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24 Sep 2007
News / What's the stupidest question asked about Poland? [414]

Interpretations can be correct and incorrect. Is mine correct or incorrect?

I'd say correct cos that's what I thought as well x

Quoting: kochanie
yes. I have looked and I'm wrong. very sorry x

Don't worry, it was lovely to have a 'Cyber-wrestle' with you.

lol, even if it only lasted...30 seconds maybe? I was shot down straight away! I almost wiosh you had said it then it could have gone on a bit longer x
10 May 2011
UK, Ireland / Polish teacher needed (Manchester or Chester area) [11]

Hi everybody! I need a Polish teacher in either the Manchester or Chester area. I live in Chester but spend every weekend in Manchester, so either will be fine for me.

I have had lessons from 2007-8 but lack of lessons and practise has made my Polish deteriorate incredibly, and now I am planning to visit Gdansk!

Ideally I need a teacher who has a good sense of humour so lessons will be enjoyable, and I also need to run quickly back through the basics to revise.

Private lessons would be preferred.

If you can help me or know of anybody who can help me, please send me details in a private message.