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9 Jan 2022
Genealogy / Do Polish people have big noses? [451]

For reference, I made this:

Jew vs Pole

Not a Jew

Do I need to upload some pierogis and golumpki too? Dom Polski Lifetime Member Key?
7 Jan 2022
Genealogy / Do Polish people have big noses? [451]

I can't seem to see any pictures here. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Yeah, literally the entire town. Quite a lot of people according to google, Turks are dark and have hooked noses. So that does not seem likely. But I will explore all options. Sadly, I have little idea where in Poland. Now, most of my family is dead, I have lost contact with friends, and now I live in SE Europe. Maybe that is why this is so important to me. I'm kind of looking up my past. Oh, and for the record, I love my big nose. Unlike the person in this thread. I was made fun of it in school, growing up, but it is straight and strong. No one ever said to me "Look at that big nose on him, just like a girl." I find it manly and attractive. Though I do not have a "Polish Prince" t-shirt. lol


I didn't think so. Turks look very different anyways. Also, I have the DNA ancestry done. Nothing remotely Turkish. Can pics be posted on here? I do have example pictures, without using my own. On an aside, I have seen some Germanic peoples (I won't tell if you won't!), Scandinavian and British come to mind, with big noses? Scandinavia is fairly close.... Oh! While the rest of the face is not the same, Captain Picard on Star Trek has a pretty good nose like what I am talking about. You can see the bridge really high too. Like a wall between the eyes.

Picards Nose
7 Jan 2022
Genealogy / Do Polish people have big noses? [451]

@Alien Thank you for the hypothesis Any are appreciated. But don't the Turks have hook noses like the Jewish? Ours are completely straight! It seems I am not the only one with this question, and my thread has been merged. I guess I have some reading to do here!
6 Jan 2022
Genealogy / Do Polish people have big noses? [451]


Where are the big noses from?

Hello. I am from America. But my family is Polish. My whole town is Polish. And we all have these really big noses! Thin nostrils. But tall, high on the face, and very long. Straight. Like a perfect triangle. You can tell someone is Polish by this nose! However, I once visited Poland to see where my family came from, and I was shocked that no one had big noses! I did not see a single one! Now, this is not generations from Poland. Most people in this town were born in Poland. I was part of the first generation in the USA. And so many people say we are Jewish. No! It is not a curved nose. We are all 100% Roman Catholic, pink-skinned, Slavic-looking Poles with huge, pointy noses! Fish on Fridays and kielbasa, golumpki, and pierogis the rest of the week. I have been trying to find out for many years, as I am old now. It is not possible we all simply left for America. There must be some region or sub-culture? But Baltics do not have big noses. Nor do Slovaks, Czechs, Russians or Germans. So there must be some small group in Poland. Someone also suggested a phenomenon known as "vodka nose". But I do not drink. And many Russians and Balts do, but have small noses. Any idea or lead will help. No matter how far-fetched. Really, it keeps me up at night! Ha ha. Thank you all. Dziękuję Ci.