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31 Oct 2007
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1080]

Having visited Poland a number of times, I noticed that some Polish did not like the term "Eastern Europe" to include Poland. Now I dont use this term any more. I just talk about Poland or Europe. The same way as I would not refer to other countries in Europe based on their geographical location. Poland is going to be a central country in the new Europe. Watch out North, South, East and West!
19 Nov 2007
Travel / Starbucks in Poland? [149]

I generally find the coffee very good in Poland. In Ireland, we tend to have more sandwich bars than coffee houses. In poland, you get genuine coffee houses with relaxing atmosphere and surroundings. Starbucks recently came to Dublin but I wouldnt rate them very highly. I prefer original, one of a kind cafes. But if I had to pick a chain in Poland, I would choose Coffee Heaven. Coffee is always good, nice bright style and friendly staff. Sometimes, in Poland, you can come across small cake shops that can also have really nice coffee in some cases.
19 Nov 2007
Love / Why do Polish women prefer foreigners for boyfriends and husbands? [418]

I dont think this is the case in Poland where approaches are made more through mutual friends and acquaintences. There a lot less 'cold calling'

So if a foreigner wants to meet a polish woman, he should approach a Polish girl and ask if she has a friend that she can introduce him to?
30 Jun 2009
Travel / Starbucks in Poland? [149]

Has anyone been to "Coffee Heaven" in Krakow? They have several cafes, one at bottom of Karmelicka street. The coffee is always very good and nice atmosphere and friendly staff.

When I go to Krakow, I also like to go to small cafe at top of Empik bookstore at main square. Good views of the square. Although, I think it has new management now so not so good.

We have a few Starbucks now in Ireland. But coffee I think is not so good. It is like water, not enough coffee in it. I dont think they are anything special.

Can anyone recommend some real Polish cafes in Krakow? I love the little cake shops in Poland where you can buy some cakes and coffee for eat in or take out. its a real treat.
10 Jul 2012
Life / Re-connect Electricity in Poland. Day/night electricity tariffs. [4]

Merged: Re-connect Electricity in Poland

Is it costly to re-connect electricity and gas meter in Poland?

We had a tenant who wouldnt pay any rent or gas or electricity. The utility companies eventually removed the gas and electricity meters for non-payment.