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20% of Poland's 15-year-old are bullied at school; 21% feel like outsiders

Polonius3 983 | 12333
28 Apr 2017 #1
One in five Polish 15-year-olds get bullied and 21 percent of pupils that age say they feel like outsiders at their school.

The findings come from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a worldwide study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. It asked pupils how comfortable they feel in their schools and about their relations with their peers.

Pupils report being ridiculed, called names, provoked, being gossiped about, and having their belongings stolen or damaged, as well as experiencing aggression on the internet, but physical violence is relatively rare.

Here is a surprising bit of data: The highest level of aggression at school is suffered by children in Lithuania and New Zealand. Hard to imagine any two more different countries.

Bullying is a British speciality. Have you personally ever felt bullied at school? What about the non-Brits on PF?
delphiandomine 86 | 17920
30 Apr 2017 #2
and having their belongings stolen or damaged

I've witnessed this once, and I think you'll be pleased to know that I took it very seriously. The bully in question was made not only to replace the damaged things, but I also banned him from taking anything to school for a month except the things required in school. It was also made clear that he was not to touch anyone else's things, and if he did, he would be sitting by himself until I decided to release him from the punishment.

I have zero time for bullies, although I also don't believe that kids should be forced to like someone. If someone is weird, so be it, just leave them alone and let them be weird by themselves. The same bully I mentioned above also kicked another kid hard in the corridor right in front of me. I've never shouted at kids, but he got a 45 minute 'discussion' in which I made it crystal clear to him that he was playing by my rules, and my rules could be far worse than anything he could think of. He asked me for an example, and I asked him how he would like to serve dinner for a month to the kids that he had attempted to bully, including laying tables and generally acting as a waiter for them.

Interestingly, Polly, I've also witnessed parents bullying other parents.
Ironside 50 | 12540
30 Apr 2017 #3
Why 15 years old?
30 Apr 2017 #4

Do you have a link to the PISA study?
30 Apr 2017 #5
Why 15 years old?

Probably a specific age range was selected to be interviewed. I remember this being the case with another thread he started regarding child poverty in Poland.
pawian 223 | 24385
10 May 2019 #6

Pupil fatally stabs his classmate at school

Each year another border is crossed. So far, we have heard about such tragic incidents taking place in other countries. This time it has occured in Poland.

Two pupils in a primary school in Warsaw argued and one used a knife several times. Despite rescuers` efforts, the wounded pupil died.

There had been school stabbings before, I remember two or three cases since 1989, but never with such tragic consequences.
Strzelec35 26 | 848
25 Nov 2020 #7

Regarding all the women topics here

I think this is a very relevant newssource I just saw on my Facebook feed from a group called "Chcemy Polski biz nienawiƛci":,44425,26540344,jutro-w-lazience-zrobisz-mi-loda-rowiesnicy-miesiacami-maltretowali.html?fbclid=IwAR1gai7XGbvOkdOQzxMV5YGvPq70HPWY6a1WweFGqEwspoqY8msGWwPMnyE#s=BoxWyboImgLink

Apparently some young Polish lad found another young female Polish gal and proceeded to do the dodo on her face with his pants to show off in class. Was u fink? was u guys fink? It is bad behavior sure but normal in Poland amongst small villgae schools and teachers dont react to it?
johnny reb 48 | 7443
25 Nov 2020 #8
P0rn boy, what brings you back here ?
I thought you got a permanent suspension.

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