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Ania Polka Dot   
13 Mar 2023
Language / Is Polish easy to learn? [10]

Hello Everyone,
Do you think Polish is hard to learn? What's the hardest thing about it? Let me know.
Here's an interesting blog post about it.
Ania Polka Dot   
14 Feb 2023
Study / Polish language classes in Poland, advice needed! [7]

Hi, if you don't live in Poland and you would like to learn Polish online, you are welcome to this school! The lessons are conducted by certified teachers and they will also prepare you for the language exam.
Ania Polka Dot   
14 Feb 2023
Life / What should I get for a gift for somebody who's never visited Poland? [59]

I once watched a video on youtube how foreigners tried Polish sweets and they liked Prince Polo and Je┼╝yki the best. Maybe it would be a cool and sweet gift.

You can also recommend a blog that might encourage her to learn Polish!
Ania Polka Dot   
6 Jan 2023
Language / How to pronounce "y" in Polish? [28]


I read on a blog that it is worth doing speech organ exercises. Apparently, it helps in the later time for better pronunciation of the Polish language.

Here is the link to the post:

There are also interesting pronunciation materials on the Online Polish Courses profile ( It's worth a look.

Ania Polka Dot   
6 Jan 2023
Language / Having a really hard time with Polish cases [59]

Yes, it is true that Polish cases are complicated. But you can learn them. I recommend interesting materials on the Instagram of the Online Polish Courses account ( I also recommend taking a look at the website's blog (, where interesting materials are published.