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Communication and Polish culture

Strzelec35 28 | 876
29 Apr 2021 #1
I've noticed that sometimes what I presume to be someone very rude to me or just disrespectful is actually just the way many Polish people communicate even to one another.Like sometimes it seems someone is attacking you or raising their voice but they are raising their frustrations on something else like the system or other stuff than you personally. Like they may be mad at their work culture or the health care industry or bureaucracy rather than you approaching them and trying to get something done but they sometimes will just not let you say a word. It is same trying to return an item with a receipt in a store. Like they treat it as a slap in the face even if the item doesn't work or work as advertised or intended. I think communication issue and even if you know the language well is difficult because people have different ways of communicating. some people stomp their feet or lack self awareness or want to be right and others are introverts etc. so its difficult sometimes here with this regard. But in us it is mostly just shining you on and not taking even in what you say so thats a diff issue. I used to get pissed and offended and start hating on people here or even got in arguments or fights because i presumed i was being belittled or talked down to but thats just the culture i guess of how some people talk here.

I think the whole culture of communication is different here. It is less of asking questions or a mutual exchange of ideas but more statements or what I think etc.
Lyzko 42 | 9,501
29 Apr 2021 #2
Do try your level best not to impute ethnocentric notions to another culture. Poles I know and have worked with for years simply have often a more up front way of expressing themselves than Anglo-Saxons are used to.
OP Strzelec35 28 | 876
29 Apr 2021 #3
I am watching this hike right now these guys are going on in LA mountains live on youtube and it is fascinating watching it as it happens from Poland where it is night here:

It also shows how different it is in California how people are friendly or communicate with one another even if they dont know each other if theyre hikers coming down a mountain or something.

Also It is more of talking louder or konferencji than the other person vs waiting for them to talk or to jest their opinion in Poland. Maybe this is more common in furorą at place like govt institutions or healthcare or comes from the communist times.

This is why I do not get how so many people here or in Poland are offended to be called Russian. When I was asked or called Russian in the joint I actually took it as a badge of honor or respect and went with the flow. But what I mean is the personality trait of being rude and ignoring people and looking away or not saying hi when you are hiking down or up a hill is a typical only in Poland or Russia trait I think.
Lyzko 42 | 9,501
29 Apr 2021 #4
Don't judge them by YOUR standards of culturally or socially "correct" behavior-:)
Novichok 3 | 7,846
29 Apr 2021 #5
But what I mean is the personality trait of being rude and ignoring people and looking away or not saying hi when you are hiking

That's why I like Americans and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. And that is why I intensely dislike foreigners and especially Asians. No eye contact - you are no better than a park garbage can. I actually like park garbage cans more; they are useful.
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 11,818
29 Apr 2021 #6
Thats what I don't like about USians...

"Hello how are you?"
"I'm fine, thanks! And you?"
"I'm fine too, thanks!"

10 seconds I will never get back....EVERYTIME you meet someone....even complete strangers you never met before and will never meet again....that amounts to hours of lost life time! isn't as if anybody is truly interested in a real answer.

Never having to say anything, cutting out this bullshit ritual and ignoring is so much better!!! :)

Similiar to offering and accepting invitations....all this superficial politeness....nobody believes in anything of these rituals anyhow....why keeping it up then?
Lyzko 42 | 9,501
29 Apr 2021 #7
Mishima Yukio's generation wasn't exactly crazy about us stinky, loutish, primitíve round eye either, so the dislike cuts both ways, as I've expatiated here at some length.

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