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Vincent Moderator  
17 Jun 2011
History / So called "inconvenient parts" of Polish history - what do you think? [156]

Please remember this thread is not to be used for name calling and derogatory language towards each other. Failure to discuss the topic of the thread title may lead to the thread being closed permanently. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Vincent Moderator  
9 Jul 2011
UK, Ireland / Is UK the new cradle of antipolonism? [161]

Some Brits should be grateful to even have a job at all considering how thick they are.

Don't be too hard on yourself mate :)

Seriously though, can you give some examples as to where you've seen this?
Vincent Moderator  
19 Jul 2011
Feedback / Problems with using Apple products at PF. Can not see post numbers on my iPad and iPhone. [20]

don't see no stinkin' post numbers anymore... :(

Yes you are right, I've just tested it on my smartphone and although the # goes live when you set the cursor on the message box, there is no info about the post number. Something, maybe admin will look into for mobile phone users.

You can't "hold a cursor" on iPad/iPhone. Your finger IS your cursor:)

Well there you go, for the money they charge, you'd think they would give you a cursor :)
Vincent Moderator  
5 Aug 2011
Language / Double meanings, Polish slang and embarrassment [49]

I have heard this sound unbelieveably, "z kim a rozmawiam" and I was told to pronounce the z like s also but never told why.

It's called "assimilation". When a voiced and unvoiced consonant meet in the middle of a word, or between words it undergoes assimilation. This is because our vocal cords cannot constantly switch to different vibrations.
Vincent Moderator  
8 Aug 2011
UK, Ireland / Why Poles will never belong in England [261]

Why? It's intresting subject.

This has been done to death many times. If you're not careful you'll have Seanus popping up with a 3 page essay. :))
Vincent Moderator  
12 Aug 2011
UK, Ireland / Cultural misunderstandings - Polish and English [26]

As for subject I heard that it is a norm in Ireland to say hello to strangers on the street, is it true?

Yes it's true. Ireland is probably the most friendly country in the UK, I of course mean the whole island of Ireland.
Vincent Moderator  
12 Aug 2011
UK, Ireland / Cultural misunderstandings - Polish and English [26]

That may be a slightly different, but certainly you'd get an smile if you made eye contact. In smaller towns and villages it would be unusual if two people didn't say "hello" when passing on the street, even if they were strangers.

Perhaps you could explain, why this would not be so common in Poland?
Vincent Moderator  
12 Aug 2011
UK, Ireland / Polish woman caught up in London riots [20]

This thread is about a Polish woman caught up in the London riots. Please keep to the topic, there is already a thread where you can post about other nationalities caught up in the riots if you wish.
Vincent Moderator  
22 Aug 2011
Language / Is this true about Polish pronunciation of English (that some words sound identical?) [34]

In British English, I would say fairy and ferry are almost similar, just a small difference, while furry is completely different. The "fur" part is quite clear.

Maybe it's like b*tch is pronounce more as "bycz", when beach should be pronounce similarly to "bicz" (but bit longer)

That's probably close enough. Actually bitch is pretty close to the Polish verb być.
Vincent Moderator  
6 Sep 2011
Food / traditional breakfasts in Poland [74]

As you have already found the food and drink section,this would be a good place to get your information. Hopefully you can find some information here.

Good luck with your studies.
Vincent Moderator  
9 Sep 2011
Language / Indian-Polish Accent. :P [26]

what do you think?

Your "dzień dobry" sounds like "dzień dobra to me. Is this an error or is the latter also common in Poland?
Vincent Moderator  
9 Sep 2011
Language / Indian-Polish Accent. :P [26]

True, or maybe I'm just hearing it wrong. I'm sure shes clever enough to realise that "dzień" is masculine and the qualifier "dobra" is feminine.
Vincent Moderator  
9 Sep 2011
Language / Indian-Polish Accent. :P [26]

a good video though

A good video indeed and I hope she will make many more.
Vincent Moderator  
11 Sep 2011
Language / VERY BASIC - this is/is this [7]

I understand that "this/it is" translates to "to jest" but is it also the same for "is it"? or would it be "jest to"

When asking a question and expecting a yes/no answer it is normal to put the question form "Czy" in front of "to jest." . Kto is also used if asking a question about a person.
Vincent Moderator  
16 Sep 2011
UK, Ireland / The British law on someone cutting down a piece of your garden [13]

1/ It was not on his land, it was over the fence on to an alley way between their property and our garden. The alley is public for people that have gardens there, not part of his land.

Sometimes if the local council receive enough complaints about trees being a nuisance and danger to the public, they will trim any overhanging branches themselves. I don't think they can go onto your property though without permission, unless of course they own the property.
Vincent Moderator  
17 Sep 2011
Feedback / Why are people who can't be bothered to register allowed to post or start new threads? [50]

Just because people don't register, doesn't mean they're not useful in providing information to other members. Many guests have helped in the genealogy, ancestry forum, the language forum, history forum and other forums about Poland.

Many are just passing through, and provide good information in certain threads, and some become members in the near future. It can also be said that a few are just trolls who come here to flame others but the same can be said about a few members who have already registered.
Vincent Moderator  
18 Sep 2011
Language / Polish regional accents? [141]

and why change the title, mods?

Think yourself lucky that the thread didn't go straight to the bin.

Two things that you should know about creating threads..

1. - here


2.rule #10
Vincent Moderator  
25 Sep 2011
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

But why did they cut the trees down at all?

Whatever the reason, it has helped to improve the view. Nice scenery. Perhaps the roots from the trees were damaging the road/track?
Vincent Moderator  
8 Oct 2011
Language / Conjugation of rąbać (to chop wood) [6]

verbs ending in -ać are conjugated with -am, -asz, -a, etc

I think it belongs to the -ę -esz -e -emy -ecie -ą conjugation, but wait until someone confirms this.
Vincent Moderator  
9 Oct 2011
Language / The prefix za- [7]

you'll probably need to read up about "aspect in verb pairs" to fully understand. Pytać is the imperfective form of the verb and zapytać is the perfective form.