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3 Jun 2008
Life / The Polish Wedding - What is it Like in Poland? [338]

Thread attached on merging:
Polish wedding

Hola everyone,

I am atending the wedding of a Polish friend and was wondering whether there are any specific peculiarities I should be aware of. For example, some do's and dont's re dress code, etc.... I am told the wedding will take 2 days(!) and that I should plan to stay in town for at least a week in order to participate in the ensuing celebration....

My friend is quite traditional and the wedding will take place in Czestocowa. As I will be staying with him/relatives I was also wondering what would be an appropriate gift to bring for his wedding and also something for his relatives.

thanks for any input.
9 Oct 2007
Travel / Vacation in Great Polish Masurian Lakes area (Mazury) [37]

Thanks Magdalena. I dont mind having some people around, it may actually be some fun, so long as it is not too crowded to sail or do a bit of kayaking....

May would be my preffered choice anyway (the sooner the better!)

aside from the outdoors activities, are there any towns other than Elk near the lakes? anything to see and/or do there?

25 Sep 2007
Travel / Vacation in Great Polish Masurian Lakes area (Mazury) [37]

thanks to you both for your comments. Perhaps it would be better to visit Mazury either in may or september.

I would prefer to fly into Gdansk, since I have already been to Warsaw and I am very keen to visit the Baltic coast anyway. I am not sure whether I will be able to find a direct flight to Gdansk from Madrid
25 Sep 2007
Travel / Vacation in Great Polish Masurian Lakes area (Mazury) [37]

Merged: Travelling to Masuria (Mazury)

Hola everyone,

I am new to this forum so please excuse me if this message is in the wrong thread. I have not been able to find any relevant information elsewhere and this seems about the right place.

I am travelling to Masuria within the next few months but do not have a fixed date yet.

I should be grateful if anyone could advise re best time of year to travel there for sailing (probably summer but will it be too busy during say August?)

Also, which would be the closest (International) airport to arrive to?

Is Masuria so close to the Baltic coast that it is possible to visit beaches nearby?

Thanks for any input.