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26 Dec 2007
Food / Barszcz czerwony recipe (Beetroot Soup) [48]

Merged: A type of borsht (barszcz) for Christmas - recipe or ideas

hi all, my father tries and mostly fails every easter and Christmas eve to make what we know as "borsht" (barszcz). he has found several recipes for red beet borsht but that is not what he is seeking. he said my gram and aunts used yeast and oatmeal in their versions of the soup. any help will be appreciated. also i am looking for polish cookbooks printed in english. the books i seem to find were printed in the 70's and written in Polish. thanks in advance.
26 Dec 2007
Food / Barszcz czerwony recipe (Beetroot Soup) [48]

Thread attached on merging:

hi everyone, i posted a topic in the general discussion as well.

christmas eve we eat a type of borsht. the recipe consists of water, yeast and oatmeat. my father tries every year to make it right but it never seems to work. my ancestors brought this recipe from poland but im not sure what area. the last 2 generations are now all gone so we are left hanging. all i know is what the recipe calls for and that we call it "borsht". it is apparently a 100 year+ old recipe. thanks,Mike
26 Dec 2007
Life / The Polish Wedding - What is it Like in Poland? [338]

i come from Polish and Slovak ancestors. i live in the US. my wife is polish and italian. when we inquired about a outdoor ceremony the priest told us it had to be indoors " in the presense of God". i said i thought god is everywhere and he snubbed his nose. since then we joined a luthern church and left the catholic church. after hearing all kinds of outdoor wedding stories i belive it all comes down to the priest and or the parish. as with everything else everyone has a different opinion.