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5 Feb 2008
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1044]

OK if you count the big danged portion of Russia as Europe that they show on a map of Europe nowadays, it is central. I think of Poland, Czeck Rep., Slovakia, Lith. Beluraus, Ukraine as Eastern Euro countries
7 Jan 2008
Food / Polish Eating Habits [87]

i kind of take that one back, i do know some who are short round and husky, and tall + husky, still not obiese though
6 Jan 2008
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

Polish women are loyal, I get the impression that most women born in Poland are by no means the permiscuis type. they have morals and respect themselves. Am I wrong?
6 Jan 2008
Food / Polish Eating Habits [87]

the high fat/calorie intake that we need gets burned off in no time. I have yet to meet any obiese polanders. Majority of us in USA and in Poland are generally lean and muscular. + I've noticed we are non lazy people, and probally the hardest of workers physically and mentally
30 Dec 2007
Food / Polish Eating Habits [87]

I think our food/beverage cravings are genetic. I have many polish relatives who are like me, if they miss a meal, you feel like you're going to faint.

+ we all love our beer!
29 Dec 2007
Life / Is the word "Polack"rascist? [185]

I dont mind being called polack as long as they dont mind being called ginny, crout, ruskie or irish prick ect. if you know what i mean. If they can dish it..... they have no option but to take it. thats what go by