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Popular and Practical Cars in Poland

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
28 Jun 2010 #31
Those who recall the PRL may remrmber the Škoda model 1000MB. Poles used to joke that it stood for 'tysiąc małych błędów'.
roca 7 | 43
8 Oct 2011 #32
an old crappy, rusty and small fiat. This is the most popular car among the kurwa boys.
polishmama 3 | 279
17 Feb 2012 #33
In regards to the prices of shipping and to placing items in cars while shipping, I have to say that the information given is completely incorrect. As a person who used to work in Export and who's specialty was Europe, containers and cars.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
17 Feb 2012 #34
Then why don't you inform us as to the correct prices?

Seems strange to post "I know better than you and I'm not going to tell you".
polishmama 3 | 279
17 Feb 2012 #35
You have to contact a shipping company/freight forwarder, and you have to know the year, make and model of your vehicle, the port of origin and the port of destination. Those factors play a huge impact on the prices. Also, prices change month to month. So, accurately, I also cannot quote you prices.

Just like if I told you an airline ticket to Poland is $400. From where? To where? When (is this May 2008 or tomorrow at 8am)? What flight? What airline? Is it roundtrip? etc. And, like an airline ticket, because the prices change, the price for the same exact vehicles going from and to the same location might not cost the same because they might be booked at different times.

And I didn't post "I know better than you and I'm not going to tell you". I posted that the prices being told above are like my example of a airline ticket to Poland.

If anyone is interested in learning facts and tips about shipping a car, they are welcome to contact me or read the blog.
24 Dec 2016 #36
For the question pf the most popular car in Poland, there is only one reply - VW Passat B5 1.9 TDI, ofcourse combi version, that can carry every countryside stuff. Its just quintessence of our countryside mode of transportation and carrying stuff. If you see any of Passat or VW from 2000-2005 on Polish roads, theres 99% of chanse, thats TDI version, always 1.9. The most exclusive are those exported from Germany. Every man, whose name is Janusz or Mirek car like this is biggest dream, 1st wife, and love to end of live. And remember, always TDI, because Ursus and Zetor runs on diesel too
26 May 2020 #37

Are Japanese cars popular in Poland?

The last Auris (2013-2019) is everywhere in The Netherlands. Imo it looks better than the Golf or the Ford Focus and certainly is more reliable than them and other Euro rivals. Is it popular in Poland? And what about the fantastic SUV RAV4? And what about the Honda Civic, Accord or Subaru Impreza? The best way Poles can stick it to Germany is refusing to buy theur cars and opt for realiable makes like the Japanese, Korean and Volvo.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,537
28 May 2020 #38

There are Japanese cars in Poland but mainly Toyotas.
In general Poles buy European cars though, mainly German but there are a lot of Skoda's too.
jon357 71 | 20,423
28 May 2020 #39
Kia cars are popular in Poland now.

The best way Poles can stick it to Germany

I don't think people particularly want to do that. Cost and reliability are the main factors.
31 May 2020 #40
Well German cars are anything but reliable.
jon357 71 | 20,423
31 May 2020 #41
German cars

German cars are known for their reliability!
31 May 2020 #42
Old ones maybe. This is not the Audi 100 C4 days. New ones are less reliable and cost a fortune to fix. Probably more reliable than French or Italian but less than Volvo or the Japanese. German brands fail in the US where people really drive a lot.
jon357 71 | 20,423
31 May 2020 #43
They're still considered good; Mercedes can last for many years if maintained well.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,537
31 May 2020 #44
German cars are known for their reliability

Not anymore.
They are failing miserably.....Japanese and far eastern nation cars are much more reliable.
jon357 71 | 20,423
31 May 2020 #45
That's a shame, they used to be the best, especially compared to some French and Italian cars. I won't even mention the Morris Ital...

Someone told me once that Mazda never ever break down. You don't see many of those in Poland though. Lots of Kia which are popular here, and I think made in Poland.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,537
1 Jun 2020 #46
I think they are made in Slovakia.
jon357 71 | 20,423
1 Jun 2020 #47
They also have a large presence here.
jon357 71 | 20,423
1 Jun 2020 #48
Some Opels are produced here.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,537
1 Jun 2020 #49
Yes and a lot of Fiat's too of course.

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