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Characterizing Poland's political parties

ismellnonsense - | 118
2 Feb 2013 #31
it would be a great read
if it wasnt totally incorrect

Poland as a state was falling to pieces by 1981
the police state was barely functioning
and by the mid 80s
there was effectively a state within a state as the people simply ignored the authorities
east Germany was far more repressed than Poland by that point
the murder of one priest does not make a police state
antheads 13 | 355
2 Feb 2013 #32
the murder of one priest does not make a police state

Got any evidence to back that up buddy? The Institute of National Rememberance would beg to differ. I've just presented two academic books and abstracts pointing to the opposite, what do u have in response? All those happy RPL joyfull couples stating it was a socialist paradise.? Or maybe your own made up forum memories of a time you know nothing about. And a country you know nothing about except the date you arrived. You are clueless. Come back when you have served your suspension Delphiadomine AKA ismellnonsense . And stop breaking the TOS
29 Oct 2016 #33
Merged: Research questions about the political parties in Poland and the EU

Dzień dobry!

I am currently writing a paper on euroscepticism in Poland among the political parties, but i have some difficulties finding information about the official opinion among the parties. So far as i can see, the largest parties is not directly against the EU, but declare a kind of soft euroscepticism, in that sense that they think the fundament of the organisation is "wrong" - they want a more intergovernmentalist approach and do not think the EU should be able to interfere with national politics. But i have to support this claim, by some sources in polish. My polish is not that good yet, and as already stated, I find it difficult to find some good examples on the opinion from larger parties as PO, PiS, PSL and SDL.

I would be more than happy to hear your five cents about the subject and also if you know some good articles in polish (english goes aswell), where they state the official opinion about the EU or some related (if such exist clearly formulated).

Dzięki z góry!

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