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Eastern Orthodox in Gdansk?

2 Jan 2015 #1
Anyone know of an Eastern Orthodox church - or community - in Gdansk ?
I've been to the church on Traugutta but it seems different.

I'm trying to find some Russian-language prayer cards on behalf of a friend.

Bieganski 17 | 896
2 Jan 2015 #2
The Orthodox Church in Poland is autocephalous. Today the Orthodox faith is practiced in many countries and in local languages and is not realized only through the Russian language. The original language of the early Orthodox Church was Koine Greek.
jon357 72 | 21,114
2 Jan 2015 #3
Apart from ul. Traugutta, they also have the liturgy at one of their two cemetery chapels - times vary, so you'll need to ask at Sw. Mikolaj on Traugutta, however it's usually on Saturdays.

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