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Advice on travelling to Poland - help for Ukrainian refugees

1 Mar 2022 #1
Hello, I'm planning on driving to Poland, taking people and supplies to the border of Ukraine and potentially picking up refugees that wish to come to the UK. Does anyone have advice on groups I could contact here in the UK that could help me organise it? Thank you!
Paulina 13 | 2,954
1 Mar 2022 #2
I live in Poland, so I don't know about the UK, but I know of people in Poland who are collecting stuff for Ukrainian soldiers - from gear to medical stuff - all of this is being taken directly to Ukraine. Would you be interested in contacting them?
OP LifttoUkraine
1 Mar 2022 #3
Hi Paulina, thanks for replying, yes I would definitely be interested in contacting them. How is best to arrange that? Thanks!
Paulina 13 | 2,954
1 Mar 2022 #4
Could you register on this forum? I would send you info in a private message then.
Paulina 13 | 2,954
1 Mar 2022 #6

I've sent you a private message. Btw, the title of my message should be "Aid for Ukraine" - my phone changed it to "Sid for Ukraine", God knows why ;D I was so focused on gathering all the contacts, that I didn't notice the spelling mistake, sorry for that lol
rc2pc2 - | 1
1 Mar 2022 #7

Asking advice on moving to Poland, on the Ukrainian border

Hello everybody, and thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post.

My name is Riccardo, and I am an Italian software developer, I am firmly intended to move into Poland as soon as I will be able, possibly in the busiest zone in terms of refugees on the Ukrainian border.

I am finding it hard to understand how the border is organized, and volunteering organizations won't answer my calls or emails.
But at this point I don't want to be dependent on anybody, just going there and helping in doing everything that's needed.

I am asking for help here because I'd like to have some guidance in:
- the place I should go (I selected Medyka as the busiest, am I right?)
- a flat/house monthly rental with a solid internet connection (paramount, since I still have to work remotely in the mornings), my budget is ideally below 2500PLN per month, since I am paying everything for myself (the less the better, of course).

- somebody to guide me in what could be helpful to do or just to make some connections.

The online postings I tried to reserve (via gratka, kurpiel, etc.) have been already taken.

Thanks, everybody, from the bottom of my heart.
Please stay safe.
gumishu 12 | 6,007
1 Mar 2022 #8

It's not like I would like to discourage you from going there but firstly there are plenty of Polish and Ukrainian volunteers on the spot (who have little to no language barrier):

secondly Medyka itself is a small place and I doubt you can find a place to stay there - the nearest city is Przemyśl whis is about 15 km from Medyka - if you don't have a car that may be a big problem (unless you work as a part of a volunteer team who travel together)

I have had a quick look at the places for rent in Przemyśl and there is not many of them (they are not expensive (in the range of 1000 -1500 PLN) but they are few which probably means they are currently sought after)

as for charities and similar not answering e-mails: firstly they are busy currently, secondly it is not typical of Polish institutions and businesses to answer emails unless they are interested in you (I know it sounds strange and rude but that's how it is in Poland for the most part)

ultimately my advice is not to come here unless you get in contact and arrange things with an institution that looks for volunteers (keep on trying to contact them)

it is very kind and magnanimous of you to be willing and ready to help and you deserve a big thanks for that

take care
gumishu 12 | 6,007
1 Mar 2022 #9

well, if you fail to contact Polish volunteer organizations you can try international institutions like this:

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