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7 Oct 2009
Love / Scottish & Polish relationships [229]

I have been with my Polish guy now for 2 years and we have a lil un on the way. He and his family are very religious where as I am the complete opposite but we so far have not had any troubles. ( That will probably happen when he wants our wee one christened ) His family don't seem to have any problems with me (that I am aware of :) ) & the only issue we have is that my Polish sucks so I cannot communicate properly with his family. I know a lot of Scots who are with Poles and most relationships aint much different to any other relationship
20 Apr 2010
Love / Polish Women Versus Your Local Women ? [289]

POSCO just a lil correction its dead person not died

Hmm so maybe she just wasnt in the mood then and you didnt press her buttons?