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28 Mar 2010
Life / Polish Tattoo (considered the eagle) [29]

I was also thinking of getting a tatoo of the Polish Eagle, it means something to me as my wife is Polish & its a 2nd home for me, havnt got it done yet though ;)
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28 Mar 2010
Travel / Visiting Sopot for a week in late May/start of June looking for restaurants/pubs [17]

The best way to travel from Sopot to Gdańsk is by train, they are very, very punctual, about 1 every 5mins, they are quite cheap & go to the centre of gdańsk (Gdańsk główny)

I enjoy Sfinxs restaurant on długa street, & there is a also very classy restaurant called McDonalds which is tasty hehe!!
Take a tour of the Motława river which goes through the shipyards all the way to westerplatte. Go to the Amber & torture museum. Visit the solidarność museum.

As for beaches, seeing as your staying in Sopot, when you are at the pier you can go to the left of it & outside of the Grand hotel that part of the beach is quite busy & lively, if you go to the right of the pier then its a little more less busy.

If you have the money go to the new Shreidan Hotel Spa, its absoultly brilliant!!!
Also, you must visit Aqua park in Sopot.
Have fun ;)
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25 Feb 2009

All people lie, dosnt matter what nationality they are.
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17 Apr 2008
Genealogy / Polish surnames - Origin and Meaning [26]

Ive heard that Polish people with names ending in "Ski" or "Ska" originate from a family that has had wealth.I dont know how true this is though.