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23 Feb 2008
Life / Is Poland split into two religions: catholicism and non-believers? [103]

can somebody describe to me the Polish religions intact in Poland at the moment.
Some people have said the country is split into 2, catholicism and non believers.
If this is true, can somebody post a picture or something showing which sides which, or maybe paste an article (in english) about it?
Thanks xD
13 Feb 2008
Language / in Polish slang, what is the difference between Siema and Siemka? [64]

I'm learning Polish and I talk to polish friends online, i'm just wondering what context to use Siema and Siemka in.

One of my polish friends said 'siemka' is diminutive or something, but i dont know what that means :S haha

22 Jan 2008
Language / Polish Swear Words [1176]

i think you may be right
but used in slang terms it's.. as above :p lol.

'Source Text
Goń się

Chase one another'
22 Jan 2008
Language / Polish Swear Words [1176]

I dont think that was what he meant haha.
I had 'pierdol sie!' in my msn screename
and my polski friend Seba asked me who it was to.
So i changed it to 'Pierdol sie seba... :p'
so he replied with 'Gon sie :p'
Lol :)
22 Jan 2008
Language / Polish Swear Words [1176]

'Gon sie'
mean **** you in polish slang?