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Wszystkich Świętych (All Saints Day) // Dzien Zaduszny (All Souls day)

jon357 71 | 21,124
30 Oct 2020 #61
You could always go to one of the protests. Honour those from the past by helping create a brighter future.
cms neuf - | 2,097
30 Oct 2020 #62
I went to the cemetery this morning - quite a lot of people but easy to keep a safe distance

Probably the family gatherings afterwards are more of an issue
Atch 17 | 3,791
30 Oct 2020 #63
Poles can`t practise their perennial tradition.

You could make a little ceremony in your home, set up an altar with flowers, a candle for each deceased loved one, a photo if you have one or something that represents them, gather and say a prayer together. In Ireland of course, Hallowe'en is the more important festival and that won't be happening this year in the usual way, also a break with ancient tradition.
kaprys 3 | 2,286
30 Oct 2020 #64
I've been asking my parents to stay home for All Saints Day for some time now. As much as I am gonna miss this tradition, I believe it's necessary to stay home this year.

I will say my prayers at home this year. I hope to light a candle by our church this year.
jon357 71 | 21,124
30 Oct 2020 #65
I believe it's necessary to stay home this year.

Sadly it makes sense this year.
pawian 202 | 21,108
31 Oct 2020 #66
A priest in certain small village renamed the cemetery into a Cemetery Park and opened it for the holiday

In Przemyśl, all municipal cemeteries are open to all. The reason - a lot of funerals.

pawian 202 | 21,108
3 Nov 2020 #67
This year cemeteries in Poland weren`t lit with thousands of lanterns like every year- the government closed them all

However, they announced it on the last day before the holiday, taking visitors and traders by surprise. Instead of putting the flowers and lanterns on graves, people put them before ruling party contact offices and headquarters in towns and cities.

Slogans on banners - the last farewell

Excellent initiative.

pawian 202 | 21,108
1 Nov 2021 #68
I am so old but every year I run into sth new. Today I spotted a patriotic lantern to put on historic graves, e.g., at WW2 execution sites. Great.

Lyzko 40 | 8,740
1 Nov 2021 #69
This then is dífferent from Halloween.
mafketis 35 | 11,677
1 Nov 2021 #70
Extremely so.

European holidays are often divided into a somber part (advent, lent) and a happier, fun part (christmas, easter).

With the late october/early november holiday Poland kept the somber part while the US kept the fun part.
jon357 71 | 21,124
2 Nov 2021 #72
I am so old but every year I run into sth new.

This year (last night even), I went to Maria Dąbrowska's and Władysław Reymont's graves, then walked to the other Powązazki cemetary to remember a friend who's there. The atmosphere is always very special, especially at Stare Powązki.
jon357 71 | 21,124
2 Nov 2021 #73
This is how some in Poland (Romani people) celebrate the festival. Dom Vasyl is a well-known traditional musician: The pictures are from the cemetery in Ciechocinek.
mafketis 35 | 11,677
2 Nov 2021 #74
ome in Poland (Romani people)

your link doesn't work, try this
jon357 71 | 21,124
2 Nov 2021 #75

There was music at Stare Powązki too, though very solemn and just a violin.
pawian 202 | 21,108
30 Oct 2022 #76
All Saints` Day celebration also for Ukrainians:

In two Poznań city cemeteries - in Miłostowo and Junikowo - they put boulders with the Ukrainian colours. The citizens of Ukraine can symbolically lay a candle there for their deceased relatives, and the rest of Poznań residents can celebrate the victims of the war beyond our eastern border.

- All Saints' Day is very important for Poles. We place flowers and candles on the graves as an expression of our memory of those who have passed away. However , many Ukrainian citizens who came to Poznań after the war broke out do not have such a possibility. That is why we have created a place where they can, at least symbolically light a candle, put a bunch of flowers, stand in silence and reflection- emphasized the president of Poznań, Jacek Jaśkowiak.

Alien 12 | 2,773
31 Oct 2022 #77
Today is Reformations Day. It is a day off in our part of Germany. My family come yesterday back from Zürich. Today we can celebrate a Birthday in a family. White Porto by Offley is a good choice. Chilled in a small glass with 4 lemon drops, super good. You can slowly sip it in the afternoon.

One more thing. White port is not really white. It is amber in color.

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