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New TVP English language news channel

jon357 71 | 20,412
18 Nov 2021 #1
TVP World was launched today. It had been planned for some time however the launch was brought forward due to the Belarus border issue.

Worth mentioning that it's state TV and is expected to put forward the government's point of view, however I've had a look today and as channels like this go it seems so far worth watching and isn't just a Polish version of Russia's RT or Iran's PressTV.

Obviously on one hand, the same pinch of salt is required as with any foreign government's English-language service however on the other hand, some of the analysis offered that I've seen today is both insightful and intelligent.

Hard to know who will watch it though, or whether it will be eventually picked up by any overseas TV platforms. Hopefully it will be interesting to watch and will at least aim for neutrality on some controversial issues rather than just be an official mouthpiece. Time will tell.

My main criticism after watching it today is that some of the presenters and interviewees have a very poor accent and pronunciation when speaking English, to the point of making their delivery difficult to understand. It's available on their own website plus a youtube channel. I'm used to Poles speaking English at all levels, however this issue may be very off-putting for people who don't.

Here's the link:
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
18 Nov 2021 #2
Spotlight English in Germany, as I recall, wasn't much better.
At least hire speakers/readers from the BC abroad such as the local
Consulates, rather than have native German speakers with their
wooden diction and faulty idiom.
OP jon357 71 | 20,412
18 Nov 2021 #3
wooden diction

There were a couple of presenters on today who were hard to understand, and some of the interviewees would have benefitted from subtitles.

There's no shortage of native speakers of English here, plus there are plenty of locals who've lived abroad.
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
18 Nov 2021 #4
Spot on, jon! Just plain laziness or terminal cheapness, probably.
OP jon357 71 | 20,412
20 Nov 2021 #5
It sounds like they're using a voice synthesiser to slow down the speech slightly. Not a grea5 effect. It makes it sound like somebody's home made YouTube video.
Alien 8 | 1,270
21 Nov 2021 #6
" Deutsche Welle-DW" only uses native speakers.
amiga500 2 | 1,374
21 Nov 2021 #7
Yes even the turkish and iranian efforts have flawless english speakers, they could easily hire expat and polonia journalists, though i can see the fear in hiring notesfrompoland types who will refuse to tow the line and cause trouble against the goverment.
OP jon357 71 | 20,412
21 Nov 2021 #8
cause trouble against the goverment.

Isn't that part of journalism?

It would be a shame if this became Poland's RT.
OP jon357 71 | 20,412
21 Nov 2021 #9
According to YouTube, 31 people are watching right now. The live feed on their website isn't working so they have 31 viewers on a Sunday evening. Perhaps numbers will pick up if they manage to get it space on some countries' digital platforms.
amiga500 2 | 1,374
21 Nov 2021 #10
The live feed on their website isn't working so they have 31 viewers

People can watch it from the website as well as the tvp app. (which i have installed on my google tv) I'm sure they have a lot more viewers than that.
OP jon357 71 | 20,412
21 Nov 2021 #11
Probably a few more, sińce the vod TVP website isn't a big one.
amiga500 2 | 1,374
21 Nov 2021 #12
it's the equilivant to bbc iplayer, where poles and polonia can watch serials and films and documentaries for free so yes its quite popular.
OP jon357 71 | 20,412
21 Nov 2021 #13

Not quite an equivalent, and far, far fewer users.

So far, TVP World has not been a success. Same of that may be down to teething troubles. More may be down to quality and lack of demand.

Perhaps things may improve if they provide a broader focus.
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
23 Nov 2021 #14
Yes, Alien, native GERMAN, not English, speakers! Announcers should be native or at least bilingual native to the language they are announcing, with zero detectable second language interference, full stop.
Alien 8 | 1,270
23 Nov 2021 #15
DW in English uses native to the English language speakers. Some of them are also Germans.
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
23 Nov 2021 #16
Good to know-:)

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