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Should the Poland's municipal guard (straż miejska) be scrubbed?

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
25 Aug 2013 #1
What is your opinion of Warsaw's (and other Polish cities') low-level policing force called the straż miejska? Lawbreakers don't treat them as seriously as they do the police and frequently insult and slight them.

What is the situation like in your countries? In the States there are meter maids who issue tickets for parking violations.
Personally, I would just re-badge Poland's municipal guards and call them police, maybe expand their competence a bit, without necessarily giving them firearms. What do you think?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
25 Aug 2013 #2
In the UK:

* civil enforcement officers who can issue tickets for litter (in some towns only), sometimes known as street wardens (they are unarmed)

* traffic wardens/parking attendants are another form of civil enforcement officer as parking offences were decriminalised (they are unarmed)

* accredited persons are appointed by the local chief constable (police chief) in some towns and have some powers by designation, eg issue tickets for anti-social behaviour (unarmed usually)

* community first responders - status varies, usually medics but may have law enforcement duties (probably unarmed but I am not sure)

* community support officers or police community support officers (same thing) are civil enforcement officers attached to the police and the closest we have to the SM. They are sometimes nicknamed "plastic police" or "Blunkett's bouncers" (named after the politician who introduced them to the UK). They carry handcuffs but have limited powers to detain a person, and they need constable (actual police) assistance for all suspect processing. (Transport services' PCSOs can carry a baton in addition to handcuffs.)

The main advantage of the above categories is they are either free or cheaper to employ than a fully qualified police constable.

(a ticket is a fine or mandat in Polish)

My opinion for the UK is that PCSOs have a role but we need more full police. For Poland, SM seem to have batons and cuffs, and perhaps they make a worthwhile contribution, but I don't really know. I see them patrol with police in Poland, which is exactly what happens on the beat in the UK.
SSB123 - | 3
18 Nov 2020 #3

letter Straż Miejska - warsaw

Hello .
I have recevied letter from Straz Miejska . it is in polish
they did include anything about how to pay the fines should I go to straz Miejska ?
if anyone want to help send you Instagram account or anything else , I will contact you

thank you in advance
Looker - | 1,076
18 Nov 2020 #4
No scan, no help
pawian 176 | 14,299
18 Nov 2020 #5
You are supposed to send the OP your Instagram address.
SSB123 - | 3
19 Nov 2020 #6
@ Looker

fair enough , I am so stressed about , never crossed my mind to scan it :)
tell me what you think .

I needed to change its size to be able to upload it
I hope you can still read it

Cargo pants 2 | 831
19 Nov 2020 #7
, I am so stressed about

Damn,stressed from a letter from Straz?? Seriously how old are you?
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
19 Nov 2020 #8

We only have two in the village and they have covid !!!!!, dunno what they do??? always seem to be outside the petrol station eating crappy hot dogs or doughnuts.
Looker - | 1,076
19 Nov 2020 #9
did include anything about how to pay the fines should I go to straz Miejska ?

What they need first from you is to fill those statements out - part B and C, (what about part A?) and sent them to the provided address.

Part B - the driver's data and signature, part C - in the case you don't want to reveal personal data of the driver, and you agree to pay the fine - your data and signature needed.

After receiving those statements they will sent to the address given the details how to pay the fine.
SSB123 - | 3
20 Nov 2020 #10

thank you so much for your help :) your the best
No A , only B and C
I have 2 more questions
do I write down the same address in point 7 +8 in C and 2 +3 in B
so I can only fill in B and leave C blank ?
Looker - | 1,076
20 Nov 2020 #11
The "B" part is required only when you, as the car owner, lent someone your car to drive. The address field here is the address of this person (B.2 - home address, B.3 - address for correspondence in Poland)

If you drove the car yourself then you should fill the "C" part and write in C.7 - your home address, C.8 - your mailing address in Poland.
pawian 176 | 14,299
5 Jan 2021 #12
What do you think?

No, of course not. Let them work and track down illegally parked cars which are a nuisance when they block your drive. Also, track down those idiots who burn rubbish or other illegal substances and one can`t even open the window at night. .

One more thing - 3 years ago I found a bat at my garage door. I took care of it and called the municipal police who sent an eco patrol to retrieve it.

About 10 years ago they fined me for illegal parking next to the Opera House but I already forgave them that hostile act. hahaha

Cargo pants 2 | 831
5 Jan 2021 #13
called the municipal police

You didnt grill it???
I never pay tickets on my American car but for this I paid 120pln

pawian 176 | 14,299
5 Jan 2021 #14
No, I put it on the newspaper and left in the garage to warm coz I was going to work. Later my wife brought a box for the bat but it had disappeared and she couldn`t find it anywhere. She left the box on the floor. When I came from work, I found the bat in the box - it had flown into there on its own. Amazing.
Cargo pants 2 | 831
5 Jan 2021 #15
it had flown into there on its own. Amazing

A teacher nearby may have taught him to.
pawian 176 | 14,299
5 Jan 2021 #16
Why do you say him? Can you recognise the bat`s sex from the photo??

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