

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