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12 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN" [978]

noimmig is a bnp troll........

it's the worst thing to even have a thread up to him... look at my posting history... i aint been here in months because of him... and yet you'd rather he was here than many many many others..... who are staying away ...

because of him...

Get a grip on this site.

I've had a lovely evening on other forums, and thought I'd drop back in here tonight.. after all, it must have calmed down...

... but no... you're still letting him rant on. This aint "free speech".. he's abusive.
17 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Time for the Poles from the UK to go home [437]

Whilst I believe that any violence is wrong I can understand why it is increasingly happening. Im afraid there is just too many poles here now and the English want them out.

I'm English. I don't want them out. You point is therefore, basically, flawed.

Thank you for your effort.
15 Dec 2007
News / Max Kolonko's career as a Polish-American reporter [7]

This was an interesting bit:

In Poland, envy I meet all the time. Poles can be envy of your house, girlfriend, success, money, a car, a dog, anything. Then we go to church and ask God for forgiveness. Then we come back and love sit at a computer desk and under some anonymous nickname we slander anybody for anything. That Poland I'm not proud of at all.

Sound familiar?
29 Nov 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [773]

Postie.... its troll, ignore them if you can.

Noted Buddy! Wont be wasting any time replying to the troll.
28 Nov 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [773]

NEVER trust The BRITISH PROPAGANDAS !!! Everyone KNOWS very well that Brits are the Most RACIST people in EUROPE !!!

Can I ask, what the feck you base that assumption on????

Because, from where i am sitting, in the UK, as an English bloke, it doesn't look remotely true. Yes, we have fuckwits turning up on here who are anti-immigrant, but most UK citizens are here to learn about a different culture or are romantically involved with someone..

Have you ever seen the amount of integration in the UK? It makes the US look lame....
21 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

Quoting: postie
oh yes another little word the banning brigade have brought out , this apparently means your some sort of racist , yes we'll just open our border to 27 countries and if anyone say's anything about it we'll just say their Xenophobic ! why don't we all just be sheep and say nothing because for voicing our opinions were called Xenophobic

Ah, you see, I didn't call you a racist. I called you Xenophobic, which means a fear of foreigners. Much different than a racist, who may like some races, while not liking other races.

Now, I wouldn't have a leg to stand on, in regards to your point, if you made some valid statements. I may not agree with them, but at least it'd be an intelligent point presented with facts in mind.

As it stands, you seem to delight on coming onto an Anglo-Polish site and stating that there are too many foreigners here. Hell, yes, I am one of them... and so are you lennyd. Now where do we draw the line? Do we have to be able to trace our families back to Bears and trees before we qualify as a true Brit?

To me, unlike you, I see that immigration does have positive aspects and I don't just regurgitate Daily Mail leaders.

Here's something for you to get your head around.

Some foreigners come here. They work in lower paid work that is hard for UK businesses to get staff for. They earn a profit for that company. That company, and all of them workers pay tax on what would otherwise not have got done.

Those foreigners have cars, to get to those jobs... they pay tax on the petrol, helping our economy.

I don't know the exact figure, but I'd say a majority of those workers coming to the UK were young, fit and healthy. They aren't an immediate drain on the UK. They contribute. They've got through childhood and tend to be educated. We haven't spent the money on their education.

The UK native population isn't replacing itself and is becoming "greyer" by the year, with an attendant disproportionate burden placed on the tax-paying/working population to cover healthcare and pensions. Young people moving to this country help alleviate the pressure on our own tax system and wont be claiming any pension back for 30-40 years.

Housing may be a shortage, but who is going to build the homes we need? Yup.. that's right, those young immigrants coming to this country. Not just to house themselves, but to cover the increase in housing we need for our own population... and you know what... this economy/ UK businesses will be the ones profiting from that housing boom.

There are positives to immigration, if you care to look for them...

Now.... your turn.. tell me why, you think it'd benefit the UK economy to send everyone home?
21 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

most brits are worried about the polish 1.3 million immigrants here

Most Brits aren't worried about Poles here, so count me out of your stupid, Xenophobic, Little Englander point of view. Thank you.

If you actually talk to "most Brits", they'll say that the Poles are hard working and willing to do the jobs that lazy arsed dole-scrounging Brits aren't willing to do. Most Brits don't have a problem with anyone who comes here and is willing to work. Most Brits don't read the Daily Mail and most Brits don't believe the crap that is written in there. Most Brits form their own opinions about the Poles they meet, for themselves..rather than having their opinion formed from made up stories in the gutter press....

Calm down lennyd, and you might actually enjoy your time on this planet a bit more than you are at present. ;)
15 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / English courses in London [26]

If You know any places where I can learn and work I will be grateful :)

Here one in my town, which is much cheaper to live in than London.

They'll sort accommodation out for you, and from those who I have known who have been to Anglo-lang, they've been quite happy with the families they've been lodged with. No idea on the costs though, sorry.

Hope that helps.

(my town = Scarborough, on the North Yorkshire coast, about 3 hours from London by train, but with access to many other northern UK cities in a lot less time. York is only about 45 mins away, Leeds 1 hour, Manchester 2 hours)
12 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

whatver freedom poles are communists

Eh? Are you serious?

Poland was taken over by the Red Army during WW2 and "communism" was imposed from above.

I personally am a Socialist. I never saw that anything behind the Iron Curtain was in any way Communist, but imposed State Capitalism. (hiya any other former SWP members out there!!!!)

The thing that you say lennyd, about them being "communist" seems to show the level of intellect you are working at. Everyone can be pigeonholed and denigrated for whatever reason you deem fit, because they can't trace their family back in the UK to those who built Stonehenge. It's a ridiculous argument.

I've written elsewhere on here that I am losing money because there is a surfeit of labour available to the employers in this town, and no doubt in other UK towns too. What you seem to forget is that all through Industrial times, when the bosses have wanted to reduce costs, they've driven down wages. It used to be in manufactured unemployment, lay-offs etc. But in no way am I ever going to blame a fellow worker for trying to better their lot. No matter what the colour of their skin, creed, or former Govt.

The truly idiotic thing to me is that you blame those who probably have more in common with your, and my, situation. A few Poles MAY be claiming money here, based on news you've read in a newspaper that has an interest in you blaming those who are fellow workers and not the system that creates this absolute mess in the first place. Poles come here and work. They create profit. If they didn't, the businesses they work for would not employ them. A lot of those business are owned by companies abroad. Those profits go abroad. Are you going to rail against that kind of thing too?

What about businessmen who live in the UK and avoid tax while reaping the benefit of employing low cost workers in the UK.... what about loopholes in the tax system that would absolutely dwarf anything you can imagine about child-benefit being sent to Poland?

The wonderful thing about the UK, and it's what puts the Great in Great Britain is that we're percieved, correctly and incorrectly, as being an open, honest and welcoming nation. I am immensely proud of that. And for everyone who comes here, and works, contributes to the success of this nation, which makes it a better place for me and you.
12 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

Bubbuwoo is right A1makji.

The link you posted up is to a blog that highlights the crap in British journalism, including the gutter based journalism of supposedly investigating benefits paid to foreigners. It dismantles at each stage the article that you claim justifies your position. Therefore, the link you have provided, discredits your own point.

It looks like your weapon of choice has back-fired.
9 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

UFO head?

Erm.... ok... was that meant to be an insult, or complimentary?

9 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / How many of your co-workers in the UK are Polish? [30]

and what is the treatment of Polish workers?

Then I don't quite understand what you mean Patrycja. I thought the original question, that I've quoted, meant are they treated any differently to UK workers, in either a more favourably way or more specifically, treated worse.

As I said... in my experience, everyone is treated equally.
6 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

Oooh... I think that's probably the best reason ever to go into management! LOL

Was he an idle git too?
6 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / How many of your co-workers in the UK are Polish? [30]

From what I've seen... most Poles are treated pretty fairly. But then in the jobs I do... we all do pretty much the same... you can't really pick on someone in a packing line, and make them work any harder, faster or whatever... it's just a packing line.

I think with those Poles I have worked with, some have been happy go lucky, some right miserable sods. And inbetween. And people take them for that. If they yap on the line, then they're liked, if they scowl, they're scowled back at.

Most Brits don't give 2 fucks where someone is from... as long as they're ok.

As for percentages of workers. Hard to say. One place was mostly British, with a smattering of Poles but in highly sought after electronics positions that the Brits had no training in, so for the specialised stuff, 100%, as part of the factory, probably 1%. the magazine factory.... about 10%. Maybe.... but not so much on my shift, but i recognised a lot coming onto the next shift, and they were mostly Polish. (from the Pizza place... they're at the magazine place like me, cos work has dried up where we were last week)

Last week... hard to judge. 3 shifts over 24 hours. About, maybe, 50 - 70 Poles. Some days less. As a percentage of the workforce, erm... no idea.. too big a place to know. On my line, on one night, I was the only non-Polish one there and spoke more Polish that night than I did English.

3 years ago, I met my first Poles, and they were a novelty... now... much different. :)
6 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

Low skilled doesn't mean an idiot, and I apologise if I've given you the impression that I thought that

You didn't..... I was being a tad touchy, as some think that low skilled means *************. A lass I work alongside at the Pizza place has a Phd... her husband leaving her, for someone younger, left her no choice but to go on the agency as she'd sacked her career off to bring up the family and had been out of her field for far too long to make it back in easily, even with a Phd. Like many other British workers, she'd rather work at anything than ponce off the State.

Thanks for your reply there Liza.. a lot to think about. It was nice to see a sensible reply, and... yeah... you know what, I might just look into that TEFL thing, the money is pretty decent around here for that... and if I could have chosen any occupation, I'd have loved to have been a teacher. I like meeting foreigners in the UK and teaching them my language or showing that being British isn't about Xenophobia, but about being open and welcoming. So I guess that kind of marries up two things... don't know why i hadn't thought of it before to be honest... *shock*

there was four polish people starting too why when the lad next door at 18 years old wants a job...

I was laid off from a pretty regular agency placement about 4 weeks ago. On the same day a Polish couple got laid off. All of us agency workers. It was hard for them, as they had lost both incomes in one swoop.

For me, yeah, it annoyed me. But I went back to the agency and picked up some other factory work. What REALLY annoyed me, was the English guy who laid me off, after training me up on a very specialised piece of machinery (Engraving signs for high-end electronic components) then employed his 18 year old son to get trained up on what I was doing. He's already working in the factory and is known as an idle bastard... the factory is short of orders. His Dad was looking out for his sons prospects by giving him an opportunity to add an invaluable skill to his bow... and less likely to be laid off if another round of cuts come. return to your point... the English are happy firing the English.. sod that I have a mortgage and everything, and had never missed a days work (unlike Boy-Wonder) ... so it cuts both ways...

Nice to see you here btw anuska.... I also joined here to learn more about Polish people. Don't take all points made above as being indicative of all Polish..... ;)
6 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

As for those who are low skilled, and generally restricted to low paying jobs, what is stopping you from retraining?

I could probably qualify as "low-skilled". Though in no way am I an idiot. I worked for almost 20 years for one company. I never thought I'd need a "skill" as it was what i liked doing and thought it would see me through to retirement. I've been on the agency since I got booted out of that job.

So, for me, yeah, retraining is a real possibility. Getting a training course on the other hand is nearly impossible. Around here, firstly, there isn't that much training going on. What training that is available is pretty poor. On top of that, if you're actually working, you tend to go to the back of the queue (or have to pay ludicrous fees), in favour of those who aren't working.

Many of those who end up on any worth-while course, are only doing the course because it keeps the Dole off their backs while they sit around scrounging some more, as they're then "in training" and off the Dole count. Then they use whatever skills they have learnt, to do some illegal work while carrying on claiming dole.

Personally, for me, I quite like low-skilled jobs. I'm not career minded, and work to live, rather than live to work. As long as I can pay my bills, I don't care what i do. This week I'm working in 2 factories, one putting leaflets into next weekends sunday newspapers magazine, dull and tedious work, but work. Later this week I'll be packing frozen pizzas.

In the mean-time, I'm learning Polish, as it enhances my life. Maybe I'll find a use for it, maybe it'll just be one of those things I've picked up and it'll never be of any economic use to me. But just because I'm piling leaflets into magazines, doesn't mean I'm not using my brain, I can do that without thinking... having a sheet of Polish words i want to learn next to where I work, passes the time and helps me improve myself.

anyway Liza I would love to stop and chat all day but I'm far too busy in my highly desirable job :)

Me too! LOL

This week I'm working in 2 factories, one putting leaflets into next weekends sunday newspaper magazines, dull and tedious work, but work. Later this week I'll be packing frozen pizzas.

6 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

Im not anti polish and the few Polish people on this board will tell you this, but I am concerned about the state of my country.

Quite simply ShelleyS, the legal minimum wage that can be paid to an adult is now £5.52. I just copied this from a Govt website:

There are three levels of minimum wage, and the rates from 1st October 2007 are:

Maybe the advert you saw was for someone on the lesser rates????

I've said on a different thread on this forum, that a few years ago, as an agency worker, I was in demand and could pick and choose who to work for, with the highest paying job normally chosen, though sometimes it would be a lesser paying job, but with a better shift/conditions/breaks/work.

Now, it's all the other way around, I'm no longer in demand, as there're more temporary workers than temporary jobs. And yes, if you took every Polish worker out of the equation, I reckon it would revert back to how it was a couple of years ago. That's not Anti-Polish, it's just statement.

Saying that, without the amount of Poles here, and with some Brits prefering to be bone idle, a lot of shifts around the factories here would simply not have enough workers to cover the basics if the wasn't so many Polish willing to work, which could impact on local full time jobs. It happened last week at one factory I was at. They'd contracted 10 agency in to cover some work, of those 10 expected, only 5 showed up. The line had to be run at half speed. Costing the company profits...

So, yeah, ShelleyS, I agree. ;)
5 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

And the reality is........ if you live in a small town, with seasonal unemployment, and with a high influx of foreign nationals, then the "average wage" is going to be a lot less than what you hear about in towns or areas that have little unemployment and a demand for manual workers.

I unfortunately live in such a town... and I can't move away easily. I'm unskilled, though certainly not stupid, and have seen my wage drop because Poles have come here in massive numbers. It's depressed the wage earning potential of those who ARE willing to work.

Saying that, I don't have a single problem with any worker moving to any part of the world to seek better prospects for themselves. I'd do the same if i could. I certainly don't blame the Poles. I personally have more in common with fellow working class Poles than I do with a British boss. It aint the Poles driving down the wages, it's the bosses knowing their is a pool of labour the can exploit and let us fight out as to who is willing to work for the lowest price. (which is £5.52.. minimum wage)

But, there isn't a "one size fits all" solution to this debate.... what is true in one town/area, isn't in another.
23 Oct 2007
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

Cheers for these vids, as others have said, it makes it so much easier to learn Polish. For me, all of my Polish has been picked up from working (or drinking!) with Poles who I work with.... so it's very much "learnt by ear". To have it shown like this suddenly makes it seem less formidable...

Thanks! :)