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26 Dec 2007
Life / Wholesale beer prices in Poland [10]

Due to polish regulations (every liquor trade is licenced) and broweries' policy it may be hard to arrange. One just cannot buy a truck of beer to sell outside of Poland.

I was working as a lawyer for beer wholeseller and I know regulations well. At the moment I really dont't know how to round them- but I think it's possible.

I have still some contacts with wholeselers, also if You wish I can try to find a legal way to estabish such bussines

Factory price is abt 1.8- 2.2 zł/bottle (0.5 E) and wholesale 10-20% more

Goodtimes - pls send me PM, as your e-mail is not valid
22 Dec 2007
Law / Setting up small business in Poland? [191]

Your question is so open tha immosibly to anwer.
do you want to know:
How estabish a bussines (registation, taxes, etc)
import/export regulations
market relations prices, etc?

I'm a professional lawyer and I can give You some information and advices or help estabish a bussines. Send me PM or post your e-mail
19 Nov 2007
Law / Setting up small business in Poland? [191]

1. non- european citizens can estabilish sole propietorship (ewidencja działalności gospodarczej) bussiness only if they have permit of settlement or asylum
2. Sole propietor need to pay social security (ZUS) fee abt 800 zł every month, 19% income tax and VAT
3. Without permit You are able only to create corporation and it costs at least few thousens złotych

I'm a lawyer, so I can send some more details (but pls don't misuse my offer)
I can also assist in estabilishig a bussines or any investment
6 Nov 2007
Law / How do I verify a Polish company's existence? [240]

The first: Phisical person have a name and have to use it in bussines(but it's not always executed) partnerships use names of partners and letters s.c. (civil law partnership- for small ones) s.j. (general partnership) or rarely s.k. or S.K-A.

Moral persons use any name and letters sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) or S.A. (stock company)
Officials registers are KRS (National Court Register) for companies and partneships without s.c. and Ewidencja Działalności Gospodarczej in every local community for sole propietorship- s.c. are not registered- only partners of them.

This are only open registers, normally not aviable in internet.
To check your bussines partner you have to know name of owner (probably one) and check him in Municipality of £ódz or maybe it's partnership or company.

I'm a lawyer- you can conact me