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27 Sep 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

I think there are rascist people wherever you go unfortunately. It is not a white problem, but one of human beings across the board of every colour and race wanting to treat others who are different, unfairly and with disrespect. In Guyana - South America - where my parents are from, there has always been racial tension between Blacks and Indians, which was encouraged by the British when Guyana was a collony. They applied the 'Divide and Rule' principle which they always use to weaken resistance against Imperialism.

The idea is simple. Focus peoples attentions on hating each other. Play on their fears such as differences in religion, colour, culture, wealth etc.. between the races within a country and while they are busy fighting each other, the people who have invaded and taken over your land, are happily still owning it. Dictators in Europe, Africa and everywhere else in the world do the same, to turn attentions away form the fact they are not interested in the welfare of the people ultimately, but in fufilling their own sinister political and financial agendas.

My boyfriend is Polish and he is not at all rascist as I am Indian and Black. He does say that the Polish are very rascist and behind the times. There are alot of Polish where I live in West London and unfortunately, he understands when they call me a n**ger and has come very close to putting someone in hospital on several occassions. He hates when this happens to me and says that he is sick of the Polish in London and is ashamed.

We went to a Polish restaurant next door to the Polish Centre in Hammersmith on Kings Street and they refused to serve us because he was with me. My brown skin was obviously not acceptable in there. I felt like a black person must have felt in the deep south of the USA in the 1960's when black people could not eat with white people in the same section of an eating establishment. I hope the place burns down one day. I was born in the hospital about 5 minutes away from that restaurant, but the people who work in there, who can't even speak English and are immigrants wouldn't serve me in my own country.

On the other hand, our favourite Polish restaurant in Shepherds Bush 'The Patio' a little further down the road is excellent and the people in there are very nice. Especially the Polish Lady who runs it. I love the food in there.

There are good people and bad people in this world of every colour and race. I think there are more good than bad. Luckily Iam with one of the good guys. : )
29 Sep 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

It is strange for an English person like me absolutely. Im not used to be treated like that in my own country, but it DID happen 100%. Just because you have never experienced it yourself, doesnt mean I am not telling the truth. Yes it is against the law, but do you think the Police would go down and arrest them ? How do I prove it ? Dont be so Knaive.

Quote one part of my post that shows me saying that I think all Polish people are rascist???
Read my post again. NOWHERE DO I SAY THAT.

There are good people and bad people in this world of every colour and race. I think there are more good than bad. Luckily Iam with one of the good guys. : )

See above, where does it say all Poles are rascist ?????

Are you black ?? If not, it is highly unlikely that you would have heard the word N****r mentioned. I HAVE heard it. Again, just because you have not experienced something doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

Reminds me of what used to happen to me and a Jamaican girlfriend in a Chinese restaurant near where we used to live. (

See, other people have had similar experiences because they have been in similar situations, so this proves it isnt such a rare occurance.

You are puzzled about my post because you are puzzled about yourself. My post is clear to anyone with a good understanding the English Language. You like puzzler are seeing words in my posts that I have not even put there. That I am afriad does suggest that you have a degree of confusion about your own point of view regarding rascism.
30 Sep 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

My boyfriend wrote something about this in Polish and I think you have seen it Eurola as you have replied to it, but I can't see it here anymore. Thats strange.
1 Oct 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

You shouldn't always assume other people haven't experienced certain things. I was merely surprised you didn't report the incident because you do appear to be someone who would stand up for their rights.

You dont come across as a person who as experienced what I am talking about due to the fact that you seem to have a hard time believing what I said. I didn't feel the need to go to the trouble of approaching the C of R E due to the fact that I don't care enough about some half wits in a crappy restaurant to go to the trouble.

Also, my parents weren't rascist and they were Polish......

In English, this statement suggests that I am accusing all Polish people of being rascist.

I've never heard a polish person use the word 'n**ger '

I meant the Polish version of the word N****r.

No, I'm not but what has that got to do with my reply to you ?

It has a lot to do with it. You do not know what it is like, as you are a white person with regards to the treatment of black people in britain.

The quote below was made by someone who had a Jamaican girlfriend. He may be white BUT he has an understanding you dont have, as he had a relationship with a black girl and was therefore witness to similar experiences.

Having an opinion that does not mirror yours, does not make me an angry person. If someone writes something I want to comment on, I do. Thats the point of the forums isnt it ?

I'm with you on that. As we have laws against being discriminated against on the grounds of our color, race, religion or sexual orientation, i find it strange that the incident wasn't reported.

HELLO - I AM ENGLISH !! I do know the laws of my own land thank you very much. I didnt report it because I couldnt be bothered. The people were backward peasants, their loss not mine. I can eat lovely Polish food at the Patio in Shepherds Bush and have a lovely time with my boyfriend, so screw them.
2 Oct 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

yes, couldn't agree more. I have mixed baby... on my way home, on the aroplain full of polish ppl they stare at me and started 2 call me names like that, a, jusyt becouse I hade mixed kid... but I had ppl who loved my babe too. and yes poles r racist, not all thou!

Good luck for you and your family. You should be very proud of your gorgeous baby. Anyone else who is rude to you because of your son or daughter are just ignorant and need to be ignored, although Im sure it can be hard at times. Remember, all of the mixed couples that are living here are all behind you, and you are not alone. Every year that goes by more and more inter-racial couples can be seen and it is nice to know, that people can just love someone for who they are.

I'm not actually sure what Murzynka's opinion really is, nothing about her actually rings true

You obviously can't read and understand the English Language.

- 'Murzynka's' 'opinions' are rubbish. I'm sure you can see that - you're an intelligent lady. This creature doesn't deserve beiing spoken to or about in a serious manner.

If you continue to refer to me as a creature I am going to have to talk to someone from this website. You are an ignorant pig and I am suprised with laws on harrassment and racial abuse, that you can get away with this and no one from administration says anything.

No wonder scores of them leave England, making room for the real 'English.'

I was born here so I am real English. You are accusing me of being a rascist ???? Look at your posts. Every single one is rascist and Im not even communicating with you and you are still harrassing me in here.
2 Oct 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

most people worldwide (including you) are of peasant descent unless they happen to be descendents of royalty or nobility. so please do not discriminate against us regular folk.

You have totally misunderstood what I said. I was referring to them as peasants in regard to their lack of education and backward way of thinking. It is a figure of speech in England. My family were descendants of slaves that were taken from Africa to work on sugar plantations in the West Indies. Also my Indian blood comes from indentured labourers from India who travelled to Guyana to do the work that the free slaves were no longer doing. Slaves were lower than peasants in the society hierarchy, so I am not saying what you think I am.

Well, the creature calling itself 'Murzynka' is a virulently racist-fascist Polonophobic bully and liar, as far as I'm concerned.

You call me a creature 3 times in one post and I am supposed to be rascist ??????? My post about the African guy and Polish ladies is a balanced one if you care to read it with a sane mind.

- Wow! What a poor victim you are! - Which 'aroplain' was that? Can you give the date of the flight and its number? Haven't you made up the whole alleged incident? Another psychotic liar?

Why are you attacking this lady ? Is it because she has a mixed race child Puzzler ? You refuse to believe her ? Why is she a liar all of a sudden ?

What kind of Pole is her boyfriend that he puts up with a creature like this? I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole.:)

Puzzler, if you live in London I have a suggestion for you. Email me with a request to meet my Polish boyfriend. He will meet you somewhere and you can ask him face to face why he puts up with a 'creature' like me. Let me know the place and time and he will be there.

LOL I am so glad you wouldnt touch me with a 10 foot Pole, the idea of a scumbag rascist lunatic internet psychopath touching me would make me projectile vomit so far, I think my sick would fly across the English channel to France. LOL idiot.

As you seem to like to refer to me as a 'creature' Puzzler, I thought this picture would brighten up your day. The people who lynched this man, thought of him as an animal in exactly the same way you think of me. Don't get too much of a hard on looking at it, as I know you are such a fan of hatred.

2 Oct 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

The last picture of the two hands is the kind of picture I prefer.

2 Oct 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

Not just normal racists either, but commie-racist-fascist-polonophobes. There much worse.

Puzzler says the above quite often. Very similar. A Communist fascist ? Is that possible? It seems a contradiction in terms of political ideology. Dont even know what a polonophobe is.
3 Oct 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

the only creep i see is you and you are a huge embarrassment to the free spirited polish people. It's a good thing not everyone is a cretin like you.

Agreed 100% and thanks : )

Quoting: osiol If it hadn't been for the sins of the past in the British Empire, these people would not be here. It is the modern world and post-racial thinking that allows people like this to be my friends. British colonialism and slavery were things of the past. This country has passed that stage. We are all products of the past, but we live in the present and look to the future. Race, I hope, will have no place in the future.

Feel exactly the same.
15 Oct 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

I agree with the others that the place to "make your point" was at the restaurant rather than on a forum.

Why have a thread like 'Poles are not Rascist' in a forum and then moan because someone expresses a view about that statement in the forum in which the statement was made ? ? ? I thought the whole idea was to give people an opportunity to express a point of view.