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Flowers on a grave in Poland - how to order and deliver from abroad?

Lovemysam2865 1 | 3
26 Jul 2018 #1
So I was able to find my father's cemetery; he was buried in the cemetery of Bd Vincent Kadłubek parish in Jedrzejow.

How would I go about ordering flowers to put on the grave and how would that be handled money-wise? Does Poland use Paypal? I am at a loss as to how to do this. It looks like the cemetery mgmt company Jarosz handles flowers, just not sure how I would pay. They can't be ordered online so I'm concerned about the language barrier over the phone.

Any advice appreciated! Thanl you!!
Tlum 10 | 150
15 Oct 2018 #2
Yes, Poland has Paypal service available. You can probably find some websites using search term like 'kwiaty kurierem na cmentarz' - I think there are even services that would deliver flowers directly from a flower shop to to cemetery.
Atch 17 | 2,919
15 Oct 2018 #3
Here you go OP, Interflora Poland, site is all in English and you can pay with PayPal :)) They will arrange delivery to cemetery.

Personally I don't like the sympathy arrangements much but I'm sure you could arrange for any kind of bouquet.

Bear in mind that with 1 November coming up florists will be very busy so be sure to order soon if you want them on the grave for that day.
OP Lovemysam2865 1 | 3
5 Dec 2018 #4
Thank you everyone! I found a very nice florist in Jedrzejow who has delivered flowers 3 x to my father's grave and she emails me photos as well. 👍
Atch 17 | 2,919
5 Dec 2018 #5
Oh that's lovely news. I'm delighted for you. Thank you for letting us know :)
OP Lovemysam2865 1 | 3
9 Dec 2018 #6
As a result of placing flowers on the grave, I have found 8 or 9 first was wondering where the flowers were coming from! So I finally have a family! Thank you!

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