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7 May 2022
Genealogy / What does my Polish name mean? [400]


family history

i remember awhile back my dad told me that if u trace the family crest back, we were decended from some polish kings... i have no way of corroborating this. 🤷‍♂️ i can't even find so called family crest online. when i was a kid, i used to hate how uncommon my name was here in the u.s., turns out its not even very common in poland. i know 2 of my uncles Stanislaw and Casimir were named after polish kings, does anyone know of a good way to look into stuff like this?
6 May 2022
Language / Polish Accusative / Genitive case [20]


Accusative case grammar question

something i can't seem to find any info on: there seems to be a change when negating a direct object noun.
example: he has a car "on ma samochód" vs. he does not have a car "on nie ma samochodu".
i can find a lot of info about the accusative case but nothing that seems to address this one specific issue. can anyone shed some light on this or have a link?