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Is the Polish-Polish war ending? Is the PiS-PiS war beginning?

19 Feb 2020 #1
Never a dull moment in Polish politics...

The Central Anticorruption Bureau (CBA) sent people to search the NIK office of Marian "Mack Daddy" Banaś, resulting in the arrest of his son... Then Banaś, the head of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) sent his attack dogs to audit the offices of Public Prosecutor General, none other than the very uncharming Zbigniew Ziobro..

Will the two sides tear each other apart? Will someone pass the popcorn!
cms neuf
19 Feb 2020 #2
Was watching. TVP in the gym and they showed only the first part of the story - nothing about Ziobro. Not sure which of those is worse but I think we are going to see the problem with ziobro being prosecutor and the judges reporting to him
19 Feb 2020 #3
I was even wondering if it wasn't on purpose- now this will be main topic and takes attention from all the other things. Plus they can claim higher ground- look, we go after our people too...
OP mafketis
19 Feb 2020 #4
I was even wondering if it wasn't on purpose-

Only if one faction decisively wins (as in gets Banaś to resign)... otherwise it just makes them all look crooked....
19 Feb 2020 #5
PiS are desperately trying to cover Lichocka`s scandalous finger. The drowning man clutches at a straw.
19 Feb 2020 #6
And I have just read a comment which might shed more light on the situation: PiS sent secret services to Banaś` offices and houses to find out what papers he has against PiS. The commenter said: hopefully, Banaś didn`t keep his files at home but in a safe place and when he is pressed too much, they will surface, causing a little earthquake.
19 Feb 2020 #7
Only if one faction decisively wins

You have to wonder what Banaś is plotting. He's handing out black eye after black eye to PiS, and he seems to be remarkably effecient when it comes to conducting audits and hammering PiS with them.
OP mafketis
23 Jul 2021 #8

Mafia war in Polish Government? (Banaś vs Ziobro)

First PiS chose Marian "Mack Daddy" Banaś (pimp number one of the 4th Republic) as the new President of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) and then couldn't get him to resign when he became inconvenient and he came into open conflict with the party, especially legal tsar Zbigniew Ziobro (d

The latest chapter has seen the son of Banaś being arrested in an airport as he returned from vacation.

The conflict has been compared to a mafia war...,79cfc278

What's going on here?
21 Oct 2023 #9
PIS vs PIS war has begun after the lost elections. Various factions in PIS are accusing each other of flunking the ultimate exam. Of course, nobody is accusing the Chairman who held all the strings with the puppets who did as he told them or expected. Yet. One presidential advisor suggested it is time for Kaczyński to retire.

Goddess forbid! The longer Kaczyński remains the Chairman, the sooner and deeper the complete demise of PiS will be.
21 Oct 2023 #10
the sooner and deeper the complete demise of PiS will be.

Don't be so sure....
21 Oct 2023 #11
I am coz all signs suggest it. Soon I will ellucidate on the matter, Stay tuned.
21 Oct 2023 #12
Stay tuned.

No point, it will just be repeated communist propaganda.
22 Oct 2023 #13
the sooner and deeper the complete demise of PiS will be.

I look into the future with optimism. PIS have lost the elections and this is the beginning of their end. Their chairman proves he doesn`t understand the reasons of his party`s defeat and refuses to face the reality as it is.

Excellent. It means they are going to stick to the same methods which led to the victory of the pro democratic opposition. Next year we are going to vote in local gov and EU parliament ballots. If PiS loses them too, party activists and politicians will demand the resignation of the Chairman. If he resigns, PIS will fall apart due to faction fighting. If he doesn`t, PIS will go down further, without any hope for winning any future elections.

This way or another, they are doomed. Isn`t it wonderful??? :):):)

One day, after PiS` complete demise, rightists might create a new political entity. But they will have to immensely modify their ideology to better suit to the times we are living in and to most people`s expectations. E.g,, they have to get rid of their hatred or contempt for various groups, like women or LGBT.
OP mafketis
22 Oct 2023 #14
repeated communist propaganda

The only people warbling about 'communist propaganda' are some fossils in PiS and their supporters and out-of-touch Polonia who don't realize the country has moved on.

No one under 40 cares about 'communism'...

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